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Did Netflix’s Cleopatra Falsify History

hottin it up with 2 powerful baby daddies out of wedlock while she was still married to her brothers đź‘€ Mark Antony later cleaned up her mess by marrying her. Oh oh, y’all ain’t ready for that conversation.

Medieval Wives Used Deadly Divorce to Delete Husbands Legally

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video… Gentlemen, modern women want you to believe that women in history could not divorce their husbands, but that is not entirely true. Many centuries ago, in medieval Germany, if a wife hated her husband, she could petition for a divorce by fighting her husband in a sortContinue reading “Medieval Wives Used Deadly Divorce to Delete Husbands Legally”

Naughty 1800s Married Lady Murders Rich Bad Boy Lover With Help of Her Husband

Gentlemen, ever hear modern feminists claim that married women were slaves before the 1960s? Lol well this story will expose their anti male propaganda. Watch the full video to get the full details, link below. But long story short, this low IQ chick in the early 1800s, who loved wealth, was impressed by 2 badContinue reading “Naughty 1800s Married Lady Murders Rich Bad Boy Lover With Help of Her Husband”

Girls Behaving Badly 6. SMH Ex Wife of Billionaire Jeff Bezos Kicks Broke 2nd Husband to the Streets

Well now. It looks like city boys are all the way up again, because the ex wife of mega rich billionaire Jeff Bezos just finalized a divorce from her much less financially endowed husband after less than a dog gone year of marriage. What the heck is going on with these modern, independent boss queensContinue reading “Girls Behaving Badly 6. SMH Ex Wife of Billionaire Jeff Bezos Kicks Broke 2nd Husband to the Streets”

Top 24 Worst of the Baddest Girls Behaving Badly for 2022

Starting our list at #24 is the cruel baby mama of boxing champ Gervonta Davis who just did what a lot of vindictive modern women do: falsely accused the father of the horrendous crime of laying hands on her and their baby, had the po po and paparazzi send helicopters all over his house, the cops automatically believed her without evidence and locked him up, all because he wouldn’t let her use his dog gone truck, according to him. And this must be true because she later took back her malicious false charges. But then he said he was actually with their child while the copters were hovering over his house, if my memory serves me correctly. Are you kidding me? The reason this story did not make the top 10 is because we just got wind of it from the Pink Book Lessons channel literally as we’re in the middle of finalizing this video. And women want us to believe they can do no harm lol. Y’all are out of ya dog gone mind. This is spirit of Jezebel times 10.

Girls Behaving Badly 4-Glorilla’s Man Juice on Fries,Derrick Jaxn’s Wife & Mistress,Cheating Wife Gets Kitty Bug,Homeless woman used to medicate and relieve men of their wealth

Our next story is that rapidly rising rap star Glorilla. She loves her some ratchet rap lyrics, but during a recent interview, it wasn’t her lyrical skill that got heads turning. Apparently, instead of mayonnaise or mustard on her sandwiches, she prefers that sticky pale colored man juice all over! Ummm…dam, Glorilla. Seriously? She’s also a candidate for our Top 10 Girls Behaving Badly list.

Girls Behaving Badly: Calling Off Work to Get Piped Down, Calling Cops on Little Boys, Emptying Husband’s Accounts, Georgia Sistahood Talking Down to Brothas

…this story from Daily Dot talks about a female restaurant server calling her female boss so she can come to work later than usual. Let’s see, did she have daycare issues? Nope. Car problems? Nope. Was she ill? Nah none of that. Her only excuse, and she was blunt, was that she was horny and was about to get laid to satisfy that craving. Lol oh boy. Now you would think she’d get fired for forcing co workers to have to cover for her indecent proposal, but nope. Her boss appreciated her honesty and granted her request. Welcome to the workplace of the 2020s.

Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago?

Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago? Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video… Awww, just when you thought the resurrection of the love affair between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck 2.0 was so sweet and romantic after their special wedding, there is already trouble in paradise, according toContinue reading “Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago?”

Toxic Relationships: Shape Magazine Gives Women Vague Advice

Shape Magazine recently published a dating article titled “7 Signs That You Might Be In a Toxic Relationship.” Already, right off the bat, you can see the glaring problem: Using the vague, poorly defined word “toxic.” This word is so misused by so many modern women that it has become meaningless to men. Toxic isContinue reading “Toxic Relationships: Shape Magazine Gives Women Vague Advice”

SMH! Angry Uber Driver Drops Adulterous Passengers at His Marital Home

A Nosy Uber Queen Driver Condemns 2 Adulterous Passengers to Public Humiliation, then cancels the trip and Drops Them Off at the House he shares with his wife and kids he just said goodbye to 5 minutes earlier! My, my, my. In a world full of naughty behavior, one sin recently committed by an UberContinue reading “SMH! Angry Uber Driver Drops Adulterous Passengers at His Marital Home”