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Naughty 1800s Married Lady Murders Rich Bad Boy Lover With Help of Her Husband

Gentlemen, ever hear modern feminists claim that married women were slaves before the 1960s? Lol well this story will expose their anti male propaganda. Watch the full video to get the full details, link below. But long story short, this low IQ chick in the early 1800s, who loved wealth, was impressed by 2 bad boys who promised her they would be wealthy in the future. They proposed to her. One was named Fred, who was essentially a hustler who owned a bar, was a train station security guard, and may have committed some robberies lol. The other was Patrick, twice her age, a customs tax collector and basically a pay day loan shark lol.

She took time to choose between their promises of future wealth, and chose Fred, who said he had a big inheritance coming. She married Fred, but not long after that, the other one, Patrick, really did get rich. Ohhh she got mad that she married the wrong playa. Yet somehow, because her delusional azzzz felt entitled to Patrick’s wealth anyway, she convinced her dumb husband to help her delete Patrick. Oh oh.

They both were caught, tried for removing him from this world, and got executed. Gentlemen, don’t believe feminist history revision. Women were doing the same stuff back then.

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