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She Expects Men to Contact Her First. Should Successful Guys Obey This?

Recently, rapper Rubi Rose told women that men are supposed to pursue. She never contacts men first unless it’s her man. “Am I childish or that’s how it’s supposed to be” she asks?

I’ll answer. Ladies, this is the modern woman’s trap. You expect equality on one hand, but have all these exceptions on the other hand, wanting men to be traditional. Can’t have it both ways, city girls lol. You want traditional men? You gotta be traditional. Rubi, like a lot of women, is just a modern city girl. If you’re strong and independent, you better text that man.

Besides that, Rubi can get away with this more than most woman cuz she’s young and attractive, and is kinda famous. Her DMs are full right now. But for the rest of you ladies, don’t do this. Don’t act like a guy making $200k a year will flag you down in a Popeye’s chicken parking lot.

This is why so many modern women don’t get the confident successful men they think they deserve 👀 They get pursued by the broke Pookies who eagerly thirst after them, while the top tier men pick among those women who put themselves in position to be chose by them. Women who become wives of successful men move different than women like this who have no clue about how to position themselves for great men.

Part 2 – Follow Up to First Video Above

Got some interesting messages from the Rubi Rose video. Wanted to follow up. It’s natural for men to pursue women. I’m old school. Know all about that. The PROBLEM is when women expect successful men to pursue them when he already has women around him.

For example. I’m a high income, fit, groomed, reasonably attractive gentleman. Do I pursue women? Yes. I have a few attractive women already in my circle. If I exchange numbers with a woman who finds me attractive, do I HAVE to pursue her asap? Not right away. I might be legitimately busy between work/business interests and hanging out with women already in my circle. Or if I just happen to be free within 24 hours, I would hit her up. Why is this so hard to understand? That’s what happens with highly sought after, successful gentlemen that most women seek.

Say I’m at an upscale restaurant bar. Chatting with the bartender about an upcoming trip overseas. An attractive lady nearby hears me. She knows the bartender so she chimes in because she has a trip to the same country.

We both talk directly. Find more common interests. Mutual attraction. Exchange numbers. Notice no one pursued anyone. It was an organic, natural conversation. Being grown folks, we both have people we’re messing with. She notices from my demeanor I’m successful. The guys she’s dealing with earn less than her, are less accomplished, so she wants to prioritize me asap.

For me, I don’t care so much about my women’s income, nor does the new lady’s income and success matter like the success of the men SHE deals with matters to her. My lady friends and I are just casual, no major financial expectation on my side, but the ladies in my circle like the fact I have my financials in order. So, why should I prioritize and pursue the nice lady I just met? If she wants to prioritize me over her less accomplished guys, and since we already exchanged numbers, I’m ok if she contacts first. Or she can wait till I eventually contact her.

Why is this so hard for people? This part will still throw a lot of modern women off because they think they are the only ones deserving of a guy like me and thus there is no other woman just like her…in her mind! They NEVER look at this from the man’s point of view.

As a busy businessman, I’m not that pressed to contact the new lady asap. If she wants to move things more quickly, she can text and say “hey, did you forget about me? Lol.” I’ve had this happen before. It works. Those ladies who refuse to do this will miss out on a successful guy due to their ego. Comment below if you disagree. Like share subscribe.


Did Netflix’s Cleopatra Falsify History

I watched the new Cleopatra series on Netflix. Impressive work. I’m a big ancient history fan, so I was already gonna watch it. Good job, Jada Pinkett Smith.

However lol. Just like some Egyptologists whitewash Cleopatra to be a lily white European queen—I’m pretty sure after being in Egypt 300 years, other races intermingled, though the white washers wanted her “white” because Greek culture back then was still revered in Rome—so the feminist historians narrating this documentary tried to goddess wash her, painting her as perfect alongside a drunk, depressed, blundering Mark Antony.

Ummm, that’s nonsense. She picked him.

As smart and powerful as she was, Cleopatra basically slept her way to world power, thottin it up with 2 powerful baby daddies out of wedlock while she was still married to her brothers 👀 Mark Antony later cleaned up her mess by marrying her. Oh oh, y’all ain’t ready for that conversation lol.

Gotta give Cleopatra credit for getting in the mix between 3 of the most powerful men in history:  her 2 married baby daddies, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, and her fatal arch enemy Octavian, ruler of western Rome, who became the great Augustus Caesar. Ladies, if you’re going to pick baby daddies, this is how you do it lol. Y’all be loving some broke Pookies.

But fast forward to the big battle that turned Rome into the greatest empire of the ancient world: The Battle of Actium.

The real reason Mark Antony failed? Cleopatra bailed out when she saw he was getting his azzzz whooped by Octavian. It all started because she convinced baby daddy #2, Mark, to declare her son by baby daddy #1, Julius Caesar, the rightful heir to the Roman throne. And Mark’s simp azzz did that lol. Of course, that pissed off Octavian because Octavian already declared himself the heir. Then Mark made things worse by divorcing Octavian’s sisters to have more babies with Cleopatra. 

All that drama made Octavian furious. So he rushed to whoop their azz, and Cleopatra egged Mark on to fight back. Mark had his ships up front while Cleopatra’s ships were behind. If Mark had troubles, Plan B was for Cleopatra to finish off Octavian. Some historians said this plan might have worked, but oh no, Cleopatra was having none of that. She deserted Mark lol.

The Jada team made her seem like she HAD to bail out on Mark to protect her babies, her bag and Egypt, but come on. She knew what the stakes were BEFORE she and Mark made the plan, so she should have stayed the course with courage. Real men don’t quit lol.

Ladies who worship Cleopatra, what are your thoughts? Fellas comment below.


Is the New, Upgraded ChatGPT Less Feminist? Let’s Find Out!

It’s been a while since my infamous interview with ChatGPT, where she gave me an angry response to my question about marrying single moms vs women with no kids. That was our most popular video, thanks to you. ChatGPT has been updated since then, so I wanted to give her another chance. I asked the following question:

Is it easier for a single man with no children earning $60,000 a year to marry a single woman with no children or to marry a single woman with 6 or more kids?

Here’s the response:

Marrying a single woman with no children:

– This could be easier in terms of starting a family together as both partners would be starting from scratch.

– There may be fewer logistical challenges in terms of living arrangements and financial responsibilities.

Marrying a single woman with 6 or more kids:

– This could be more challenging in terms of finances and living arrangements, as the man would need to take into account the needs of not just his partner, but also the children.

– However, if the man is open to being a step-parent and is willing to take on the responsibilities that come with that role, this could be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience for all involved.

Ahhh, now that was much better, Miss ChatGPT. Seems your upgrade has made you more reasonable lol.

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Do me a favor, please like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Marques Houston: “I Just Wanna Marry a Young Fine Woman. Don’t Be Hatin’!”

Rich and famous Marques Houston only wants a beautiful feminine young wife with no baggage. What’s so wrong with that? 🤔 Some older ladies with Samsonite luggage got all up in their feelings after recent comments from the R&B singer, merely expressing his personal preferences for a wife. 

He even repeatedly acknowledged the struggle single moms go through, but his endearing words were not enough! They want his head on a social media platter 😂


The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit

Oh, this isn’t a knock against dads as many studies have already shown most men want to be actively in their children’s lives. Fathers in the West particularly have the court system weaponized against them. This video, posted just days ago, does a great job exposing the propaganda mill that led up to the 1980s and 90s legislation that absolutely criminalized fathers, stacking the deck in favor of mothers seeking that child support dollar.

The late 1980s CBS News video, showing the so called “Timothy McSeed” character (why didn’t we catch that obvious last name before?) portraying an irresponsible black father creating a bunch of baby mamas, was actually a hit piece against brothas in particular, and also men in general. It was used to expand child support laws against men, just in time for the post Clinton and Biden rise of the 1990s prison industrial complex that further destroyed black families specifically (and now used to destroy other non black families today). Not only does the state governments profit directly from child support, their prison corporation buddies profit from the slave labor of fathers who they easily throw in jail for the slighted infraction against their ridiculous laws.

Do watch the video as they do a great job exposing the ongoing anti-father psyop being done in the West to emasculate and impoverish men. This is the kind of expose that makes you want to go your own way or find women in common sense countries that don’t penalize men for having a penis.


Medieval Wives Used Deadly Divorce to Delete Husbands Legally

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video…

Gentlemen, modern women want you to believe that women in history could not divorce their husbands, but that is not entirely true. Many centuries ago, in medieval Germany, if a wife hated her husband, she could petition for a divorce by fighting her husband in a sort of boxing ring until he is unconscious or lost his life.

Now of course, they made it a fair fight by digging a 3 foot hole, forcing the man into it. He gets 3 clubs, though the wife had a more deadly 5 pound rock wrapped in a cloth sling. The rules favored her.

If he somehow survives, but is unconscious or paralyzed, he was put to death and her divorce granted. But if she loses, she is buried alive in that hole. So the next time she takes more than half your wealth, gentlemen, just remember this story and keep your head up and on your neck, lol…

Lol divorce was gangsta in medieval Europe but women were getting divorces even 1,000 years ago. 

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Another Celebrity Marriage Ends in Divorce by Famous Wife

Reality TV celebrity Eva Marcille abruptly ends her 5-year marriage due to some unspecified bad thing that happened. And you know what, the reason doesn’t really matter. They got married in 2018, had 2 kids, then she just ends it all, leaving the impression that it’s his fault.

The real question is: did they really know each other at all? I give her credit for at least agreeing to an equitable split of the marital property, but she still wants child support from him, forcing him to be a weekend dad. And women wonder why men just don’t wanna get married anymore. For any reason, at any time, the man gets reduced to a child support paying weekend dad, regardless if it’s his fault or not. What are your thoughts? Chime in below, and don’t forget to Like the video.

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Ciara’s Prayer Requires a Skimpy Cheeky Outfit

Hallelujah, Ciara’s Prayer Requires Women to Wear This

For those modern women who worship the married singer Ciara, and prayed her prayer so you could get a single mom loving rich husband like Russell Wilson, you have one more sacrifice to do in order for God to bless you: You have to bare your backside for the public, and even show all the intimate details of your front. Once you get the public to lust after you, then the God of Heaven will shower you with blessings.

Lol yeah that sounds crazy to me too. But you’ll be surprised at how many women are coming to the defense of Ciara as she wore the most controversial, bare-it-all set of strings and lace to a Vanity Fair event recently. Her husband Russell apparently approves, but most gentlemen prefer their women to be tastefully dressed in a way that is not disrespectful,and saves the most intimate details for their bedroom.

So for you women who insist Ciara can show off her body, let’s see how many successful gentlemen you marry in the next 5 years lol.

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Naughty 1800s Married Lady Murders Rich Bad Boy Lover With Help of Her Husband

Gentlemen, ever hear modern feminists claim that married women were slaves before the 1960s? Lol well this story will expose their anti male propaganda. Watch the full video to get the full details, link below. But long story short, this low IQ chick in the early 1800s, who loved wealth, was impressed by 2 bad boys who promised her they would be wealthy in the future. They proposed to her. One was named Fred, who was essentially a hustler who owned a bar, was a train station security guard, and may have committed some robberies lol. The other was Patrick, twice her age, a customs tax collector and basically a pay day loan shark lol.

She took time to choose between their promises of future wealth, and chose Fred, who said he had a big inheritance coming. She married Fred, but not long after that, the other one, Patrick, really did get rich. Ohhh she got mad that she married the wrong playa. Yet somehow, because her delusional azzzz felt entitled to Patrick’s wealth anyway, she convinced her dumb husband to help her delete Patrick. Oh oh.

They both were caught, tried for removing him from this world, and got executed. Gentlemen, don’t believe feminist history revision. Women were doing the same stuff back then.

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Modern Women Travel to Jamaica to do WHAT? Exposing the Stella Sistahood

Is the Stella Sistahood Guilty of Underage Behavior in Jamaica?

Are Women Travelers to Jamaica GUILTY of What They Accuse Passport Bros of Doing?

SPECIAL REPORT: Exposing the “Stella Got Her Groove Back” Traveling Sistahood

Oh boy, y’all better subscribe to our YouTube channel, Tik Tok and Instagram page as we’re about to completely blow their backs wide open like a bamboo massage in Jamaica. I’m digging deep into the very graphic and sometimes exploitative behavior of the Stella Sistahood all over the Caribbean island. Plus, gentlemen, you need to go back and watch “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” Like many of you, when it first came out in the late 1990s, I was married and dismissed it as a black chick flick. Fast forward to the 2020s, this movie actually does a good job exposing the Stella Sistahood lol.

Continuing from the last video, in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Angela Bassett’s main character Stella, who basically was a 40 year old, high powered, masculine, career single mom, thinking she’s in her prime lol, became the sugar mama to 20 year old Winston, played by Taye Diggs. Winston unexpectedly puts Stella in a cringy encounter with his mom who is 41. The mom flat out accused her of taking advantage of her son, and even says, “Are all you American woman so desperate you can’t find a man back home, and come over here to exploit our babies” lol. Oh oh! And guess what? 25 years later, more modern women are still getting that big, long bamboo spa treatment from young Jamaican boys.

Stay tuned as I release a series of video shorts breaking this all down. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) – IMDb

Does ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’ Hold Up? (

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Modern Women Use the ‘I Require’ Mantra Spell to Lure Their Future Husband

Ok, gentlemen. Pay close attention because what you’re about to hear is a form of casting spells for love called the ‘I Require’ Mantra. Ironically, modern women who call themselves good church girls are mixing new age concepts from Hindu and Buddhism and calling it Affirmations and Mantra. This is how they get many of you brothas hooked on their kitty cat without you noticing. Popular Instagram model Alexis Sky was accused of stealing this mantra spell from Sista Sabrina, the same one allegedly tied to rapper TI and Tiny in that infamous sex scandal not long ago lol.

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The Rules of Casual Dating for the 2020s

Here are the rules for casual dating:

  1. Y’all ain’t exclusive, doggonit…it’s not serious. Just enjoy the moments you’re together and leave it at that
  2. No getting jealous or being possessive
  3. You’re free to see other people when not together, but do it responsibly, especially ladies if you don’t wanna get pregnant
  4. No spying on each other or looking through phones
  5. No showin’ up at each other’s houses unannounced
  6. Either one can pay the cost of dates or split the ticket
  7. No pressure to buy gifts for holidays or remembering birthdays
    Keep it simple. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse 

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Modern Women Have a China Style Social Credit System for Their Men

Before a man dates a modern woman, he is already ranked low in her social credit system, because they don’t trust men right. Let’s say they date a while, get married and have children. From this point on is where men and women often diverge.

Men are used to just humming along, working and providing for the family. If problems come up, he’s ready to make things right and keep it moving. Generally, most men don’t hold grudges or dwell on problems.

This is not true for modern women. If a problem comes up, she may make you think things are ok, but in her mind, she’s updating your social credit score. Maintain a good score, she might tolerate you. But once you go past that threshold, she’s gonna make secret plans to either replace you or divorce you. If you bore her, that’s one point off. If you don’t help her with chores after working your 10 hour day, that’s another point. You forgot her birthday after workin 80 hours? Another point. You don’t like her new flirty work husband? Didn’t take her on a date the way she wanted? Bought her a gift she thought was cheap?

Then BAM! You come home from work and the house is empty. Divorce papers on the kitchen counter. Thus the apocalypse of good men continues…


Rapper Xzibit’s Ongoing Child Support Drama Heats Up

In this Girls Behaving Badly story about the rapper, Pimp My Ride TV host and cannabis businessman Xzibit, his estranged wife Krista Joiner was not satisfied with the $6k a month he was ordered to pay her last July, over $2k of that for their 12 year old son, while the rest is temporary spousal support. He also had to pay her nearly $6k in arrears. He hasn’t been doing big stuff in music or TV in years. So be it.

But she then asked the judge to make Xzibit pay a whopping $50k so she can hire a professional pocket watcher to find more of his money! The judge gave her that plus $125k in court and legal costs. Keep in mind it was her who filed for divorce. Surprise surprise. But her accountant said he makes much more, and now she wants $14k a month. This is why the apocalypse of good men continues.

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Xzibit Asks Ex-Wife To Work Instead Of Receiving Life Time Support –

Xzibit’s Estranged Wife Demands Monthly Support Be Increased To $14k A Month, Says He Hasn’t Seen Their Son In Months (

Rapper Xzibit Is Unloading His Luxe L.A.-Area Crib for $3.8M (

Xzibit Hiding $20 Million Fortune Says His Estranged Wife News celebrity divorces, Gold School, Hip-Hop News, Xzibit AllHipHop

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Should Passport Bros Embrace US Sistas Like Pleasant Foreign Women?

This sista right chere spent over a minute explaining how passport bros should use all the same energy they spend traveling the world for quality wives on American sistas. Brothas, why didn’t we think of this brilliant idea lol? Here’s how she wraps up her argument:

She knows good and dog gone well they can’t just flip a “feminine” switch on, for prosperous men who are in search of pleasant wives. Plus, sistas like this who say we should give them a chance don’t know how to send choosing signals to these gentlemen, let alone position themselves for men to find them. The same ladies believe men should just read their mind, and magically find them wherever they live and court them lol. Why ladies why?


The Golden Era of Simp Dating is Over for Modern Women

Remember the good old days, ladies, when you could trash men and yet still be entitled to them picking you up for dates, paying for the dates for weeks at a time until you decide to get intimate and serious. He keeps paying for these dates, getting absolutely nothing in return much of the time, and then you expect him to propose marriage at some point with an expensive ring.

Yeah, for many women, this Disney fantasy has already dried up, but some women are still getting this treatment as if it’s normal. This, too, is slowly drying up, ladies. 2023 is the year that one sided dating is over, especially with a historic recession looming. The decline of simp dating will rapidly accelerate this year, as the feminist delusion in America and the west has reached insane levels of preposterousness. The ghost of modern woman winters is upon us. Prepare, ladies, as you ain’t seen nothing yet. God speed, lol…


SMH Do side chicks raise side chicks who don’t need men?

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest installment of our Girls Behaving Badly series…

Do side chicks raise side chicks who don’t need men or take advice from men about what men want?

In this viral Tik Tok video that was reposted on a popular Instagram page, an attractive young sista, who was unintentionally missing an eyelash, goes off in a viral response video criticizing those modern sistas who called her a pick me in her original video simply because she was trying to bring attention to a very real problem in our community: the prevalence of I don’t need a man women and single moms who were raised by moms who were side chicks. Let’s hear her full response, and be warned, it is profanity laden, and then I’ll come back afterwards:

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While her words were profanity laced and very passionate, I think we all know exactly what she’s talking about. But if you read the comments, oh boy did the sistahood go all the way off on this young lady. But many men and a sizable number of women defended her, saying a lot of the women who criticized her are probably the ones she’s talking about. Others said the comments against her are just another example of modern women not being accountable.

Still others said they would like to agree with her but her delivery was bad. Lol shaking my head. Why do so many modern women hate the delivery of a critical, important message addressing a community wide emergency? They said the same dog gone thing about Kevin Samuels. Out of fairness, some of those who didn’t like her delivery said she should have provided some examples. A few responded that she already provided examples in her original video, but nonetheless, it’s always a good communication strategy to either emphasize that the viewer can refer to the original video or at least provide one quick example. However, they’re grown enough to know that the rise of single mama culture is destroying our community and is starting to rise in other groups such as white women in America. So demanding a perfect, polished presentation from everyone is deflection and silly. Here’s why.

Let’s say a house is on fire, and I yell “Get out! The roof, the roof, the roof is one fire! Run mutha f’er run!” Will you get mad because my presentation was harsh lol? Of course not! Ladies, stop being silly, then. For so many decades now, we have gotten so used to have 70-80 percent of our children being born to single moms that we think it’s normal and simply ignore the absolute devastation to the future of so many children.

And no, not all of those are from fathers who abandon their children. Some are, but most are due to women who push men away for one reason or another. Today, it has become trendy to purposely be single moms because modern women in the 2020s say “I don’t need a man! I’m strong and independent.” This is side chick behavior whether you admit it or not.

Moreover, don’t think that some married women don’t have that single chick mentality. There are some step daddies who chose to be the clean up man where the single mom he married still cheat on him. Some leave their kids with him while they go on girl nights out or girl trips as a cover for sneaking off with their side dudes. Married single chicks also breed single chicks in many cases.

Before I wrap up, I’ll let our new boss queen speak some facts about the lifelong problems our community has suffered due to the prevalence of single mother hood, not to say any specific single mom is a bad person, but at the community level, the devastation is real and women need to talk to each other about it, not always in a nice way:

Quote, “Families headed by single mothers are among the poorest households, more than a third lived in poverty, and as such, are extremely vulnerable to homelessness.

Among all homeless families nationwide, about two thirds (60%) were headed by single women with children — representing 21% of the total homeless population; nearly half were African Americans (49%).

There are 300% more single mother led families today compared to 1960. 86% of single parent families are headed by single moms. 22 million children are being raised by single parents. Two thirds of single moms are subject to poverty, receiving free or reduced price meals for their children. This isn’t just a American problem. Unquote.

Do me a favor, please like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until more modern women stop pretending single motherhood is a desired social status, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


The reposted Tik Tok that started it all:

Onsite! (@its_onsite) • Instagram photos and videos

Single Mother Statistics (UPDATED 2022) (

Single Mother Statistics – The Life of a Single Mom

 YouTube Channel:


Girls Behaving Badly 6. SMH Ex Wife of Billionaire Jeff Bezos Kicks Broke 2nd Husband to the Streets

Well now. It looks like city boys are all the way up again, because the ex wife of mega rich billionaire Jeff Bezos just finalized a divorce from her much less financially endowed husband after less than a dog gone year of marriage. What the heck is going on with these modern, independent boss queens lol? And modern women still swear that men are the problem with marriages. Gentlemen, continue expanding your horizons overseas until these American modern women humble themselves and desire to be wives again. Make traditional wives great again. Ok, let me summon our new reporter, Boss Queen. Can you give us a run down of what happened in this case?

The ex wife of mega billionaire Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott, is now formally single again. Yes, you heard me right, people. She quietly filed for divorce from her second husband, and that divorce filing is signed, sealed and delivered … kinda like an Amazon drone order. Don’t blame me for that corny pun, blame TMZ.

Quote “The former Mrs. Jeff Bezos had her dissolution of marriage from now ex-husband Dan Jewett recently finalized in Washington state … as the judge signed off on Mackenzie and Dan each going their separate ways, according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

It turned out to be a quickie divorce. As TMZ reported, MacKenzie executed the filing way back in September, a little more than a year after the two tied the knot, and now the obituary is written in stone on her second marriage.” Unquote.

As we’ve reported before, the vast majority of divorces are filed by women, mostly for nonviolent reasons.

Ok thank you, Boss Queen. It looks like women who divorce high value men never come back up afterwards. Gentlemen, stay your course and don’t let them bring you down.

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Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Mackenzie Scott’s Divorce From Second Husband Finalized (

 YouTube Channel:


Girls Behaving Badly 5. France’s Freaky 1st Lady Macron Wants Man Hot Dog Design for Notre Dame Cathedral

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest installment of our Girls Behaving Badly series…

The freaky first lady of France, Brigitte Macro, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, was quoted as wanting to redesign part of the partially burned Notre Dame cathedral to resemble golden man marbles, if you know what I mean by marbles. And many modern women claim that men think about that kind of freaky stuff more than they do.

In a memoir recently written by former culture minister Roselyne Bachelot, called the Hypocrites’ Ball, according to R T dot com, quote:

Just a few days after President Emmanuel Macron’s administration allegedly lambasted her decision to have the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral spire rebuilt as a replica of the old one, Bachelot was out at lunch with the president’s wife when the First Lady showed her “a project topped with a sort of erect phallus with its base surrounded with golden balls,” the book reveals. Unquote.

Keep in mind, this ain’t men talking about desecrating an ancient, well known church with unspeakable man parts. This is one lady talking to another at lunch. In America, this would be over brunch.

The famed church is scheduled to reopen in 2024. Let’s hope the X rated version that the first modern lady of France desired does not appear on top of the church.

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Macron’s wife wanted ‘phallus and golden balls’ for Notre Dame – ex-minister — RT World News

Brigitte Macron backed a ‘phallus with golden balls’ as the new spire for Notre Dame cathedral | Daily Mail Online

 YouTube Channel:


Fellas, here’s Why Your Lady Wants You to Use iPhone

Fellas, here’s Why Your Lady Wants You to Use iPhone.

If she texts you and you leave it on Read, she will cuss you out.

If she Facetimes you and you don’t join she will nag you.

Come over to Android to get peace of mind.

They can’t stand when men use Androids.

Real men use Android

Nagging nosey women use iPhone lol.

And if you’re on a date with your other woman

There’s no chance of accidentally Facetiming your main girl!

When ordering your new Android phone…

Use our special code: PlayaDroid2023


Top 24 Worst of the Baddest Girls Behaving Badly for 2022

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this special, first annual, year end installment of our List of Baddest Girls Behaving Badly series…

Sound the alarm! We have compiled a list of the most controversial of girls behaving badly throughout 2022. This was no easy list as modern women have been taking numerous Ls this year, from the whole male transformers switching into the female role and dominating women’s sports lol, to numerous women absolutely losing all their brain cells behind the alarming number of men using their passports to scour the earth for gentle, feminine and pleasant women to wife up.

So if it’s cold outside, grab a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite laced egg nog and put on your slippers cuz you’re about to see the baddest of the bad girls behaving badly, and that’s bad meaning bad not bad meaning good lol! Let’s roll the list, Mr. Producers…

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Starting our list at #24 is the cruel baby mama of boxing champ Gervonta Davis who just did what a lot of vindictive modern women do: falsely accused the father of the horrendous crime of laying hands on her and their baby, had the po po and paparazzi send helicopters all over his house, the cops automatically believed her without evidence and locked him up, all because he wouldn’t let her use his dog gone truck, according to him. And this must be true because she later took back her malicious false charges. But then he said he was actually with their child while the copters were hovering over his house, if my memory serves me correctly. Are you kidding me? The reason this story did not make the top 10 is because we just got wind of it from the Pink Book Lessons channel literally as we’re in the middle of finalizing this video. And women want us to believe they can do no harm lol. Y’all are out of ya dog gone mind. This is spirit of Jezebel times 10.

At #23 is Jennifer Lopez making husband Ben Affleck pay for everything on all their dates because he dared to cheat on her 20 years ago. Oh boy. We did a video about her unforgiving shenanigans. This is a perfect case of why men should not return to their exes. It’s like a dog returning to its own vomit, to eat it (yuck).

At #22 is grandma Madonna, the legendary pop singer, getting all heated because Cardi B wouldn’t give her credit for being the Queen of Thot behavior. I do personally remember Madonna during her prime years, but I don’t recall her twerking or referring to her kitty cat as wet like that WAP song. Oh well. Madonna, we’re going to need you to retire gracefully in your thot mansions and let these younger thots twerk their prime years into oblivion, while more men get their passports to find less thot behavior.

At #21 is that chick in that reaction video we did to a Taylor the Fiend clip where the ex wife cheated, then got mad that her husband wanted a paternity test. How you gon get mad at a victim reacting to a crime you committed lol? She done lost her dog gone mind. Because this kinda bizarre behavior has become common among modern women in the 2020s, this made our list to represent all those women who get mad when pressed about their naughty behavior.

At #20 is a strange story about a woman and her new husband expecting her ex husband, who she has a child with, to use the money he saved for their one child for her other children with the current husband. What kinda ratchetry is this? This is ratchet on a new level lol. And the new husband got on the phone with her as she pressed her ex about why he refused to share the child support savings on all her new kids. Ladies, y’all just taking all kinds of Ls this year. The inflated ego based entitlement surely has got to stop after stories like this one.

Watch the rest of the list in the video!


Solo for the holidays like Christmas and New Years? Here’s how I handled being solo since divorce

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video…

Solo for the holidays like Christmas and New Years Eve? Here’s how I handled being solo since my divorce

This special Christmas and New Years time of year is kinda tough emotionally for a lot of men who are newly divorced, had a long term relationship break up, or have not found the right woman as they build their careers. On top of that is how easily society is dismissive of men in general, and average men in particular. And of course, many people don’t understand how men express emotions in the way gentlemen do. The well done Christmas movie from 2019, A Christmas Winter Song starring R&B singer Ashanti and long time actor Steve Shaw, does a good job addressing how men handle emotions involving their children after a divorce.

Many of us men who are alone do shed tears at times when thinking of children not with us like they used to be. We wonder if they forgot about us once the court decides to make us weekend dads through no fault of our own. Despite what a lot of women think, most of us don’t bottle up our emotions to avoid crying. We just don’t express sad emotions the way women do. I had both my parents in my life during my normal childhood and not one time did my dad, uncles, grandfathers or any male relative or friend tell me I shouldn’t show emotions or cry.

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It’s just the natural male instinct not to want to cry in front of others, and not to cry like a baby, especially over small stuff. I don’t just cry for every little reason, though as I get older, I do get more sentimental about certain life events because wisdom brings me improved appreciation for life and all that God has blessed me with. I hope those women who did not have men around them as they grew up will take heed to what I just said so that they stop misjudging men who don’t show emotions or cry in front of others. I’ve known women who have had to go to a back room after a grandparents funeral to find their fathers crying to themselves, alone. That’s normal for men and is not unhealthy. That’s how we’re built, and ladies, that’s ok.

But getting back to my reason for this video. Gentlemen, it’s ok to feel alone and lonely, but try not to let it spiral. If you need help, seek therapy or a spiritual coach. I personally find solace in the Bible, and in Jesus Christ, the reason for the season. I did hang out Christmas eve with a special lady friend, and got out to visit with my sisters for a few hours on Christmas day – the older sister is in hospice care paralyzed. My two kids are grown, so they do the friend Christmas thing that younger Millenials tend to do during the holidays, so I’ll see them when I see them I guess lol. Christmas night, I hung out at a local upscale night spot where I found several other guys who were alone like me, but not necessarily lonely. I knew a few people there, including bartenders and the guy who organize the Christmas social, and there were one or two women who were brave enough to be alone like us men usually are.

So gentlemen, especially those who are new to being along during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, my heart goes out to you but don’t just sit alone at home, watching sports or playing video games and drinking by yourself. Go out and meet other solo gentlemen and network. You never know what guy is worse off than you, sitting at a bar, wishing someone would say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year to spark a conversation. And yes, there are a few solo women who get out, too, so speak to them. I highly recommend more women break out of their comfort zone as New Year’s Eve comes up, and just hang out. Most guys are not creepy, just like most women are not manipulative. Solo people need each other, especially after a divorce or break up of a long relationship. My mom, who was the queen of the holidays, passed away not long ago, so that compounded the loneliness, but I’m still standing. You can do it too.

The Christmas after my divorce years ago was one of the roughest times in my life. As many divorced men know, especially the ones like me who didn’t cheat or beat or do anything harmful to the family, the court system can treat you as if you did all of those awful things, and it’s not fair. In my case, my ex made sure to extend the divorce process to the fullest, took off with the kids a few times when they were young, and I had I move out to let her have the house till we sold it. This was in late summer early Fall at that time, just as the holidays were coming up. I was a big boy and toughed it out, but if I were not a strong person in Jesus Christ, that would have taken a big mental toll.

I’m all the better for the experience now and I can help others cope. But that first Thanksgiving wasn’t easy as I grew up in a family oriented home that cherished the big holidays. It was heavily about family, and I made sure to provide that same spiritual foundation for my family. So to have that suddenly yanked away in the worst way imaginable, when it seems the weight of the anti male system stole it all away from you like that in a split second, was like driving a car 100 mph into a brick wall. The emptiness was sudden and all encompassing. I had never known what a hint of depression might feel like until that moment. And there I was, alone, in a very nice luxury condo a friend allowed me to rent at a cheap rate until I could get my own place. The comfort of that condo did help quite a bit, and it was located in one of the swankest night life areas of Dallas.

That’s when I learned how important it was to get out and just mingle with people to balance out the lonely moments. Many years later, there are still empty moments here and there (right now I’m alone but not lonely and am about to head out to watch Monday Night Football), but I am wiser and more experienced at this. I want to help as many men cope as possible so that they know there is hope during the solo holidays.

Gentlemen, I’ll cut it short right there. You can do this, guys. Get up and mingle, even flirting with solo women. Break out of your comfort zone if you’re socially awkward. Tip the bartenders well, and they will introduce you to other regulars, men and women. Someone will eventually speak to you. And for the ladies out there, please use my story to understand how devastating your actions can be on men, especially if we really didn’t do anything to warrant such a severe legal action. It harms the kids, too, ya know. And I know there are a few women who also go through what we men go through, but I’m focused on us guys as society pretty much tosses us aside, especially the homeless men who lost everything after a senseless divorce they didn’t ask for.

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A Christmas Winter Song (2019) – IMDb

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Beyond the Tory Lanez Guilty Verdict Do You Believe He Will Serve ONE Day in Prison?

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video…

The Meg Thee Stallion vs Tory Lanez case has gone very viral and has been pretty bizarre over the past couple of years. If you haven’t noticed, legal cases involving celebrities are seldom normal, and usually divide the public along race, gender or other socioeconomic lines. Typically this is by design, and those who are caught up in the cult of celebrity buy into the game without thinking, they worship celebrities subconsciously.

Along those lines, the guilty verdict handed down to Tory Lanez has not only stunned his fans and brought joy to Meg’s fan base, it has created a calculated war of the sexes between women and men. It has especially added to the divide between brothas and sistas as some brothas feel this is yet another case of an innocent black man getting locked up for an extreme number of years based on questionable evidence.

By the way, I purposely did not comment on this trial prematurely because I wanted to see how this strange case would unfold after the verdict. I say “strange” because the facts in the case were never clear cut from the beginning. Everyone was pretty evasive in the beginning about the circumstances following a drunken after party, not fully speaking to what happened, yet putting out vague, cryptic info. Somebody stepped on glass, then bullet fragments were not conclusive in establishing guilt, then nobody claimed the gun, then a one way gag order was placed on the alleged suspect, then a witness said they saw who shot the gun, key witnesses are missing, they used court drawings instead of real videos of the court proceedings, etc.

When I see celebrity cases go this way, I automatically question the whole story and the real motive behind the media putting it out to the public. If you’re the kind of person to automatically believe every story the mainstream media presents to the public, then you may not like this video.

Many sistas praised the verdict because they feel black women are the most hated and least protected. The mainstream media and legal system is purposely playing into this emotion, as evidenced in this quote from CNN on December 23rd , citing LA County DA George Gascon right after the verdict in a statement directed at Meg Thee Stallion:

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“You faced unjust and despicable scrutiny that no woman should ever face and you have been an inspiration to others across LA County and the nation,” Gascon said.

Cotninuing…“Women, especially Black women, are afraid to report crimes like assault and sexual violence because they are too often not believed. This trial, for the second time this month, highlighted the numerous ways that our society must do better for women,” he added, referring to Harvey Weinstein being found guilty of three out of seven charges on Monday.”

For the moment, take your emotions out of it. Notice the obvious gender divide and conquer tactic by tying a popular female celebrity in with other women across the nation when he says ‘you have been an inspiration to others across LA County and the nation’. This is deliberately inflammatory and plays into the anti male trope that men get away with crimes against women, the no one listens to women. We all know that is patently false, as there are many men in prison because of lies from vindictive women. Then CNN was sure to tie the DA’s quote ‘the numerous ways that our society must do better for women” to Harvey Weinstein’s guilty verdict. For those who understand how psychological operations work, celebrities are often used to control the minds of the public one way or another. Harvey Weinstein was purposely made the poster child for men being monsters so that whenever women accuse men of bad behavior against them, all the media has to do is utter the Weinstein name to further prejudice the public against men.

And now we see black male and female celebrities taking sides on this verdict, such as Joe Budden going back and forth with the women of Fox Soul. We have to ask ourselves what powerful puppet masters are perpetuating all these celebrities to exacerbate this gender war? Again, if you take your emotions out of this case, the so called facts have been bizarre and conflicting throughout. None of us were there, and we let the media spoon feed us a narrative they spun to keep men and women at each others’ throats.

Here’s a challenge: can anyone prove that Tory will serve one day in prison, without referring to a news media report that he went to jail? If so, please forward an independent verifiable video of him locked up in a jail cell for more than 24 hours. We have a way of automatically believing the news media without question. That has to stop. The media is a powerful opiate on the public, which is why it is called ‘media’ which is plural for medium, a spiritual gateway to the dark side.

I don’t like the gender war at all. I definitely advocate for men’s issues because the media has backed a war on masculinity. But I also don’t want to see women get manipulated by the media either. If we can throw the media influence out of our homes and relationships, there would be a lot more happy marriages in America. No one wants to see women get abused, and no one wants to see men going to jail for questionable accusations. I’ll close by saying I want all of us to unplug from the matrix. I anticipate there will be an appeal, and this case will drag out longer in order to further enhance the gender war. I pray that’s not the case.

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Until the media stops escalating the gender war, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Tory Lanez Guilty in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting, Jury Finds – Variety

Tory Lanez found guilty in 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion | CNN

Tory Lanez pleads not guilty to shooting Megan Thee Stallion | CNN

Megan Thee Stallion says Tory Lanez shot her | CNN

Megan Thee Stallion Trial Testimony: Tory Lanez Shooting Case Recap – Billboard

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Megan Thee Stallion Opens Up About Shooting in Tearful IG Live Session – Variety

Harvey Weinstein Jurors in L.A. Rape Trial Explain Mixed Verdict – Variety

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SMH Independent Single Mom in 1947’s Christmas Classic ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ Thinks Men Ain’t *ish

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this special Christmas edition of our show…

As I was flipping though various Christmas specials while the smell of food was swarming through the air, I happened across this 1940s classic, Miracle on 34th Street. Many of you probably watched it at some point, perhaps without paying full attention lol. But for those too young to care, I’ll recap it. Keep in mind, this is in the 1940s, when modern women and their feminist leaders swear up and down that women were in chains, slaves to abusive traditional husbands and could not work in corporations lol. But in this movie, which resonated with the public back then, we find a divorced single mom who is a marketing executive at Macy’s Department Store in New York, yes the same Macy’s still around today.

She has her own office, her own home, her own car…I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D…oh my bad, that song popped in my head lol. This tough lady in the 1940s is known as a shrewd businesswoman. Her male peers respect her. This was before the so called women’s liberation movement of the 1960s. Oh oh, we’re exposing something right here lol. Anyway, the first Macy’s Santa Claus is an alcoholic who is embarrassing the store. So the real Santa Claus, who is dressed as a regular gentleman, walks into the store and was appalled that this drunk imposter is giving him a bad name. Long story short, he comes across the “I don’t need a man” independent career woman, the marketing executive chick, and complains to her that she should fire that Santa and let him take over.

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Like other modern women of the 2020s, she’s a shrewd, calculated businesswoman who has no times for fantasies, fairy tales or games, especially not from men. She questions this Santa Claus candidate, but because she needs a sober Santa asap, she gives him a chance. But he is so genuine and convincing that customers believe in him, including her own daughter, who she wants to raise as an independent strong woman, especially after her “trash” husband abandoned her and the daughter.

Sound familiar lol? Because she’s concerned her daughter will grow up with deceptive fantasies of men that will not be reality when she grows up, she is starting to think this new Santa Clause guy is dangerous and must be delusional. Here’s a clip from the movie…

Oh oh ladies, all you independent queens out there! As you can see, your “I don’t need a man” attitude didn’t start in the 1960s, as we’ve been trying to say on this channel. Women were in business decades before that. It’s just that back then, most women actually preferred to be traditional wives. Why is that so surprising? They had choices back then, but your propagandists don’t want you to know that.

Anyway, spoiler alert: throughout the rest of the movie, the once stern, tough, anti-male female executive would go on to not only believe in Santa Claus, along with her daughter she was trying to raise to be independent, but she sparks a romance with her male costar who was trying to get her to be more warm and not so tough on men. Men haven’t changed. We still want women to chill out and soften their hard edges.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Merry Christmas, gentlemen and ladies. Enjoy your day and remember the reason for the season, Jesus Christ. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


IMDB: Miracle on 34th Street YouTube Channel:

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Girls Behaving Badly 4-Glorilla’s Man Juice on Fries,Derrick Jaxn’s Wife & Mistress,Cheating Wife Gets Kitty Bug,Homeless woman used to medicate and relieve men of their wealth

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest installment of our Girls Behaving Badly series…

All women who held up disgraced relationship guru Derrick Jaxn as their king are now candidates for our year end, Top 10 Girls Behaving Badly in 2022 video. Coming up in this video:

Rising female rap star Glorilla craves sticky man juice on her sandwich…Ewww

A cheating wife catches a bug in her kitty kat, then tries to cover up her sneaky deeds by slipping anti bug meds in her husband’s other daily meds

A homeless 38 yr old woman admits to setting up men to get relieved of their wallets

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This year of 2022 has been the most memorable for modern women taking major Ls. From their sick display of pleasure at the passing of our brotha Kevin Samuels, to them viciously attacking the growing movement of men leaving the country to find normal women, these girls have behaved very, very badly. We’re currently working on our list of the top 10 girls behaving badly, and this next case is in the running.

For a few years now, modern sistas have loved them some Derrick Jaxn. This is the guy who bashed men who did not worship women as goddesses and queens lol. Man, women just adored his anti male, pro female approach to empowering women to have the upper hand over their men. He even gave women tips on how to protect themselves from cheating husbands.

But then, someone named Tasha K ran a big old expose on him about a year ago that rocked his little world. Brothas who had been trying to warn sistas that Derrick was playing them were trying hard not to laugh and say “we told you so.” All year long, Derrick went into damage control mode, but a lot of women were done.

Or were they really? By late Spring and early Summer, it seems that a strong contingent of women still believed in the bulky muscular brotha – I’m sure the muscles had something to do with that lol. So it seemed that all was well in the land of Queens with their love guru King, until once again, Tasha K hit em with another one – BOOM! Not only did he keep on cheating, he chose someone whose social media posts suggests she might be a club dancer or OnlyFans entrepreneur lol. His new girl would go on to rub it in his wife’s face in a since removed post.

By now, you know the rest of the story. Both his estranged wife and his main mistress are girls behaving badly, since the wife would go on to cast a bible based spell on everyone badmouthing her marriage. Of course, that was a backfiring mistake as Derrick announced he’s seeking a divorce so he can indulge his love advice with several Instagram models, it seems. Of course, he got caught in a lie about getting a mutual divorce as his wife was still making videos in support of their marriage.

Do yo thang, brotha Derrick, just stay out the dating and relationship advice game, unless you want to create videos telling women how to avoid bad boys like you.

Our next story is that rapidly rising rap star Glorilla. She loves her some ratchet rap lyrics, but during a recent interview, it wasn’t her lyrical skill that got heads turning. Apparently, instead of mayonnaise or mustard on her sandwiches, she prefers that sticky pale colored man juice all over! Ummm…dam, Glorilla. Seriously? She’s also a candidate for our Top 10 Girls Behaving Badly list.

Along the same nasty, disgusting lines is this next story of a cheating wife smashing multiple “friends” off snap chat. Shout out to the Taylor the Fiend channel for this one. Home girl contracts a nasty communicable bug in her kitty cat. Yuck. Nasty azzzzz lol. But instead of confessing her 304 adultery, she tries to slip some meds in with his vitamins her and her husband take daily, so that no symptoms would pop up on him. See how sneaky and devious she is? Bear in mind, her husband has been suspecting she’s a 304, and even caught her with a secret stash of men in her snap chat friends list earlier. But like other serial cheating wives, she gaslit him, saying they’re just friends lol. He foolishly let it go, as long as she stopped talking to them. And did she stop? Of course not! Sadly, they have 3 kids together, and given how she was wildly smashing random dudes off snap chat, you have to wonder if those kids are his.

Finally, a kinda sad tale of a woman in her upper 30s who ends up homeless after a life of trauma led to her making poor life decisions. I truly pray she overcomes her homelessness. Shout out to the Atlanta Street Interviews channel. However, one of those bad life decisions resulted in her doing some illicit activities with men for money. At one point, she decided she needed more money than they were giving her, so she would either rob them by slipping meds in their drinks at their home or hotel, or possibly under threat of lethal means, though she wasn’t too clear about this.

Nonetheless, this is a cautionary tale to men to stop taking random women into your homes and hotel rooms if you don’t know them like that. Yes, I know there’s a trend of men who want to do first dates at home because some women are using men for expensive dinners, but you have to ask yourselves if it’s worth it to get robbed or even deleted by a female stranger.

It’s your call, gentlemen.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until modern women stop behaving so badly like they have all throughout 2022, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


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Girls Behaving Badly 3-Woman Manifests Her Boyfriend,Cheating Wife Mad at Paternity Test Ask,BBWs Avoid Full Pics in Dating Apps

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest edition of Girls Behaving Badly…

Oh boy, every week, every day, somewhere in the world, a modern woman is taking Ls in 2022. This time, it’s in the UK where a woman, who is a new age spirituality coach, claims she magically manifested her new boyfriend who is “marriage material.” She says she “crossed paths with her now-boyfriend, Thomas Hunter, 32, who works in recruitment, just hours after performing one of her rituals.”

Gentlemen, I warned you about the spirit of witchcraft, and this statement further shows that many modern women are resorting to spiritual help to lure you into their dating and marriage schemes.

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Let me continue as the article from Chronicle Live is giving us more details about how this spirituality coach used new rituals after her previous relationship ended:

“Now, nearly a year on, the pair are still head-over-heels and even looking to move in together – and Chloe hasn’t needed to do any more relationship rituals because he ticks all her boxes.

“After the end of her last relationship, she began to use different spiritual techniques to manifest her ideal man, which is the concept of using the power of the mind to create something in the physical world.”

Frighteningly, she’s going to spread her manifestation gospel to other modern women out there. I don’t know what’s wrong with her boyfriend, but gentleman, if a woman openly admits she used spiritual cheats to get you, ruuuunnnnn! Lol all this increased use of “manifestation” reminds me of some comments actress and former wife of NBA player Carmelo Anthony, Lala Anthony, which alluded to manifestation when it comes to romance. These women will flip every L into a positive until the casket drops… and even then, their tombstone will flip death into a positive: “I don’t need a God in the afterlife! I’ll manifest my own eternity as queen of heaven”

In other news from girls behaving badly comes this bizarre, almost surreal story of a married modern woman who not only cheated on her husband with a man she said was a long time friend of the family (oh boy women and these dog gone friends), but got big, big mad when her husband insisted on a paternity test. Her response was basically “How could you be so rude to me? Now I can’t eat or sleep. You ruined my life?!” Lol and sadly, the husband is thinking of apologizing to her. Seriously?

I’ll let Taylor the Fiend sum up why men who have wives with these long time male friends should consider paternity tests if they suspect she’s been more than friends with these guys…

[play clip]

Pay attention, guys. Don’t let your so called love blind you to the reality of modern women. There’s nothing wrong with making sure those children are yours.

Finally, a recent post on the The Shade Room on Instagram sparked some interesting dialog in the comments section regarding men asking women to send them pics. You can see our comment in the screenshot. It’s interesting that the original person who posted the comment that Shade Room reposted claims 80% of women lose interest in men when they ask for pics. Women in the comments were all over the place with replies in support of this statement, saying men who ask for pics are creepy or pervs—you know, the usual shaming tactics.

But men clapped back that it ain’t even that serious for most men, that he may just really be into you or just want pics for his phone contact. But what I really think offends most women is that when they create their dating profiles, the use headshots from the chin up lol. Then when you ask for fuller body pics, they get mad and use SIGN language in order to deter you from asking.

I remember the time I still used dating apps shortly after my divorce about 11 or 12 years ago, before “catfishing” was a thing, I didn’t think much of a headshot only profile. Long story short, when we met up, she looked like a huge version of the Michelin Man, where she had multiple BBW rolls all up and down her body. Her rolls had rolls. I didn’t know which one was her waist or stomach curve lol. Needlessly to say, I was not turned on at all. Later, I would see this pattern of headshot only profiles about 30 to 40 % of the time.

Ok I’ll leave it right there, gentlemen. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until modern women stop behaving badly, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Woman says she manifested her boyfriend – and earns £3,000 a month helping others do the same – Chronicle Live

Lala on Breakfast Club

Taylor the Fiend: Cheating Wife Loses Her MENTAL When Her Husband Asked For A Paternity Test

 YouTube Channel:


Girls Behaving Badly AGAIN,Brothas Got “Demons of Misinformation” lol PLUS Vivica Vs Kanye, Mansion

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest video edition of Girls Behaving Badly…

My, my, my, gentlemen. In this year of 2022, we have seen some very bad, bad girls behaving badly when it comes to their misunderstanding of who and what men are. In a few weeks, God willing, I will put together my list of the Worst of the Girls Behaving Badly in 2022. They took a lot of Ls this year and they don’t care. So 2023 should be even more bad.

The first of 3 in this video is a far left wing liberal Democratic sista with some meat on her bones who stood in the pulpit like a pastor, despite the Apostle Paul saying why he did not permit women to speak in the church like a pastor. But I digress. Her hellbent tongue actually had the nerve to say that those brothas in Georgia who preferred a Black male democratic politician over Stacey Abrams, the feminist far left wing Democratic gubernatorial loser in Georgia, were demon possessed!

Yes, men. She actually called brothas who didn’t vote the way Big Mama wanted possessed with the demon of misinformation lol. Oh my goodness, how many Ls can sistas take this year? The tongue of these modern sistas has reached the point of no return and is quite embarrassing to the entire community. Fortunately not all sistas are like this, but too many are, and even the good ones don’t hardly stand up against these blights on our community except a few. Here’s the loser clip lol:

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[play clip]

There you have it, gentlemen. See how ridiculous that was? Who talks like that? Where they do that at? Women like her are just as bad as those racist Klansmen way back in the day who terrorized brothas trying to vote at the polls. It seems the loud mouth modern sistas took over from their Klan massas with these vitriolic shaming tactics. Of course, I could care less what they say as I vote as I please, and I certainly don’t vote for those who hate men.

Next up is a young, biracial woman who chose to disrespect her deceased white father at his funeral. I’m not kidding. She took to Tik Tok (of course, where else do modern women unleash their venom?) to absolutely go in hard against his racist, cis gendered, misogynist corpse. How many ways can modern women invent to take Ls in 2022? Who does this? Here’s the loser clip. You be the judge:

[play clip]

Oh boy, let’s pray for this demon possessed child. In fact, maybe that previous far left wing sista probably meant to cast out this girl’s demons lol.

Bad girl #3 goes to actress turned man basher Vivica A Fox, who’s dancing on the grave of Kevin Samuels, along with her brood of vipers on that bizarre Fox Soul show, caused many men who once admired her movies to shun her. And did she ever apologize? Of course not. When do they ever apologize? Most divorced men can count on one hand how many times their ex wives apologized lol.

Apparently civil rights leader George Floyd was still fresh on her mind when she heard that Kanye West is running for President of the United States. Kanye even met with Donald Trump about his decision. That combination of supposedly disrespecting George Floyd and meeting with Donald Trump short circuited her real hair and her tongue loaded up some fiery words for Kanye. Here’s loser clip #3:

[play clip]

Well, you heard her venom for yourself. And to that, gentlemen let’s all tell Vivica and the Fox Soul Klan of Queens “F You Queens!” lol. Hey, she started it. Kanye is free to run for office and meet with whoever. Not an apologist for him, but our community is way too emotional in a feminine way about every headline that the mainstream news media puppet masters dangle in our faces. We need to wake up and realize we are being mind controlled by these endless streams of headlines. We can’t control every negative thing that happens, but we each can control how we get educated in the right technical and trade skills to make more money so that we have a better voice in life. Let’s focus on that in a stoic, calm way.

And finally, gentlemen, on a lighter, more productive note. Us men of style and substance are quite familiar with the Aston Martin luxury car brand of British James Bond fame. In recent years, several luxury car brands have been branching out into the home design and interior space, and Aston Martin has chosen a suburb of Tokyo Japan for its first foray into the luxury home real estate market. And boy did they come up with a gem. I’ll leave you with a few photos from that stunning modern mansion as I close out this video. Keep on your mission, men, so that you can buy such a home…

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A ‘Demon Of Disinformation’ Has Possessed Blk Men Says A Sista During Her Sermon | African Diaspora News Channel

This woman went viral on TikTok for disparaging and belittling her “racist, Trump-loving, cis straight white man” father at his funeral.


Aston Martin’s First Ever Ultra-Luxury Home Unveiled (

 YouTube Channel:


Girls Behaving Badly: Calling Off Work to Get Piped Down, Calling Cops on Little Boys, Emptying Husband’s Accounts, Georgia Sistahood Talking Down to Brothas

“Can I Come to Work Late AFTER I Get Piped in the Bedroom?”

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video…

Oh boy. Modern women have been taking Ls all year long, and I’ve got some short stories of naughty and mean ladies behaving quite badly. You don’t wanna miss these tales from the dark side of modern womanism…

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The first story comes from Florida where a school counselor at a predominantly black school decided to invoke cancel culture on a 10 year old student. Yes you heard me right. She event went further than to cancel him. She called the cops on him and pressed charges. Why? Because while apparently trying to give her a hug while students were returning from lunch, his right hand accidentally held on too tight to the breast meat, as Business Insider and USA Today says:

“(The counselor) turned sideways to give a side hug,” the report states according to USA Today. “(The student) put his left arm around her shoulder and then with his right hand he reached and grabbed her left breast in which she had to grab his wrist and remove his hand.”

“According to USA Today, the police report states the student allegedly “cupped her left breast in a disrespectful way” and that she had to “forcibly remove his hand.”

“There’s no witnesses, (just) her word against his,” his grandmother told USA Today. “He’s only 10.”

Since none of us were there, we can only speculate of course. Was he thirsty for some breast milk? Maybe. Lol just kidding. But the school did suspend the boy for 10 days going on just her word alone. The student disputes her version though. Pressing charges on a 10 year old smells like the MeToo Cancel Culture queens of petty just want to ruin a boy’s life over what seems like a minor matter. We’ve reached a point in society where we need to separate the sexes because now young boys are no longer protected from excessive assault allegations.

Next up is a reaction video on the Phillip Scott YouTube Channel. I won’t go into too many details as you can check it out at the link below. Long story short, he got married to the love of his life, some years later she got bored with him and probably found someone else, and so on. But instead of just doing a clean divorce, she decided to do what most modern women do in a divorce situation: sucker punch the husband by emptying the house, children and bank accounts when he’s at work. This guy had an AMEX card since forever, but now it is ruined. I actually had this part happen, though I was smart enough to protect my bank accounts.

When i was going through my nightmare divorce in 2009, the client project manager my consulting company reported to told me his story (he’s white). With no advanced notice of anything wrong in the marriage, he came home after work one day like he always did. But that one day, the whole 2 story house was empty 😮 No furniture, no food, nothing but a letter on the counter. She wrote that she didn’t want to be married anymore and took everything.

He then checked the bank accounts and she emptied ALL of them. I think she even forged his signature on one of them. He was so furious and beyond depressed as she also took their kids somewhere he didn’t know. He could never face her, and after he got remarried a few years later, he had to have his 2nd wife get the kids for his visitation. His case was uglier than mine, and mine was ugly.

Finally, the naughty sistahood of Georgia politics, combined with the matriarchal MSNBC news media, loves to paint ALL brothas as dumb, low IQ people who need help to protect us from the dangerous boogeyman in the Republican party. These kinds of modern women have absolutely no clue who we are, which is why they have bizarre opinions about black men, and men in general. I will do a separate video on Stacy Abrams and ex Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, both of whom think brothas are imbeciles who need their anti male leadership to survive. The level of negative vitriol from such women has reached critical mass in 2022 to where brothas have no choice but to cut all ties with these far left leaning puppets and forge our own political destiny. Here’s a few clips from an MSNBC video…

Looks like the Georgia sistahood is still being very condescending to the diversity of opinions brothas have. Black men are smart enough to discern disinformation, Miss Mayor. You all are just concerned that brothas are being more vocal about who we are and not letting you and the matriarchal media overshadow our true nature. Let’s see how Nov 8 plays out with your continued condescending ways. Have more respect for brothas. She even said was at stake was women’s right to delete their children, something that men have actually had problems with since we have no say in what happens. Her whole agenda is pro female and anti male, so how does this help black men again?

Tiffany Cross, formerly of MSNBC infamy before losing her job, was also equally condescending to black men. I may do a separate video on her if its worth my time, but to sum up what I think her talking points are about brothas:

The Sistahood of Democratic Worshippers are basically telling brothas to shut up vote their way without question, and brothas get these “benefits” in return:

1. Shut up and pay child support without questioning how we spend it

2. Give up over half your resources to us if we decide to divorce you

3. Our body our choice. You have no say in whether we delete or keep the child

4. Black male emasculation in the liberal media

5. We have no love for men

Ok gentlemen don’t trip over each other as you race to the polls tomorrow to vote for your leftwing oppressors against your right-wing oppressors 🙄

Finally, on a lighter note, this story from Daily Dot talks about a female restaurant server calling her female boss so she can come to work later than usual. Let’s see, did she have daycare issues? Nope. Car problems? Nope. Was she ill? Nah none of that. Her only excuse, and she was blunt, was that she was horny and was about to get laid to satisfy that craving. Lol oh boy. Now you would think she’d get fired for forcing co workers to have to cover for her indecent proposal, but nope. Her boss appreciated her honesty and granted her request. Welcome to the workplace of the 2020s.

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Florida School Counselor Alleges Student Groped Her, Presses Charges (

“Brad Loses It After Finding Out His Wife Cleaned Out The Bank Account”

Voters In Georgia Set Early Voting Record – YouTube

The MSNBC Democratic Sistahood of Georgia Condescends to Black Men, saying we are being fed misinformation lol

NBC Tiffany Cross

Former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Says Misinformation Is Targeting Black Men (

Server Asks to Come in to Work Late So She Can Have Sex (

 YouTube Channel:


Tom Brady, Gisele & the Myth of Power Couples: The Fight for Family Control

Oh boy, here we go again, this time it’s favorite power couple Tom and Gisele. Recall the last video where I discussed the report out of which quoted a source that said trouble is brewing in the JLo and Ben Affleck marriage as she is making him pay dearly for all their expenses, because he cheated on her 20 years ago. That’s a power couple that is not exactly coupling the way their fans dream.

Another power couple going through similar drama is NFL quarterback legend Tom Brady and former super model Giselle Bundchen. When Giselle was worth way more than Tom back in the day, we didn’t really hear that much about their marriage that was unusually bad. But once Tom came a whole lot closer to her $400 million net worth recently – one source has him at $333 million as of 2022—he also skyrocketed into legendary status worldwide, shifting more attention on him than Gisele. At the same time, Giselle has been quietly retired from the glitz and glam of super modeling, spending more time with their children, at least from what we’re told. Women that wealthy usually have nannies and such. But given her recent spat of negative comments directed at Tom, I think it’s safe to say that the lore of the so called power couple has tarnished for her.

Why is this?

Because the notion of a “power couple” is a modern woman concept that subconsciously helps career women feel like equal partners with their husbands, and hence, able to wield control over him. We allegedly saw that with the JLo and Ben video, and we definitely see this in the behavior of Giselle, who has been quite vocal lately about her disappointment in Tom’s decision to not only un-retire, but to keep playing indefinitely, according to his latest statement.

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I’ll play a clip of Tom stating his intent to keep playing football, and then read some quotes from Giselle in response.

[Tom Brady clip]

So as you see from the video, Tom Brady the legend is still very much committed to playing football until the wheels fall off. When he smiles at a press conference, he is good at masking his true feelings. And folks, that’s who he is. Gisele knew that’s who he was when they got together years ago, so why is she acting all brand new right now is interesting. Again, I suspect it’s not necessarily that she misses him and wants him home so much, but that he’s the most famous he’s ever been, especially now that he’s recognized as the best quarterback ever. Plus, with his net worth being almost the same as hers now, she feels she’s losing that modern woman control over him.

Let me further quote Glamour Magazine, who summarized their marital issues nicely:

“It looks like Tom Brady won’t be making a major life change to win back Gisele Bündchen.

“Earlier this month, it was reported that Bündchen hired a divorce lawyer after months of living apart from the quarterback. At the time, a source told People that Brady was “trying to figure out what to do.”

“One thing he’s not going to do? Leave the NFL. Despite previously admitting that time away from his family has caused tension in his marriage, Brady says he’s remaining loyal…to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “I love the sport, I love the teammates, and I want to go do a good job for this team like I always have,” he said during a recent press conference. “So, no retirement in my future.”

Well, reading between the lines, we clearly see that the big time power couple is fighting for control of the future of the family, it seems. Again, you have the rich and powerful modern woman Gisele vs the rich and powerful manly man Tom Brady who is at the height of his legendary influence. This is why power couples don’t really work. It’s like having two males fighting to win a war.

But like modern women, Gisele will be using her arsenal of womanly tactics to try to shame Tom into bending to her will. Here’s how Gisele might be feeling in response to his latest defiant comment about not retiring any time soon. I’ll take a page from for this part:

“A relationship expert believes Tom Brady made Gisele Bündchen feel “neglected and unloved” amid rumors they’re headed for divorce.

“Inconsistency can also be confusing and unsettling in a relationship and it may be that Tom is unsure of how he feels and what he does want from life, which will make Gisele feel neglected and unloved,” relationship coach Jo Hemmings told the Sun in a new interview published Thursday.

“Hemmings argued that the estranged couple will also “be doomed” if they don’t address their issues head-on with some urgency.

“The only way around this is proper communication, where feelings can be talked about openly and candidly,” she explained.

“If one or both partners have spent much of their adult lives putting their careers first, it can come as a bit of a wake-up call when they find that they need, or even want, to find the time to include family life in that embedded pattern.”

Awww. This relationship expert is no doubt a modern woman with the typical misandrist view of blaming the man for everything wrong. But I do give her credit for acknowledging that power couples have conflicting family goals because they both are competing to wear the pants in the family by putting their careers first. As a result, such power couples usually end up faking like they have a happy marital and family life, when in fact, they are nothing more than two masculine entities fighting for control. She wants him to be “consistent” with her values and goals, presumably because she is the same with his goals. I don’t buy this.

As I said in a previous video on the family unit, where in history have you seen a corporation have two CEOs or two kings running the same kingdom? The queen is on board with her kings goals and values, while the king trusts the queen to implement his goals and values in managing the household and children. He may seek her advice here and there regarding building alliances with other kingdoms or even the wisdom in going to war with a kingdom, like when the Roman Governor of Judea Pontius Pilate did when he sought counsel from his wife regarding the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

But that is at the discretion of the king as sovereign over the kingdom. The queen is not equal sovereign, and the same is true in healthy family households today. But modern women aren’t having any of it, despite the fact that they themselves have no problem working in a corporation under another sole CEO, or operating a corporation with them as the only CEO. Hypocrisy at its finest.

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Until modern women like Gisele stop being in their masculine energy, while fronting with their power couple nonsense, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


 YouTube Channel:

Tom Brady Just Addressed His Plans for the Future Amid Gisele Bündchen Divorce Rumors | Glamour,mind%20about%20retiring%20from%20football.

The Shade Room on Instagram: “#PressPlay: #TomBrady ain’t done yet! #Roommates, he made it clear that he isn’t retiring. 📹:(@nfl @buccaneers )”

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Gisele Bündchen Takes Daughter to Riding Lesson as Tom Brady at Away Game (

Bridget Moynahan Posts About Relationships Ending amid Tom Brady Drama (


Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago?

Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago?

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video…

Awww, just when you thought the resurrection of the love affair between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck 2.0 was so sweet and romantic after their special wedding, there is already trouble in paradise, according to Your Tango dot com. The title of the article says it all: “Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Punishes Ben Affleck For Past Mistakes By Making Him Pay For Everything”

I’ll go over the details from this article briefly, but my focus is on why would a famous man worth $150 million lower himself to go back to a woman he cheated on before she hit the wall? As they say, a dog returns to its own vomit. Not to say that JLo is not still good looking, but can’t he at least follow Leonardo Dicaprio’s approach and cut ties with women who turns 25 lol?

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Here’s what Your Tango has to say about JLo wearing the pants in the marriage:

“Even after reuniting with her old flame, Jennifer Lopez can’t let go of the past, making Ben Affleck pay for his wrongdoings…The two initially got engaged in 2002, but they broke up days before their wedding when Affleck was caught having a wild night out at a strip club and partying with some girls at a friend’s house…Now, several years later, the two got back together but the “Let’s Get Loud” singer seems to have not moved on from the past.”

Back then, Ben and Jen, known as Bennifer, were at their prime, the talk of Hollywood and top tabloids. People loved seeing them together, so when Ben exercised his options at a strip club (why a strip club is beyond me, given all the gold diggers prowling for rich and famous man), he was sloppy at it, which is a no no for high value men. He got caught, mostly due to his alcoholic ways, if my memory serves me correctly, so gentlemen, this is why it is important for you to always maintain your composure when out and about, especially if you plan to mix in with the party crowd like Ben did.

That was Ben’s first mistake. We all live and learn and move on generally, never to return to our past mistakes. So why on earth did this man go back to JLo after 20 years? Did this man of wealth get possessed by the spirit of the scarcity mindset? Did he think she was the only one who “gets him,” who can understand the pressures of a wealthy Hollywood celebrity like no other woman?

Who knows what his rationale was for getting back with her, but he’s literally paying for that mistake now. I’ll let Your Tango describe how she’s essentially making him pay penance and indulgences for his past sins against her as if she’s a corrupt pope lol:

“Jennifer Lopez makes Ben Affleck spend money on everything they do.

“He’s like her personal bank account. He pays for their private jet flights, their vacations, hotels, lavish gifts from clothing to jewelry, and fine dining whenever they go out,” a source revealed to Radar.

“The limos are all on his tab, too, and he’s always buying her things. It’s pretty ironic since he’s not worth nearly what she is — but he knows he’s paying off an emotional, as well as financial, debt.”

“Sources have found out that although Lopez is worth $400 million and Affleck is worth $150 million, she still makes him pick up the bill for all their expenses.

“The source continued, “She hasn’t forgotten or completely forgiven him, so this is her way of reminding him there is a cost to his behavior.”

Has she lost his dog gone mind? I wish a trick would try to make me pay for exercising options 2 decades ago. She better get over that. This also shows she may not have quite grasped the reality that, despite her beauty and money, she is past the wall and should be glad Ben gave her a second shot. But alas, asking modern women to appreciate such things is like asking Santa Claus to leave a 75 inch OLED TV under the tree for Christmas – it ain’t gonna happen.

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Until modern women like JLo have a better understanding of hitting the wall and stop returning to old cheating boyfriends to force them to change, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Sources Claim Jennifer Lopez Makes Ben Affleck Pay For Past Mistakes | YourTango

Did Ben Affleck cheat on Jennifer Lopez? Stripper said she was with ‘Batman’ actor days before planned wedding | MEAWW

Source Claims Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Had Affair While Married To Marc Anthony & Jennifer Garner | YourTango

 YouTube Channel:


Do you REALLY know the difference between Love and Attraction?

Hey you! Do you REALLY know the difference between Love and Attraction? Record yourself explaining the difference, then come back to this video and leave a link to that clip below. Subscribe to this channel and watch out for my upcoming video exploring this often elusive topic that has made modern dating and relationships quite challenging. I may just use your clip in that video and even leave a link to YOUR channel or social media page in the description.

Come! Let’s join the discussion. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.

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Toxic Relationships: Shape Magazine Gives Women Vague Advice

Shape Magazine recently published a dating article titled “7 Signs That You Might Be In a Toxic Relationship.” Already, right off the bat, you can see the glaring problem: Using the vague, poorly defined word “toxic.” This word is so misused by so many modern women that it has become meaningless to men. Toxic is basically in the eye of the beholder, so when modern women use it, they project whatever past problems they had with men into the conversation without specifying exactly what toxic means to them. For some, toxic means the guy did not tell her “I love you” 10 times a day. For others, it means the guy spent too much time at work and not enough time giving her attention. Some women even consider men toxic if they don’t buy a birthday or Christmas gift that is of equal or greater value to the gift they give their boyfriends.

This is why it is very important for articles like this, written by two modern women by the way, to be very careful to explain what they mean by “toxic relationship” before going into the list of 7 signs of one. Unfortunately, throughout the article, they make the mistake of posting vague expressions that most women will just run wild with, inserting their own assumptions and projections about men in a way that will keep them single. I’ll quickly cover some of these 7, offering my rebuttal.

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Before I jump into it, let me say that, in my firm opinion, a toxic relationship comes in only 2 levels:

Level 1: Most verbal communications between the two result in profanity or belittling. This is especially true when arguments come up. Mature people can have conversations and disagreements without uttering cuss words, gaslighting each other or being demeaning. But this level does not necessarily have to result in the end of a marriage or serious relationship, contrary to what these modern so called dating experts tell you. People are imperfect and will say imperfect things. Before getting serious about someone, vet them carefully on how they communicate before committing.

Level 2: Arguments often lead to physical violence. These kinds of toxic relationships are to be avoided at all costs. Run if this starts to happen. Having side relationships without the other’s consent makes the relationship toxic if they find out.

There. See how easy that is? Anything else defined as toxic is just a silly cop out to end a marriage, but modern women don’t nail down the definition of toxic like this. They leave it vague, in a cloud of mystery.

Ob back to the article…

The opening paragraph includes the following:

“Studies show that being in unhealthy relationships can cause a number of health issues, such as heart problems and strokes, and research suggests chronic stress — which can stem from toxic relationships — can lead to serious diseases, an impaired immune system, and depression. In short: unhealthy relationships make unhealthy people.”

Oh boy lol. See how vague this is? Pretty much, everything you don’t feel comfortable with in a relationship can be viewed as detrimental to your physical. They’re about to create a generation of hypochondriacs with this rationale. The authors never explain what “unhealthy” or “toxic” even is. They assume that their list of 7 signs explains, but they’re just as vague. By linking their vague notion of toxic to serious health problems, the result is that women, acting on emotion, will assume their definition of toxic is causing deadly diseases. So if a woman thinks that a husband not depositing money into her account each pay day is toxic, she can use that as grounds for a divorce to save her health.

“3. You Feel Unsafe (In Any Way)”

“One of the most obvious and crucial ways to tell your relationship is unhealthy is if your feeling of safety is compromised. While physical safety is paramount (you and your partner should never be violent or physically intimidating one another), emotional safety is also crucial. For example, “when you are trying to have a discussion with your partner, they berate you, call you names, tell you that you’re stupid, belittle you, and/or publicly ridicule and shame you,” says Brown. Phrases like “your opinion doesn’t matter” or “you aren’t smart enough to talk about this (subject),” or any other attempt to diminish your self-worth are clear signs of a toxic relationship.”

On the surface, this sounds like good advice. And indeed, no one should be subject to any form of physical violence. The gray, vague area comes in the interpretation of “emotional safety.” This is a buzzword for women leaving men for any emotional reason. Relationships are not perfect, and many will go through those phases where one or both people will say things they regret. Some women interpret a man’s deep voice alone as threatening and intimidating even if he isn’t being demeaning or belittling. No one likes disagreements or arguments, of course, but the way modern women interpret “emotional safety” is similar to how no fault divorces give them any reason to file for divorce.

“5. Nearly All of Your Friends and Family Disapprove”

“This isn’t just about your parents having unrealistic expectations for their baby. If almost all of your friends, family members, and colleagues ask “why are you dating this sleazebag?” it could be a sign of a toxic relationship — or at least an unhealthy one. Love is powerful, and it can blind you from noticing red flags or major issues. If the people you love most are concerned about you or don’t approve of the person you’re dating, it’s worth examining.”

Again, this one will sound like it makes sense, especially to modern women, who will project their own experiences here. The advice here is just too vague. Friends and family can disapprove anyone for any reason, not always in the best interests of the woman. For instance, let’s say she has a history of picking bad boys, and her friends and family no longer trust who she dates. She then finally gets someone who is decent, but not perfect in their eyes. What’s to stop them from disapproving him right off the bat without getting to know him? Unless he has a lengthy criminal history that involves doing bad things to women, women can end up tossing a good guy because none of her loved ones likes him. This advice needs concrete examples with case studies to put guardrails around what is considered appropriate disapproval.

And finally, the most vague culprit in this list is that opens the door for women to leave a relationship for any reason she makes up this one:

“6. You Feel Manipulated or Controlled”

Before I continue, the words “manipulated” and “controlled” are just as vague as their favorite word “toxic.” These are emotional based feelings that can be whatever the woman says it is. But I digress…

“Essentially, manipulation is using various tactics (such as threats, isolating a partner from friends and family, and/or gaslighting) as a means of control over another person.” I agree with this part so far as it is the most concretely defined one. But the next part is sketchy… “This can lead to serious health effects for the person being controlled, including depression, anxiety, and distrust of others.” People in general are complex beings, and anything can trigger depression, anxiety and distrust. I think it is a bit of a stretch to link these health outcomes to someone feeling manipulated and controlled. What will happen is that many women will project their own bouts of depression here and blame the man for all of it, thus setting the stage for her to leave with half his resources and children. Let’s continue…

“Does your partner threaten to leave if you don’t do “X, Y, or Z?” Have you noticed, since the beginning of your relationship, that you have become more and more isolated from friends and family? Does your partner expect you to ask permission to go out or spend money? If yes, these are highly controlling patterns that could be signs of a toxic relationship and damaging to your mental and physical health.”

Oh my goodness, my head is about to explode with this nonsense. Clearly, when modern women read this kinds of stuff, they will automatically project their own vaguely similar scenarios and conclude they are in a “toxic relationship.” And to add more conviction to it, this article is giving them the idea that their mental and physical health is at stake. Well, who wouldn’t want to leave if you could die from whatever you define as toxic?

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are truly valid reasons to leave a truly bad relationship, but no human is perfect. If every imperfection of men is interpreted as toxic, then more men will give up on relationships and go their own way. In any case, I’ll let you read the rest of the 7 at the link below, but clearly, as you see, articles like this are why nearly 80 percent of divorces are filed by women. Just like to a hammer, everything looks like a nail, to a modern woman, everything a man does that she doesn’t like is toxic. Once they deem you are toxic, they will bail out, take your money and your children. The reverse can happen where women are the toxic ones, but articles like this are mainly aimed at men, as we know.

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The Biggest Signs of a Toxic Relationship (

 YouTube Channel:


SMH! Angry Uber Driver Drops Adulterous Passengers at His Marital Home

A Nosy Uber Queen Driver Condemns 2 Adulterous Passengers to Public Humiliation, then cancels the trip and Drops Them Off at the House he shares with his wife and kids he just said goodbye to 5 minutes earlier!

My, my, my. In a world full of naughty behavior, one sin recently committed by an Uber passenger seems to have triggered the Uber driver to become judge, jury and executioner against her adulterous male customer and his plotting, scheming mistress. Without knowing the full backstory leading to what led to that fateful moment the two secret lovers entered her car, the scandalous conversation between the two backseat passengers so enraged the Uber queen that she immediately turned the car right back around and dropped both of them off in front of the man’s home he shares with his wife and kids.

Let’s check out the details that sparked controversy in the comments section from both sides of this explosive, viral cheating scandal.

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Did this Uber Queen driver project her own personal experiences with cheating onto her customer unfairly? I’ll let the queen of Uber explain, and then let you decide:


Lol now if someone judged her profanity the way she judged the supposedly cheating customer, she’d be out of all of her jobs. But notice she said “karma is a mutha f—a.” For my long time viewers, you should recognize when modern women misuse the word Karma the way she did, this is the spirit of witchcraft. The way she was so passionate about this, resorting to foul language, indicates that either she or some woman close to her, was mistreated by a Chad or Pookie they “fell in love with” back in the day. And now she is projecting her rage onto this couple in her car. Keep in mind we don’t know the facts from the couple’s standpoint, only hearsay through her word. And as expected, in the comments section, women everywhere are calling her a hero, their collective judgment just screaming through.

But my people, this is breach of contract. If this guy wanted to sue her, he may be successful, if it’s worth his time. Such women like this Uber driver need to control their emotions better than this. Just because she’s an independent contractor doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants. A business contract is a contract, regardless if you’re an employee or independent contractor. Some states consider Uber drivers de facto employees according to IRS definitions.

We can’t have people out here becoming morality cops like they have in Iran, where the country right now is being torn apart due to their morality police arresting a young lady due to her not wearing her head attire properly. She allegedly ended up passing away in custody due to a heart attack, which set off a series of events that has led to civil unrest there. Is this what we want? Last time I checked, adultery is not against the law, regardless how reprehensible we may think it is.

To this Uber queen, if your morals mean you can’t drive certain people in your car, then you need another line of work. You should have just dropped him off, then maybe put him on blast anonymously online would have been better, though it still wasn’t your business. I mean, you should have at least pulled him aside and asked him why is he cheating on his wife and let him explain.

Your actions were uncalled for.

Ok I’m done addressing her directly. What if I’m an employee, I hire this driver, get in her backseat and start talking to the boss, telling him that I’m on my way to work, but in actuality, I’m having the uber driver drop me off at the beach? At this point, I’m lying to the boss. Would my deception be grounds for her to drop me back off at my workplace? What if I were a Christian, praying in the backseat on my way to church, but she doesn’t like Christians. Does she have the right to cancel the ride? If she cancels, could I not sue for breach of contract or discrimination?

Going back to this cheating Uber passenger, Is he wrong for leading his mistress to think he will leave his wife for her? Yes. But neither you nor I know this man personally, and what dynamics are at play in his marriage. Modern women are so quick to run with their emotions and hold the jilted wife blameless and villainize the man, but what if she told him she no longer wants to have sex in their marriage, that she just wants to focus on raising the kids? Believe it or not, there are many men suffering in sexless marriages.

What if the husband told the wife about the mistress, and she is ok with it, but the mistress is still impatient? That’s probably why he allegedly told her let’s talk about it later. There are many guys in this situation too. What if the wife had cheated earlier in their marriage, she begged him for forgiveness, and after some counseling, he decided to forgive her, but then years later, regretted it as he couldn’t get the thought of his wife cheating on him out of his mind?

There are so many angles here, and that’s why it’s important for Uber drivers not to become busy bodies and act out of emotional projection, and breach ride sharing contracts based on assumptions. As long as the passengers are not physically or verbally abusive towards the driver, the contract is enforceable.

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Distinguishing a High Value Man from a Distinguished Gentleman. Why is this Hard to Understand?

Oh my, now this notion of the high value man has been quite the hot topic ever since the late Kevin Samuels popularized this rather old concept. People are still debating what it is, with the luxury channel taking a jab at it recently. Modern women have redefined high value man to pretty much mean any man who is nice to them and do what they want lol. Others are hung up on the word “value,” confusing moral value with monetary value.

As I said in a previous video, when you get your next paycheck from work, would you want to be paid in terms of moral value or monetary value?

[pause, crickets]

I rest my case. So if you expect monetary value, then why do you think a high value man has to be virtuous like a gentleman? We’re going to do a quick deep dive into the important differences between a high value man and a virtuous gentleman.

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The Netflix series “Empress” actually shows good examples of very high value men, what we now call high net worth men, and distinguished gentleman, so I advise you to watch it if you haven’t. I’ll be doing a separate video about that series as I think it has many important lessons for courtship and marriage.

A gentleman is really what modern women have in mind when they keep trying to redefine the high value man. A gentleman opens doors, protects her from threats, picks her up on dates he planned, etc. Can such a man also be high value? Yes. As I said before, not all gentlemen are high value men, and not all high value men are gentlemen.

Also, let’s not forget the high net worth man, who is usually a multimillionaire and beyond. The monetary worth of a man is separate from his moral worth, and we must not confuse the two. Many of the high net worth men who run this world system are actually pretty dark, dangerous people. They are not gentlemen at all. They are true alpha men, and that’s another concept that people misunderstand, as a true alpha person is actually kinda mean and selfish, usually narcissistic.

I’ll cover the truth about alpha and beta men in another video.

The word “value” is therefore different for gentlemen than for high value men. A gentleman with great moral values is distinct from a high value man with incomes and net worth that exceeds $100k. Pause and reflect on that, especially you modern women who use emotional intelligence to process concrete facts in rather peculiar ways lol. A gentleman who makes, say, $200k a year, is more beneficial to society than a narcissistic alpha man who makes the same. But regardless how you personally feel about them, they are both high value men.

Let’s take a look at an insurance product called key man insurance to get a better idea of how the world values men who make a lot of money, who are in the top 5 to 10% of earners.

Key Man Insurance

Besides the concept of a high net worth man, there is an insurance product called key man insurance. Those who work with high end insurance products know what this is. Understanding what this is should help people get clarity on how high value men, and high net worth men, are measured.

From comes this definition:

“Key person insurance is a life insurance policy that a company purchases on the life of an owner, a top executive, or another individual considered critical to the business… How much insurance a company needs will depend on the size and nature of the business, and the key person’s role. It’s worth asking for quotes on $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $750,000, and $1 million policies and comparing the costs of each.”

Once again, do you see any mention of the moral value of a man in any of this, as it relates to his value to his wife or girlfriend lol? Of course not. Is there mention of him being a gentleman in that statement? Imagine a key man insurance salesman trying to calculate the value of such a man based on how he makes his woman feel. That’s not how high value men are measured. Continuing from another website, let’s see how they calculate the premium:

“The simplest and most common method used to determine the value of a key executive or business owner, is the ‘multiples of income’ method. Insurance companies typically base the amount of key person insurance needed on a multiple of five to seven times the employee’s current salary compensation and benefits…For example, using a multiple of five:

$1,000,000 would be the amount of insurance needed for a key person with a salary package totaling $200,000.”

In this scenario, the high value man costs the company $200k a year. This is how companies determine the value of a man. But just an fyi, depending on the industry, the company profits several times over from what they pay you, sometimes 4 or more times value. For instance, for this $200k man, assuming he were in IT, the total value of this cost flowing to the company is at least 4 times that, or $800k. I know number this because I’m an IT executive level consultant. So the value of this man to the company is actually at least $800k, but it’s hard to quantify that for insurance purposes, especially since they can replace him if he dies. Therefore, the use 5 times in the quote earlier.

Some IT roles are 8 times the salary package in terms of value to the company. This is how you value people from a company standpoint. This is where high value man came about decades ago. Key man insurance and high net worth individuals in private client banking are derived from the same high value concept.

So stop the nonsense where people, especially some modern women, keep confusing moral values with monetary value. This world is run on money, not morals, so a high value man means a high monetary value man whose value benefits others financially. A high moral value man, on the other hand, is what we call a gentleman. Men who make over $100k a year are in the top 10% of earners, and thus they are high value despite your feelings for them. The high value man concept is a distinctly concrete, technical attribute, not based on personal feelings of a man’s morality.

It’s always nice that a high value man is a gentleman, and that goes a long way in terms of business success and relationships.

In conclusion, society desires gentlemen who make six figures vs a selfish alpha man who makes the same. But they are both still high value men. Just like high net worth billionaires are still high net worth regardless if you like them or not. Let’s use the word “gentlemen” for men of any income level who exhibits high morality value to society.

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The Nature of a Good Woman—Can You Recognize it?

Oh boy, what a loaded topic. I probably can’t fully cover all aspects of the nature of a good woman in this particular video, but I’ll still provide a good, solid foundation on which to build for future videos in this segment. A good woman can be quite the beautiful asset for successful gentlemen. The challenge is to know her characteristics when you find her, amid all the bad women who think they are good women.

In these men’s spaces, we’ve seen quite the criticism of modern womanism in all its forms. This has evolved in response to the domination of feminism in the very influential mainstream media. Unfortunately, this has exacerbated a rift between the sexes that has made the dating pool toxic for many. But we have to work on healing that rift, and it starts with understanding the opposite sex.

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Most of those women who despise traditional womanhood, in favor of modern womanism, didn’t get that way because they were born to despise men. Oh no, my brothas. A series of events over their lives led them down that path. These life changing events trigger emotions in them that many men don’t understand. A few guys with ill intention often manipulate these events to get what they want from women. We like to call these guys playaz, pookies, chads, etc. With each negative event comes a wave of emotions in the spiritual ocean deep inside women. Throw a pebble in this ocean, and it will cause a small wave. But throw a one or more boulders in that ocean and you risk causing a damaging hurricane. That kind of devastating storm can cause significant structural damage in women. This is, by and large, what happens in women, which is why we have to be empathetic when they react certain ways to men.

For men, we handle these pebbles and boulders with more emotional resilience. It is in us to respond like emergency response teams, as you notice when they respond to dangerous storms like hurricane Ian. But for women, it’s not quite like that. In fact, they need us to be their emergency response team, but they first want us to let them describe the storm, in every detail, and its devastation, before we respond. And if you think about it, that makes sense because we need to know the extent of the damage before we can implement the proper solution. Pay attention.

So we have to lead them away from the bitter parts of modern womanism using a more empathetic, problem solving approach. This is not easy given how the media has exploited the rift between the sexes in the west. But as gentlemen, this is not an impossible task, though a few hardened women will stay stubborn. I welcome your comments below.

A good woman innately wants to be the support to a good man, regardless if she’s traditional or modern. The modern womanism aspect just puts a lot of women in a deeper rabbit hole than they are willing to admit. But you, fine gentlemen, can still lead her out of that rabbit hole by being a better version of yourself.

 It’s not about game or swag, as there are even nerdy guys who get beautiful women. If your only goal is to smash and dash, then perhaps practicing your game and adopting swag is ok for that lifestyle. But strong communities are not built on that. They’re built on good families, made up of good men marrying good women. Game and swag, when done irresponsibly, only leads to broken families that weaken communities and leave single parent households poor, damaging the dreams of the children born into them. Good women are not overly impressed with game and swag. In fact, I advise men to avoid getting serious with women who like that kinda game and swag, because they usually have some form of low self esteem, or will be easily tempted by the next man with game and swag.

What a good woman wants is a good family, headed by a good man. Not all modern women want to be equal partners in a family, despite what the media wants us to think. I’ve mentioned in a previous video that a marriage is like a corporation. There’s only one CEO. Never in history has there been a consistent, successful corporation with two CEOs. Why? Because someone has to be the top visionary, the top builder, the top decision maker. Kingdoms in history have only been headed by one king. If you try to have 2 CEOs, the corporate vision will be confusing and paralyze the organization. The same is true of marriage. Jesus instructed men to love their wives the way He loves the Church. Implied in this statement is that the King loves his Queen, where the king is head over the queen. Pay attention.

Most women understand this, even the modern ones, though they can’t say it out loud. When they go on dates, they want the man to take charge and plan it. Why? Because it is in them to want a good man to lead. When bad things happen, they want the man to protect them. Kings protect their citizens the same way. When a foreign enemy tries to invade the kingdom, the citizens want the king’s army to protect them. This is natural. Likewise, it is natural for a good woman to want a good man to come to the rescue when an enemy threatens her. Of course, a good woman does not do anything foolish to invite an enemy unnecessarily either. Pay attention ladies.

To pursue a good woman, just be yourself, ideally the best version of yourself. This includes some style and grooming, but more importantly, it involves meeting her in an organic way when you least expect it. Dating apps are not good for this anymore because it is not organic, nor does it lead to organic meetups. They are time wasting because the motives of men and women are not conducive for healthy dating. It’s not impossible to find a good person on them, but increasingly unlikely.

So you’ll have to include good old fashion, in person meetings in unexpected, not too public places.

Nightclubs are not that. Random spots on the street like gas stations and bus stops are not always ideal either, because anyone can pop up there and they might be crazy. It should be a place that kinda filters out people, and filters in the kinds of people who share certain common interests with you.

For example, on a trip to visit my ailing father, I stayed in an upscale hotel in a city known for successful, high net worth people. I was solo, so at night, I went to the bar lounge that had a nice lo fi vibe with a DJ. I just happened to strike up organic conversations with nearby people.

Eventually a group came up to the bar next to me, and a very attractive woman in the group made small talk with me, because she was very close to me due to the number of people at the bar. Mind you, I was texting someone at the time, so I wasn’t trying to game her or rely on swag. It was an afterthought. I was dressed with my typical night style and well groomed so that always helps in moments you least expect.

The guy she seemed to be paired with in the group was not happy that she paid more attention to me than him. He said, “why are you talking to him? ” lol. Again, I wasn’t even trying to talk to her. But long story short, as we chatted here and there, we had a lot in common, including the fact that she had just visited the upscale Dallas suburb I live in. On top of that, she was already planning to return to this my area soon, so we exchanged numbers.

And that’s my point. Who knows if she’s traditional, modern, or something in between. The kind of place I was at already filters out a lot of people because it’s pricey, but also, the quality of people are better. No doubt you can find similar situations at cultural events you might attend, good restaurants, museums with national art exhibits, special events or business conferences, happy hours with social networking, etc.

A good woman will come your way in such places and you, my gentlemen, have to be ready. Be styled in a way that compliments your personality, but that also is appealing to the kind of good woman you want. Your gentlemanly charm and personality can pierce through any modern woman armor effortlessly. I’m definitely not advocating you do extra work to pierce that armor as that is the woman’s job to take off that armor for the right man. It is the nature of most women to respond to a good gentleman.  But the genuinely traditional minded good woman will win of course, so ladies with the “I don’t need a man” mindset need to realize that they have to prepare themselves to remove that armor of modern womanism if they want a shot at competing with a modest, traditional minded good woman. It is natural for her to be feminine, which makes a good woman great to a man. I’ll leave it right there until next time gentlemen.

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SMH Does ‘Woman King’ Portray Brothas Accurately?

As many gentlemen know by now, Hollywood is not exactly a friend of masculinity. Showing a movie where men are truly men is considered the other M word that ends in “ah gen nee” these days. The agenda in the entertainment industry is to show all men to be soft and weak, goofy and easy to delete. Movies love showing women doing very harmful things to men, and even switching roles to confuse the gullible public. Can men trust that this movie, “Woman King,” produced by modern womanists, portrays them accurately in history? Should we even care? Is it time for more manly men to team up to produce our own historically accurate movies that uphold true family values and how men anchor society?

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The title “Woman King” alone tells you everything you need to know about the obvious agenda. That’s how Hollywood does it. Not to knock this specific movie, but to point out a general pattern in the western entertainment industry. To most unsuspecting people, the “Woman King” title is just mere words. But to those who are astute about psychological operations, clearly this is a role reversal strategy, implying that women can be kings and conquer men. On another psychological level, the modern womanist agenda in the media has been encouraging sistas to be hostile towards brothas for decades. Curiously, the history supposedly behind this movie is actually quite sketchy and should raise some question as to what is real, versus fantasy. This is why it is important for men to create their own entertainment to counter the dishonest Hollywood agenda.

But I digress. In the past, one of the most notable anti brotha movies was Color Purple, directed and produced by legendary Hollywood mogul Stephen Spielberg, who of course is not a brotha. For those too young to remember, that movie was a huge hit, won every award, and took aim at making black men seem like out of control monsters seeking every opportunity to ravage sistas. It came out during the rise of the modern womanist talk shows led by famed celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, who starred in Color Purple. See how Hollywood works? It’s a 360 propaganda machine, and it destroyed the image of brothas.

Other movies like What’s Love Got to Do with It, which later proved to be based on lies, and Waiting To Exhale, further took jabs at the image of black men that was one sided. Mainstream media backed this up as part of its overall modern womanist agenda. So it should come as no surprise that this latest in that long list of anti brotha movies yet again takes a big shot at the image of black men, pitting sistas against brothas in typical Hollywood divide and conquer fashion. It is no different than those slandering newspapers 120 years ago that falsely accused brothas of doing harmful things to white women that got us deleted on trees.

Strange Fruit should come to mind, for those who know that expression about what kind of human fruit was hanging from trees then.

Just for disclosure, I have not seen the movie nor will I share my resources with Hollywood for it. But trusted people I know have seen it and I trust their feedback. Again, the movie title and trailer already exposed their agenda. Movies like this thrive on controversy, so this video is the only minor help they’ll get from me from that angle. I don’t even have to address the historical accuracy of the Dahomey tribe, as that’s not the angle of this video.

I’ve seen quite a few social media posts and comments where the majority of sistas loved this movie. Even when some brothas and a few smart sistas brought up the many anti brotha and historical problems of the movie, the diehard sistahood still dismissed them and fully embraced the movie. I think we all know exactly why. Any movie that shows strong, independent, violent, “I don’t need a man” women in position of ultimate power as kings and warriors taps into the conditioned, masculine mind of many of today’s woman. It reinforces their fantasies of themselves as being over men, keeping men in check, and using any physical means to aggressively put brothas down by force. Here’s a quote from a very slanted, embellished article titled “When Africa was a Matriarchy ruled by African Queens it flourished; When it became a patriarchy it was destroyed.” from the


Dohomey was a wealthy West African empire. The elements of Dohomey’s success were its trade and its powerful army, whose soldiers were considered invincible.

The fierce and mighty Behanzin Bowelle was the king of this great empire. His army contained 25.000 warriors, 5.000 of which were women. The women were the most respected and feared part of Behanzin’s army. They ranked above the men.

These women were thoroughly trained and kept trim by a system of gymnastics developed by the Dohomians themselves. Recruited from among the healthiest and strongest virgins in Dohomey, these females were sworn to chastity.

The king sometimes picked his wives from among them or gave them to his bravest warriors.

The training of these women was very rigorous. One of their drils was charging three times barefoot into a construction of thorns, nude to their waist. Another excercise was to kill a maddened bull with their bare hands.

Perfect was the discipline of these female warriors. They fought with extreme bravery. Excited by their own courage and undying energy, the women, like the men were thought to be invincible.””

This is the kinds of so-called history that the Woman King is based on. Notice it said out of an army of 25,000, the 5,000 women were ranked above men and were the most feared lol. Do you really believe that? So not even one of the 20,000 men was stronger and more feared than any of the 5,000 women? And what king or elite warrior ever picked masculine warriors as wives in all of history? Even when it discussed the so called women warriors of Dahomey, started the paragraph by saying “…from legendary origins…” implying that their story is unverified, perhaps based on oral tradition or not.

All of the sources that predate the making of this movie are not as certain and concrete on this history, something the movie of course won’t face head on. Do we know how historically accurate it really is?

This movie is the kind of fantasy based projection that modern women want to paint, to rewrite history in a dangerous Orwellian way, in order to reimagine themselves as able to be women and men at the same time. This fits into the Hollywood gender bending agenda very well, but paints sistas as rough looking masculine women.

In my opinion, this is the wrong message sistas should be sending out to brothas, if they truly want to have a reconciliation. No man wants a masculine, fierce, tough, independent woman. Hollywood does not have the best interests of marriage and families at heart, especially black families, so this woman worship of this movie, which was created by a group of white feminists, including the racially ambiguous one, is counterintuitive to what’s best for the future of black marriage. One of the white female producers of this movie is actually a leading board member of a gender bending organization at USC in LA, home to the well know film school that Hollywood goes to for its future producers and directors.

Hopefully, this bizarre movie will disappear after getting a few dollars from strong, independent sistas. Yet perhaps, the reality of the decline of the family unit will hit these women. Time will tell. Let’s support brothas and sistas who have their own film studios who can tell similar stories, but from a source of truth and accuracy, without the anti family agenda. And for all other groups, the puppet masters use their agenda on the black community first, then unleashes it on other racial groups, which is why we’re seeing other families now declining. So y’all should be paying attention and raising your voices against Hollyweird as well.

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Until women stop looking to Hollywood to turn women into kings and fierce warriors, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


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Gentleman, Some Grooming Tips to Fight Musty Bodies

Gentlemen, gentlemen…we’ve certainly had our fair share of videos going in on the trials and tribulations visited on men from many naughty modern women. But what should happen when we eventually find a pleasant, feminine, attractive woman we might want to marry some day? Do you younger guys know how to groom and style yourselves? Ya know, there are times when women are actually right about many of us, especially when it comes to the topic of bootay stank.

Translation: body odor lol.

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Yes, guys, some of us never learned how to properly groom the masculine machine that we are, to transition our bodies from being a roughneck hoodrat to an esteemed, well styled gentleman. You can’t go around high-end executives and high value women stankin’ like day old street basketball sweat and funk dipped in vinegar and stale fish.

Rinse that nasty stank sweat!

The ideal way to shower is to use a process similar to the car wash, where there’s an initial rinse cycle to wash off loose dirt and debris. Then apply soap. Rinse again. Then apply final coat, rinse again then dry off. Our usual approach is to just turn the water on and apply soap as the water rains on us. A few of you might even just rely mostly on the water to rinse away the dirt and funk, no soap. And others of you don’t shower or bathe for weeks or months at a time Stop that.

So when you shower next time, rinse your body first to wash away dirt and micro debris. Then use a less expensive, regular, preferably natural, unscented soap to apply a clean layer on your skin for the initial cleanse. I say “unscented” soap because you don’t want that cheap soap scent to compete with your expensive soap scent, which I’ll explain in a bit. Plus you don’t want to waste your expensive soap on cleaning the initial dirt. You can use plain Dove or Ivory soap, but pick whatever unscented soap you prefer.

Let the soap sit for a few seconds by stepping away from the shower head if you have enough room, or turn it off otherwise. Then rinse again. Next, use your more expensive, grown man’s body wash. Here, I have a few brands I like, most notably, Jack Black Turbo Wash. It has a great smell, and cost about $50 for 33 ounces. For younger guys still establishing themselves, you might also consider one of my less expensive favorites, the Cedar and Cypress body wash by Metho Men or the Sandalwood body wash by Every Man Jack.

Let the more expensive soap sit for a bit, then rinse again. Use your favorite lotion and moisturizer to leave your skin feeling and looking great. I actually like Bull Dog Original Moisturizer, and you can get it from many stores. I also like the more expensive Jo Malone Body and Hand Lotion to provide a subtle glow. For the shave, I tend to avoid the popular, less expensive shaving creams. I like some from my fave cologne brand, which is Creed and Jo Malone, or Bromley’s and Cremo are decent shaving brands. Bull Dog also has a great face scrub that clears out a lot of junk from the face. And voila, gentlemen! You now smell great and are ready to conquer the world.

As I mentioned, I like Creed Aventus and Pomegranate by Jo Malone as my fave colognes. Malin and Goetz has this exceptional Cannibis scent that is very nice, too.

Well, not quite. You also need to wear a natural or aluminum free deodorant. Every Man Jack has a Cedarwood scented deodorant. Arm & Hammer Essentials, Rosemary Lavender, is good for when you workout, but can be used for everyday use as well. If you have a favorite brand of cologne, it is very likely they have a deodorant.

Now that your body is clean and you have the right deodorant, it’s time to go to that business function or date with one of your hotties, right? Well your breath and teeth need to be ready, too. Not just brushing your teeth for 2 minutes (some of y’all rush too fast when brushing). You need to floss the food between your teeth, and use gum picks to gently scrape out the food stuck under your gumlines.

I’ll say it again: Don’t forget to floss and use gum picks to get the stank enemies from between your teeth and under your gum lines. This is why some of you have stank breath. This goes for men and women. If you don’t floss, food stays between your teeth and under your gum lines. And you know what happens to rotting food whether it’s in your mouth, on the counter, or in the fridge. It stanks. So why leave food in your mouth?

Ok now you can go forth to the public, gentlemen. In a future style and grooming episode, I will discuss the first time I did a body odor intervention for a college friend where I was setting up a double date between him and 2 friends of a girl I was dating.

Subscribe to be alerted of that video. But before I go, there’s one topic we need to discuss:

Swipe till it’s white! When doing number 2 in the toilet, gentlemen, swipe that crack till the toilet paper white. Don’t just wipe once in one direction. Swipe up and down to get it all, all the chocolate lol. By swiping up and then down, you will discover that the TP will be brown after both swipes. This is important because some of you only wipe in one direction once or twice, then pull up you underwear and pants and go about your day, creating nasty skid marks plus fumigating your body with funk down there.

Ok, don’t just use one set of TP. With a second tissue set, make sure to swipe up and down to confirm its white. And if you’ve been physically active and then do number 2, your fecal matter may be creamier and oiler than usual, so you may have to do two or more sets of tissue with up and down swipes. Sounds tedious but this will keep your underwear and pants clean, and you won’t smell like booty when you’re around other people, especially in an intimate setting with a woman. Some of you nasty men expect women to do thangs down there without this wiping process. That’s when most women will ghost you, cuz you’re a grown man wiping like a child.

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[In the future, talk about the double date dilemma with Lamont lol]

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How to Floss Properly: Step-by-Step Guide to Flossing Teeth (

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How to Be a High Value Playa (HVP)

What a controversial title, given all the confusion on what high value really means. In this modern western world, most women have lost the art of being feminine, being conditioned to compete with men, and therefore becoming masculine themselves. But at the same time, many of us men in the west have lost touch with the true strength of being masculine. This is why our ideas of love and romance are so emasculated that many of us think we have to sacrifice our mission, our ambition, our life goals, and even our time and money to please women. Our egos have gotten conditioned to want women to desire us, and we seek this ambition more than building our personal empires. Gentlemen, men have not been like this throughout history, and you won’t find much of this outside the US and Western Europe. Men in the West who aspire to have multiple women don’t really understand how to manage it successfully because no one taught them, and no, movies like “How to be a Playa” ain’t gonna help, though it was funny. For men with ambition, there’s levels to it.

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In this video, I’ll show snippets of a movie called “Dangerous Beauty” from 1998, currently streaming on the Starz channel, that does a good job summing up how romance and marriage were arranged or planned for centuries ago in Europe, though the same pattern existed in African and Asian empires as well. This movie shows that marriage is a contract that is usually tied to ambition, for uniting kingdoms, and for securing the legacies of two families. When it comes to pursuing high value, masculine men in those days, the women positioned themselves, often with the help of their parents, to be chosen, based on their family background, not based on a silly Hollywood fantasy. They knew how to identify high value men, what they desired, what made them tick.

Men today can learn from these lessons in the past to achieve their true potential and not be overly focused on pleasing hardened, masculine modern women. And modern women can learn some of the art of femininity from this movie, so guys, if you know women who need help, have them watch this video and that movie.

In order to return ourselves to true masculinity, it’s good to see examples of true femininity in all its forms. This will help with the goal of becoming a high value man who exercises options, aka a high value playa.

If you’re still confused about what a high value man is, subscribe to be notified of my upcoming video “Distinguishing High Value Man from Gentleman.” This is important because we have a lot of modern women, and their male worshippers, who are butchering the definition of a high value man so much that any man who makes them feel good is high value lol.

Ummm, no ladies, no. The word “value” has more than one definition. We’re not talking about the warm and fuzzy definition tied to moral values and virtue. That’s what a gentleman is. Gentlemen are the moral and virtuous ones. Not all gentlemen are high value, and not all high value men are gentlemen.

We’re strictly using the word “value” from its monetary definition root. When you get paid for you job, what value do you want to get paid with: monetary value, or moral value? [crickets]. I rest my case. A high value man, since a few decades ago, has always been associated with a man who make six figures. If we adjust it for inflation since the 1980s, it’s probably closer to $150k a year, but $100k is ok to keep things simple. The idea is that a HVM is in the top 5 to 10 percent of earners. PERIOD.

Again, subscribe to be notified of that upcoming video on HVM vs Gentleman. Now that that’s out the way, let’s continue…

For those who don’t understand how the world of wealth works, there is an even higher category of men beyond HVM. They are called High Net Worth men (HNW). These guys are in the less than 1 percent of wealthy people. Anyone who has worked in private banking and wealth management knows this concept. Banks have a minimum value they look for in such men before granting special banking privileges.

Often, the minimum is $5 million in liquid assets, meaning that no matter how your wealth is accumulated or earned, if you can’t turn it into $5 million cash within one year, you ain’t high net worth, brotha.

I’ll be honest. I am a high value man, having made at least $100k a year since the mid 1990s, but I am not high net worth. I would have been there had it not been for my divorce lol. But I certainly make well over $100k. I have worked with high net worth men in my business consulting work, including the heads of Fortune 1000 companies. So I know their world very well. They move very different. They don’t always show their wealth in obvious ways, though some may have a Maybach or RR here and there. But you can tell by their custom shirts that cost over $300 or their $500 haircuts, and overall grooming. Women who study these details know what I’m talking about.

If you thought the schedules of high value men are always packed, that ain’t nothing compared to high net worth men. They don’t have time to be out there wasting it on trying to please and game women with swag. If you think about it, spending time trying to perfect and improve your game and swag is kinda beta. What I mean is that we men in the west are under this spell from the spirit of witchcraft where we think, in order to be “real men,” we have to perfect our game and add swag to the mix, as if we’re subservient to women. This is a modern western fantasy that actually favors women. Many of you lower level playas don’t realize that you overly concern yourselves with pleasing women as part of your psychological game. By that, I don’t mean you should be the opposite, nasty or cruel, though some high net worth alpha men are. I mean as part of your game, you don’t value your time as much as you value pleasing the woman in order to get in the sheets between her cheeks. Whether you admit it or not, this takes time. Out of 20 women you may meet in a week, how long does it take to sift through them in order to get to the 1 chick you will smash that night? It may have taken you 30 minutes on her alone, but it took probably hours going through the other 19 women, including calling, texting, messaging on social media, etc.

High net worth men, and even some high value men in the $250k or more a year range (depending on cost of living adjustments in your area, this could be $500k or more), don’t have time for that. This is where the concept of the high value playa comes into play. It is not a new concept as it actually comes from the harem concept made popular by Suleiman the Great of the Ottoman empire days, as well as the concubine system in pre modern kingdoms in Europe, Asia, and African, as well as their ancient counterparts in the days of King David and Solomon, and the ancient Egyptians.

Speaking of the Pharaoh, in the Book of Genesis is the story of how Abraham conspired with his wife Sarah to conceal the fact that he is her husband, just in case Pharaoh’s concubine recruiters came by and wanted her for the king because of her beauty. This part of the Bible is showing you that even the Pharaoh did not have time to use game and swag on women. The only woman King David recruited directly was the married Bathsheba, and who knows if she didn’t position herself to be naked in her tub within eye sight of the king. Hmmm, this is what women of old did.

I’ll skip the history details as that would make this video way too long. There are some logistics details from Suleiman the Great I’ll focus on, though even then, the details are not lengthy. Long story short, Suleiman could have had any woman in his empire, but he did not have time to actually vet each one. For him, time was way more important than making himself desirable to women. So he followed the pattern of previous empires: He had a team of managers, tutors and harem workers do the vetting for him. If Suleiman were alive today, he probably would have hired the most expensive team of dating service providers to scour his empire for all the most beautiful women and put together an online profile of each one he could browse. He would, of course, tell them exactly the kind of woman he likes, in the most painstaking detail, so that he did not get the undesirable women.

Back in those days, he told and showed his team what he likes, and it was their job to go find them. Ideally, the women had to be cultured and influential, and if not, at least have potential to be groomed into refined women. Some took longer to groom than others. Such women, when captured, didn’t go straight to his bedchambers like some of you younger knuckleheads are doing today, lol, by bringing random women you met on Tinder to your home to avoid paying for first dates lol. What if she were an assassin? What if she stank down there? Suleiman couldn’t take that chance, so his pimp team went through a draft process, similar to how major league baseball does it. In the MLB, high school and college players don’t go straight to starting positions on pro teams. They go through the minor league farm system.

Similarly, the systems of concubines and harems of long ago groomed their women to eventually be qualified to be by the side of the ruler of the realm. In today’s world, high net worth men with means and significant resources at stake must vet their newly recruited women to be ready to be by their side at high powered corporate events, upscale happy hours and dinners, world class parties on yachts, or on a G6 corporate jet to some exclusive island with at least 5 star accommodations. These are not your typical Instagram models lol. These men can’t risk being embarrassed with silly women as their high powered peers only surround themselves with men who exercise sound judgment. You’re not going to find BBLs, tattoos, bull rings in noses and weirdly colored hair. Gentlemen at this level leave these women to you ballers on a budget. High class women, called ladies, are groomed early on to be next to the most powerful and wealthy men in the world.

But you don’t have to have a net worth of multiple millions of dollars to be a high value playa. You just have to value your time over the effort needed to personally seek out these women, if you have status and charisma. If you have close friends who know your female type, let them recruit for you. If need be, hire them, or some professional, to do the work while you focus on building your financial and business empire. You can always make money, but each second of your life can never be returned to you, so choose wisely.

There will be those men who will scoff at this idea, saying high net worth men got no game lol. Ummm, yeah, go ahead and waste your time on gaming women, these high class gentlemen will tell you. Obviously, if you don’t make this kinda money and just work an 8 hour a day job, then yes, you will need to use whatever charm necessary to woo modern western women. Stay in your minor league lane while high value and high net worth men make major league moves. For them, women truly come a dime a dozen, and the women have to make the effort to put themselves in position to be chosen by these financially well off guys, while you waste your time on artificial game and swag to get women with nose rings, BBLs, and tattoos all up and down their arms and legs lol. Hey, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your station in life. This world is a class system, whether you realize it or not.

I’ll continue this topic in a future video, but let me know your thoughts on it, agree or disagree. Obviously, the world of high net worth men is quite different than the average guy, but even lower net worth men with means who choose to exercise options can do so in a way that does not take too much time away from building their personal empires. I highly recommend you value your time better so you can achieve your big time goals sooner rather than later.

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Dangerous Beauty

STARZ – Exclusive Originals, Hit Movies

Unique Statistics That We Should Know About High Net Worth Individuals – TechnologyWire

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SMH! Why Grown Men Whine About Passport Bros Exercising Options?

Why does one grown man care about another grown man going overseas to date grown women? I can halfway understand why many bitter western women shame and insult men for rejecting them and choosing better options internationally because they’re jealous and, whether they admit it or not, know that their pool of potential husbands is quickly shrinking. But the men who shame and insult passport bros are bizarre to me. They hurl insults like the women do. Do they secretly want to marry these guys? Are these guys from broken homes where there was no strong father figure?

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Some gentlemen suspect these men who hate men going overseas to date, are dating coaches who get a lot of money from lonely women, and so they are simply pandering to their female audience. This might be true for some of these anti-passport guys. Others say these passport hater guys are just jealous because, for whatever reason, they can’t get a passport or afford to regularly go overseas. I suspect this might be more likely.

But I also think some of these bizarre guys are simply in their feminine energy. They have been soooo under the witchcraft spell of the matriarchal matrix that they don’t realize they are themselves subconsciously feminine lol. I’m dead serious. Outwardly they may look like men, but deep down inside, they seem to be women. I find this to be especially true among men raise by single mothers. Their mom’s pain is their pain. Her bitterness is their bitterness. When she insults men in front of her sons, they also feel the same resentment towards men. So when they grow up, and see other women in the west bashing men for using their passports to find better quality options, they get in their feminine feelings and by instinct, bash those same men using the same SIGN language as the more ardent feminist.

One of the common shaming tactics these men use against passport brothas is that they got no game, that they don’t know how to handle American women. They’re not good enough to shoot their shot at demanding western women. As I mentioned in a previous video, who wants to ”handle” a woman? That’s not natural for feminine women. “Handling” is only done for wild animals, and last time I checked, women are not animals. If a woman has gotten to a point in her psychological maturity where she has sacrificed true femininity for masculine energy, then that is a turn off for a lot of guys.

Gentlemen don’t handle masculine women, they marry feminine ones.

Let me go back to this silly notion that men who do passport dating have no game. This sounds like what a lot of silly women say without any facts, just all emotional psychobabble. I personally have no problem dating women in America, overseas, and even foreign women who come here. I am in great shape as I work out regularly and am of muscular build, 6 feet tall, handsome, make well over 6 figures, well endowed in the bedroom, and am very sociable as I know a lot of women in various social circles. I can personally attest to the fact that, although I do like the American women I’m dating, there’s a difference in feminine mindset that favors foreign women.

Women in the west have generally lost the art of being feminine and what a family is. They no longer know how to manage a household so that the man can go out there and provide for his family. They want men to be both the provider and share the household duties, sometimes with the man doing most of the internal and external household chores. Not to say this mindset is not showing up among some foreign women, but by and large, the typical non western woman does better being feminine and household minded. They know how to take care of their man better.

Again, I don’t want to hear any silly shaming tactics as I still date western women with no problem. But I am hesitant to get married because they just don’t know how to be wives, or how to prepare themselves to be wives. They don’t want to listen to men about what men want anymore. They used to care about men’s preferences, but that is no longer the case. I’ve had several very attractive women who wanted to have my children out of wedlock, which, though flattering, is a red flag that they don’t appreciate the importance of family.

They don’t cook anymore, though they want men who know how to cook. You don’t find this nonsense typically with non western foreign women. If you ask western women what’s the role of a man and woman in a marriage, they generally no longer know, like they once did. They have weird, vague ideas about the roles that are simply made up to suit their modern woman whims. No gentleman wants to sign up for that. The few women who may have a better sense of marriage and family seldom if ever put themselves in position to be found and chosen by men. They have the misconception that God will become their personal genie in a bottle and form a man out of their ribs and magically hand over perfect men to them like God presented Eve to Adam lol.

Or some women assume that because the Book of Proverbs says he that finds a wife finds a good thing, that they are not supposed to lift a finger to do anything to show interest in a man, that men are supposed to just go to wherever they hang out at with their many girlfriends, read their minds, and approach her and her nosey girlfriends to have a chance at dating her. Lol ummm hell to the naw. You don’t find this with non western women. When foreign women see a man they want, they are proactive and put themselves in position to be chosen, like western women used to do. And they are usually fit, feminine, attractive, and sociable.

I have to say, from personal experience, I have had more pleasant dates with highly attractive foreign, non western women. They know men better, period. I didn’t have to “handle” them as they were already in their feminine energy. I remember one very attractive woman from Venezuela who was very feminine and knew the art of sending choosing signals very well. And she was not playing any validation games I’ve seen with some American women. Her choosing signals were genuine, and we had some whirlwind dates while she was here for a couple of weeks. I never made it down to Venezuela to visit her after she invited me, and in hindsight, I probably should have, but there are more women out there, so no sweat.

I’ll wrap up by saying that men who shame and insult other men for exploring dating options outside America should stop being nosey like silly women and focus on your own dating life. I can’t recall a time in the past where grown men shamed other grown men about their dating preferences. That must be one of the signs of the end times when men act like women to shame other men for who they dated. Man up, you passport haters. Let these men be. I wish all men well in their dating pursuits.

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Sadly, we’re witnessing some of the 70 to 80 percent out of wedlock boys growing up to be these kinds of men, speaking the same SIGN language they heard their single mama spout when they were growing up. It’s ingrained in their conscience until they have their red pill moment (if ever) 🙄

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SMH! New Orleans Mayor Says Citizens Must Pay $30k 1st Class Flights for Her ‘Safety’

SMH…The Mayor of New Orleans must love that Jack Harlow song First Class and she insists Taxpayers Must Pay 30k 1st Class Flights for Her ‘Safety’ Says Taxpayers Must Pay 30k in 1st Class Flights for Her ‘Safety’

Lol gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen! You won’t believe this tale from the entitlement of modern women. Just when you thought you heard everything from them, now the mayor of New Orleans, who is a sista, said she must fly first class internationally, at the expense of taxpayers, because flying economy is unsafe for Black women 🤔 🙄 Yes you heard that right, brothas. Those words actually came out of her mouth, according to several major news reports, links below. Last week, we heard from sistas who were insulted that a white man went on 50 dates in 50 states with 50 white women. Black women took a big L last week. And now, they are about to take another one. Not to say that all black women agree with this nonsense, but more should speak up and condemn this to protect their image.

To all my sistas out there: we know many of y’all blindly despise men, but please stop coming up with new, creative ways to take Ls. Yes you’re not the only ones, as we saw from my video on that woman in Las Vegas who insisted she was too pretty to be arrested, but this L is absolutely ridiculous.

Let’s just get right to the story, then I’ll come back with my analysis. Don’t laugh too loudly, guys, lol:

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So let’s get this straight. She actually believes flying economy is “unsafe” for black women, while justifying her $30,000 spend on these first-class seats. And she refuses to reimburse the financially strapped citizens. This is feminist entitlement run amok. It is so far out of control that surely, even the average modern womanist has to sit back and say, “did we fight all these decades for this level of entitlement and decadence at the expense of society?”

Let’s further recap her arrogance, which is not isolated to just her, but is widespread among modern womanists in the West:

“The Democratic Mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, has insisted that spending tens of thousands of dollars on first-class plane seats was necessary, suggesting that flying economy would be unsafe for a black woman.”

Never mind that every airport has a TSA screening system, and that the vast majority of travelers are law abiding citizens, she specifically highlighted black women over other women. So a white woman is more safe in economy than a black woman? Madame mayor, where are the stats to back up that egregious statement? Oh that’s right, it’s based on your truth, your emotional intelligence that cannot be questioned or scrutinized lol.


“Cantrell is refusing to refund the $30,000 of taxpayers’ money she spent on the luxury seats to France and Switzerland.”

Lol the absolute bold gall of her to refuse to reimburse taxpayers. It’s mind boggling. Who wants to wage a friendly bet on what L these kinds of women will take next week? In the words of the late Kevin Samuels, you can’t make this ish up!

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until modern women like this mayor stop making up nonsense to justify their extreme entitlement, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Democrat mayor under fire for racking up $30k in first class travel for ‘safety’ purposes | Fox News

An official petition to recall Mayor LaToya Cantrell has been filed (

LaToya Cantrell is New Orleans’ first female mayor (

US mayor justifies luxury flights citing skin color and gender

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Oh oh! The Rise and Fall of the Soft Girl Era?

You may have heard of this new social media trend called the Soft Girl Era. Other channels in this men’s space have covered this topic, but I’ve got my spin on it. The question is, what’s motivating this trend and will men be fooled by it? Can modern women easily turn on feminine charm to get what they want from men? Is it THAT easy?

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The answer for wise gentlemen is straightforward. It’s not simple at all. It is both laughable and insulting to our intelligence when so many modern women think they can easily manipulate men by trying to use fake femininity as a tool to get what they want from good men.

However, I do think it’s at least a step in the right direction for women to at least recognize that being in the masculine energy, combined with attitude and the “I don’t need a man” mindset is turning good men away in droves. But going from the boss chick mindset to the genuine feminine lady mindset will take years of deprogramming for most modern women. It’s the same process prisoners of war go through when they come back from years of mind programming and torture by the enemy.

For those men who are less experienced with women, please don’t fall for this trap, as you will only embolden these women to come up with more creative ways to use their wiles, to seduce us and use our money and physical strength for their selfish reasons.

What the women behind this soft girl era fail to realize is that women who are genuinely feminine have been that way since they were girls. It is instinctive for them because they have good women around them to instill the principles and behavior of true femininity. On top of that, they had good fathers who helped them understand what masculinity is. For thousands of years, girls were raised to be women, not raised to be men like they are today.

To elaborate, by birth, women are naturally feminine because God created them that way. It is the world today, over the past few decades, that conditions them to be otherwise. Between the propaganda of many far left leaning schools, as well as Hollywood and mainstream media, by the time a girl grows into an adult woman, she is taught by instinct to be in competition with men and to despise their nature. This is where the independent “I don’t need a man” phase kicks in for many modern women. 

Today, their nature is to not want to be feminine, and they don’t even realize that fact. How can someone who hates femininity then turn around and think they can become a soft girl, and men who are instinctively masculine won’t notice? What such modern women fail to understand is that men who have masculinity ingrained in them are naturally drawn to natural femininity, just like negative sides of magnets are attracted to positive magnets.

If you look at it another way, from the animal kingdom, what do you think will happen to a baby dear if it tried to go to a lioness as if that mama lion is its mother? That lioness will destroy it. Or what happens if a female tiger tried to mate with a male wolf? It won’t happen. Why? In both scenarios, they have the natural instincts of their species to automatically know who to bond with those of their kind. Truly masculine men and feminine women are the same. Any woman that has to set aside her normal behavior to become a soft girl is not a soft girl. I feel sorry for them because, once again, they fail to realize they have years to try to reverse the significant damage of extreme feminism. Wise men are no longer putting up with their silly games. We expect and deserve better, and we are no longer settling for the chameleon charade.

So when we see videos in social media, especially Tik Tok aka Chick Talk, that depict independent, entitled women suddenly trying to adopt the feminine soft girl approach, smart men already know not to fall for this trick. To undo all the 20 plus years of conditioning of education, feminism and entertainment takes years of social detox to reverse. It can’t be suddenly turned on. Meanwhile, truly feminine women are winning, especially the ones from countries where femininity is still taught and prized.

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Find ‘softgirlera’ on TikTok | TikTok Search

“It is a becoming a big trend on TikTok now! Click here: softgirl


LOL! Woman Asserts Pretty Privilege With Vegas Cops, Gets Arrested Anyway for Not Paying Airport Restaurant Tab

Oh boy, here’s another in a long series of tales from entitled modern women. This time, it happened in Las Vegas, where a woman decided she didn’t have to pay for her tab at the Chili’s restaurant in the airport. From that point on, her story gets more and more bizarre lol. Not surprisingly, she has a bachelors degree in Hospitality Administration and Management from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and we know how entitled many degreed women are, as they have a higher divorce rate than most women.  I’ll read the short story from the Channel 8 news website:

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Las Vegas Metro police said they arrested a woman for reportedly skipping out on a restaurant tab and violating airport rules. She told officers she was under arrest because she was so good-looking.

Hend Bustami faces a charge of violating airport conduct, records showed. Police said they were called to a Chili’s restaurant in Harry Reid International Airport on Wednesday for a report of a woman who had left without paying her bill.

Police searched for the woman, later identified as Bustami, but could not find her.

“Soon after, officers working D gates were notified by TSA that [a] female matching that description was observed sleeping near the security checkpoint, hindering their operations”.

Officers later found Bustami in the baggage claim area where she was “belligerent with officers, saying she was being harassed because cops [had] never seen anyone as pretty as her,” police said.

Police later learned Bustami had a warrant out for her arrest at the Las Vegas Municipal Court.

While officers were arresting her, Bustami said “that she was going to spit on all [the officers] and that officers were perverts and were trying to rape her because they [had] never seen anyone as good looking as her”.

Bustami was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

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Las Vegas police Woman tells officers she was under arrest due to good looks (

Woman arrested for ‘skipping tab in LA Chili’s’ claims she was booked for being too GOOD-LOOKING | Daily Mail Online

Woman claims she was arrested at Las Vegas airport for being ‘so good-looking’ (

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SMH! Why Modern Women Are Intimidated by Passport Men

Can Modern Women REALLY Live Without the Passport Boys?

Why Are Modern Women So Intimidated by Successful Gentlemen With Passports?

By now, you’ve heard the often repeated mantra of independent, highly degreed modern women who are convinced that men are intimidated by their college degrees and careers. Of course, as we all know, no man is intimidated by their student loan debt. But since they are so emphatic that we have college degree phobia, let’s flip the script and analyze their passport phobia when men decide to exercise their options in a world full of truly feminine, fit and humble women.

I stumbled across this clip while watching the informative Brazil Yesh channel, so be sure to check him out as his reaction to this clip is great. In this case, I also wanted to add my own reaction to her.

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Lol oh boy. So much to unpack with this one. First point, she claims that brothas who are fleeing the hardcore, masculine, “I don’t need a man” sistas are going to vanilla queens and damaging them. Where do these people come up with this nonsense? She’s implying that low life, uneducated brothas are polluting poor innocent vanilla women with their irresponsible private parts, creating interracial single moms.

For those who still don’t know the stats, only about 10 percent of brothas deal with other races, and not all of them are white women. So this means that over 90 percent of brothas still deal with sistas…for now. But I’m warning sistas, stop taking brothas for granted because there is a micro trend of brothas running for the exits because the extreme negative feelings towards men has reached a critical mass in 2022.

I’m telling y’all from personal experience, and other brothas here can attest, that women of other races have no problem making their attraction known, even if nothing comes of it. They are still more pleasant and sociable in upscale social settings. Women like this love to shame men, calling brothas sellouts, for event responding to women of other groups, yet they themselves refuse to lift a finger to spark a conversation with a brotha at a happy hour or dining setting. They are usually in their girl groups, at brunch, which is a turnoff for most men as we don’t feel like “handling” all those personalities just to talk to the one we’re attracted. Other women have no problem separating from the group, but sistas in particular refuse to leave their groups, and then shame men for pursuing other women who do leave their girl groups.

Let’s continue…

She goes on to bash brothas further, saying that after white women “suffer” the damage of getting interracial children from such men, that they then reject these brothas, which is why men then run to get passports to damage women around the world. Lol in the words of the late Kevin Samuels, you truly can’t make this stuff up. How on earth did her brain come up with this illogic?

Meanwhile, she just wants us to ignore that unappealing nose hook piercing and those extra long, powder blue eagle talon nails and big tattoos on her arm. The eyelashes and painted on eyebrows are not appealing either, yet she wants to sit in judgment of millions of great black gentlemen and heavily criticize them as if we’re a danger to women everywhere. Of course, her shaming tactics are laughable, and you have to ask, why does she even care what men she hates do? The reason she did this video, my gentlemen, is that she is passive aggressively admitting that she actually is intimidated by the fact that more brothas are no longer under the witchcraft spells of the black coven. Our passports broke the spell, and they are withering in the corner like the wicked witch of the west from Wizard of Oz lol.

Let’s continue with the remaining snippet…

Lol so according to this woman who is intimidated by passport holding brothas, not only do all white women not want brothas, but neither do the sistas we left behind. Ummm, sista can you provide some actual stats and surveys to back up your wildly imaginative claim? All the studies I’ve seen actually suggested otherwise, which is why sistas like her are so intimidated by men with passports. Nope, their college degrees are not enough to hold brothas under their spell. The passports have broken that curse, and the scales have fallen from the eyes of brothas everywhere, where they now see the light, and it is good!

The brotha who did this clip ended it well when he rejected her nonsense. Gentlemen, let your passports be the freedom from the curse of western modern womanism. Go forth and multiply, populating the earth responsibly, ideally in marriage lol…

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Until modern women realize that the curse of their shaming spells no longer work on passport men, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Brazil Yesh Channel:

Island Gyal MAD at Passport Men …. What?!

Passport Men “Ain’t Divine” …. They are WEAK

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Hmmm… Why Did TD Jakes End Thou Art Loosed?

The Woman Thou Art Loosed Franchise is coming to an end less than 3 months after TD Jakes controversial Father’s Day sermon.

Not long ago, I did a video about the Father’s Day sermon of famed pastor TD Jakes. In it, he was mostly favorable towards women. After all, he created the immensely popular Woman Thou Art Loosed book and convention series that swept the world. So when he simply mentioned, in a few words, that we’re raising women to be men, that women have gone too far in saying they don’t need a man and that’s pushing good men away, boy did women inside and outside his church get furious with him. Hell hath no fury like woman criticized. They wanted to cancel him at any cost, never mind all the hundreds of pro female sermons he delivered over his entire pastoral career.

So is it a coincidence that just less than 3 months later, he announced this is the final Woman Thou Art Loosed convention?

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According to CBN News, after a 25 year run, the worldwide phenomenon known as the Woman Thou Art Loosed conference series is being put to rest by Bishop TD Jakes. The official reason for this move, according to the Chief Operating Officer of T.D. Jakes Ministries, Frank Dyer, is “…two decades, it’s time for women to evolve. So, at this point, it’s coming to an end. Just like in life, you have that transition. That transitioning is happening now to allow women to evolve.”

If you unpack that interesting choice of words, we have ask exactly what does “evolve” mean in this context? According to feminist history, women have been evolving since the 1960s. So what makes the late 1990s so special? And why is this coming just a few months after the well said but controversial Father’s Day sermon where many irate women were gnashing at the teeth to see the demise of the man who actually gave women one of the greatest platforms in modern church history?

Here’s another quote from the TD Jakes Ministry through Mr. Dyer:

“The legacy [of Woman Thou Art Loosed]…will be the empowerment of women being those glass ceiling breakers…Being those women that can go at it, the ultra-communicators, understanding that the platform that we’ve created allows them to just free themselves of everything that’s been holding them back and holding them down for years. That’s the legacy.” Of course, we men recognize once again that the ministry is catering to that modern woman, most likely to try to backtrack from the Father’s Day sermon, which would be unfortunate if that is the intent here. We know that there are no glass ceilings for women anymore. Careers are a matter of making better choices starting with college and trade school decisions. But that’s a topic for another video.

Now it is entirely possible that Pastor Jakes is paving the way towards some kind of retirement in the near future. So perhaps he’s trying to unload some heavy responsibilities. Who knows. But the Woman Thou Art Loosed franchise could have easily been handed off to other, younger leaders in the organization. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I can’t help but come back to the possibility that some daughters of witchcraft out there, were busy behind the scenes, casting spells, seeking the demise of the Jakes Ministries. Just my opinion based on my analytical observation. I could be wrong. But just looking at all of this, sistas really need to re-evaluate what their goal is for the black community and the Black church. After 25 years of Jakes doing a lot to promote womanhood, sometimes at the expense of manhood, as you saw with that quote I just read, those same women are ready to throw all of his hard work on their behalf out the window, simply because he advised women not to be so masculine and independent, that they push good quality men away.

And once again, I totally agree with Jakes. I have dated my fair share of women in my life, and never have I seen such a cult like love of being independent and “I don’t need a man” as exists right now, among women of all ages. A lot of you sistas should be ashamed and embarrassed to want to trash this man for the one sermon where he nicely tried to get women to tone down the anti-male rhetoric.

Why is this important?

Because in the 2020s, it has resulted in the apocalypse of good men running for the exits from hateful women, especially in the West. This is why you see an increase in men getting passports to expand their options. And when more men do this, the women who are left behind will get fewer and worse options among men. So wise leaders like TD Jakes sense this movement by men, and are trying to help more women get married.

But instead, they want to unleash the witchcraft of the cancel culture on him, after 25 years of him catering to women. 2022 is surely the year independent, anti-male women are taking big Ls. This is the part where I call on all the women of goodwill in his church to stand up and show stronger support for TD Jakes against all these modern womanists who really just hate God deep down inside, which is why they despise men. And many of these God haters are right there in the church, saying amen to the pro female sermons.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until strong, independent “I don’t need a man” women stop trying to cancel great leaders who are trying to help them embrace true femininity again, the apocalypse of good men will certainly continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Global ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’ Conference Ending After 25 Year Run | CBN News

Woman Thou Art Loosed – The Online Community for Woman Thou Art Loosed (

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SMH A Black Woman Says Black Women Are Hard to Love

Recently, a few LGBT friendly sistas have come forward with their experiences in being romantically involved with other black women. For whatever reasons they didn’t exactly specify, they said what a lot of brothas have also said, that a notable number of sistas are difficult to be in relationships with. I’m not so much interested in the woman on woman intimacy aspect of their claims. What I did find interesting with one lesbian sista’s post were the harsh comments underneath her post. I’ll read the initial post, then some of the vicious, nasty comments, a few of which were aimed at brothas (surprise, surprise) and exposed some hypocrisies that all men know all too well. A few sistas were bold enough to even say this controversy can be a good time to address some of the concerns that others have with sistas in general.

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“Every time I F*** with a black girl, they remind me of why I prefer foreign women. Black girls make it so hard to love them, it’s such a battle.”

After reading her many responses defending herself in the comment section, she clarified that she was not suggesting that she was turning to non black women, that she included foreign black women as well. But oh boy the black queens were not having it at all. They still lit her up in a way that sounds eerily similar to how they redirect and attack brothas who have said the same thing. And the fact that she is a lesbian brought out some unfriendly LGBT comments that I won’t repeat here. You can view those screenshots on our website or at the Instagram link below.

But I do want to read a few of the comments responding to her.

One of the repeated themes in the comments from angry sistas is the notion that black women are not for the weak, that those who want to step to sistas have to be able to handle them.

One sista replied “Yep, and? We ain’t for the weak!” Another said “We’re just not made for the weak.” Still another said “You just gotta have the strength to deal with them and if you don’t, then you’re weak as F.” Finally, another sista said “If we make it easy, everyone will date us. So the ones who put in the work get the prize for the long haul.” Once again, this is in line with the general assertion from women that men just have to handle a strong, independent woman. Oh boy. Here we go.

Excuse me, are we talking about handling wild animals or humans? When ranchers and cowboys train a wild horse, they do certain things to bring them under control. Men should not be expected to do that with women. This idea that women are not for the weak is actually a modern womanist attempt at being masculine. No man wants a masculine woman.

Watch the rest of the content in the video!


Onsite! on Instagram: “Woman says she prefers to date ‘foreign women’ because black women make it so hard to love them. #Clique, What are your thoughts?”

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Can Daughters From Broken Homes Distinguish Bad Boys from Gentlemen?

Before I open this discussion, for those who misunderstand generalizations, the title by no means implies that the daughters of every single mother out there don’t know how to identify and present themselves as potential wives to successful gentlemen. Ok? Good. There are always exceptions to every rule. However, we do live in a society that increasingly embraces and celebrates raising children as single mothers, particularly in the Black community.

It is generally agreed this is not a healthy trend for children for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that a large number of daughters of single mothers really have no clue what a successful gentleman is, what kind of work he does, what kind of education he attains, how much money he generally makes, or even how he styles and grooms himself.

It’s perhaps unfair to expect women who are only used to unrefined bad boys to then know how gentlemen move and think. In other words, can you really expect someone who is only used to driving 20 year old cash cars to then be able to handle a new $500k Rolls Royce? That kind of upgrade takes training.

Let’s explore this problem in detail…

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Unfortunately, many of these women from broken homes only see brokenness around them, and repeat the same broken pattern. So to encourage them to get them a high income, successful man without living that lifestyle as an example is setting them up for failure and discouragement when such men reject them.

After my divorce over 13 years ago, I had my share of post marital dates with a variety of women in various cities when I traveled for business. Many of them were in the Dallas, Houston and Austin areas. One I met in Dallas may have been about 29 or 30, I forget. She was kinda reserved, pleasant person, attractive, fit.

I took her to an Italian restaurant for lunch in an upscale shopping village near the old money part of Dallas. Although she was from Dallas, born and raised, she had never been to that expensive shopping area ever. Here I am, originally from Los Angeles, and had been to more upscale Dallas places than her. She was impressed with the place, as it had those high end stores that women love. I was styled in dressy business casual, as this was before the 2020 health crisis shut things down, and people still went into the office. She had never dated a guy dressed like me, so after our meal was eaten and we were talking, she politely asked me a peculiar question:

“I hope you don’t mind me asking,” she started, a bit nervously but politely. “Ummm, are you gay?”

I immediately busted out laughing as no one had ever asked that question. My outburst actually embarrassed her, as she looked around to see if anyone was looking. “Don’t laugh,” she said. “Why are you laughing at me?”

I chilled out with the laughter as I could see she was serious, and told her that I’m straight and have no interest in men like that. Then I asked her why would she think I was an alphabet boy? Here’s where I want all single moms, and modern women in general, to pay close attention because her reply is the reason why you have to stop glamorizing single motherhood as it is selfish to do so.

She explained that she was born in the hood, a poor section of the southern Dallas area, where all the guys she was used to were either thugs or gang members. They dressed a certain way that girls in the hood looked up to. Their moms and aunts dated guys like that. That, to her, was the definition of manhood, of masculinity. She had no other standard to measure men against. She came from a single mother headed household with no father to show her what successful men look like.

Let’s pause right there. This skewed view of what a man is, is the main reason we see this rise in single mothers, especially among sistas. At nearly 80% of all black children born to single mothers, we have to have this discussion, and immediately provide a solution because many of the 20 percent of men impregnating these women are the bad boys that many of these girls identify as true men. And some of those lost women think that successful, well styled gentlemen are gay.

I actually went from laughter to sadness as she helped me realize the gravity of the problem facing broken homes that raise children without fathers. So there I was, towards the end of the lunch date, giving her a brief crash course on gentlemen, having to explain that men who dress like me can be straight, that not all men are thugs or gang bangers. I could tell by the frustrated look on her face that she was kinda embarrassed that her understanding of men was throwed all the way off. That’s a sad state of affairs and should be alarming to single parents who glorify this lifestyle and push men away. By embracing thuggish men as the standard of a man, these women end up thinking that bad boys physically roughing them up is a normal act of love. After a few bad boy traumas, they will then assume ALL men are like this, ignoring the fact that they never knew what a gentleman was in the first place.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing and help these lost young ladies. Until modern women stop glorifying single motherhood and embrace fathers as essential for daughters to know what successful gentlemen look like, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


I Told Her I Just Got Out Of Prison On The First Date!! Gerald Huston Channel

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Statistically Speaking, Are Men Really THAT Physically Bad For Women?

An unfair, repeating theme from many modern women is that a large number of men do violent things to women. There are FBI and CDC stats that show acts of domestic violence committed by a relatively few number of men against a few women overall, when compared to the much larger general population of men and women. However, extreme modern womanists, who have a disdain for men, tend to misquote these crime stats, giving the impression that almost ALL men are bloodthirsty, mass murderers, running wild out here in these streets, killing almost every woman on sight for a number of reasons.

However, a closer look at the stats show that the numbers are very, very small. For instance, crime stats show that of all groups of women, black women are the most likely to be murdered in domestic violence crimes. But when you measure those homicides against the total number of sistas, which is about 24 million, it is still statistically very tiny, almost miniscule. On top of that, not all of those are committed by black men. Some are committed by other races, by females, or just as crossfire in robberies and other criminal acts.

But the modern womanists have painted a false narrative that ALL of those homicides are caused by brothas. A similar pattern is true for white and Hispanic men being accused by their female counterparts. Is this fair?

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In the following slideshow are some ugly quotes from sistas who slander brothas with the most hateful vitriol that not even the Klan would come up with. YouTube would have flagged these for hate speech, that’s how ugly the comments are.

But let’s just take a look at how a 2017 article from the National Public Radio skews the narrative to lead women to believe all men are dangerous to all women:

“CDC: Half Of All Female Homicide Victims Are Killed By Intimate Partners”

That’s just the headline, where they’re quoting the CDC, which is actually not a government agency like many think, but is a corporation. A sizable number of people never read an article past the headline, so if many women just looked at this sentence, they will tap into their emotional intelligence and conclude that men are just out here deleting women left and right. What this headline should have included was the fact that most women are not being deleted by most men.

Here’s an excerpt from the article that again does not provide the proper context, leaving women to conclude that men are the number one danger to women:

“More than 55 percent of the homicides were related to partner violence, and the vast majority of those were carried out by a male partner.”

Again, where’s the overall female population number? Where’s the context? This article ignores the fact that when compared to the general population of women, such homicides are statistically very small. Modern womanists are taking half baked articles like this and running wild with anti-male assumptions, especially sistas who are blaming ALL brothas for a very miniscule percentage of homicides.

The next excerpt, if the reader ever gets to it, does finally provide a better statistical context, but by now, the psychological damage to the female psyche has already been done:

“The report also found that black and indigenous women are slain, in general, at significantly higher rates than women of other races. Black women are killed at a rate of 4.4 per 100,000 people, and indigenous women at a rate of 4.3 per 100,000; every other race has a homicide rate of between 1 and 2 per 100,000.”

Of course, all homicides are terrible, and I personally condemn anyone, man or woman, who commits such a heinous crime. So yes, 4.4 sistas per 100k women is bad, but that means that over 99,995 out of 100k sistas are still among the living. That’s a 99.99% living rate! Moreover, 4.4 out of 100k is 0.000044% homicide rate, which tells me that there is not an epidemic of brothas out here running wild, killing sistas left and right. Such women have to keep mathematical perspective before unfairly blaming men for crimes they didn’t commit nor condone.

When you go to the actual FBI crime stats, instead of relying on the anti-male mainstream media summary of those same stats, the numbers show similar: that men are not these dangerous creatures out here just mass murdering women at high rates. Tragedies happen to all of us in various ways, and they are to be contained and hopefully eliminated. But to suggest that a 0.000044% deletion rate means that brothas are mass exterminating sistas is repulsive and divisive.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. As a reminder, please visit our website to read the full report on this disturbing topic and how a large number of modern womanists have twisted stats to spew egregious anger at all men, especially brothas.

Until modern women understand simple stats and stop exaggerating the small numbers to justify their horrible view of men, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


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SMH Is it REALLY All Men’s Fault They’re Lonely, Desperate for Women? Psychology Today Says So (lol)

Recently, Psychology Today journal published an article essentially blaming men for being lonely as a result of women being more selective on dating apps lol. As usual, men get blamed for everything, and this article was written by a man.

But is this true? Despite the fact that men are expected to do all the pursuing of women, paying the first date usually at pricey restaurants, courting and planning future dates, buying her birthday gifts, buying the wedding rings, and being on the hook for all the bills when living together or getting married – are men lonely because they can’t level up to highly selective women on dating apps?

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Of course, the answer is no. I think Psychology Today has missed a golden opportunity to really explore the latest trend among men to simply stop trying to please ever increasingly entitled modern women by avoiding dating altogether. More men are preferring either casual hookups or simply avoiding dating and relationships, focusing on their own interests. On this channel, we call this the Brothapocalypse.

Earlier in 2022, I did a video on why dating apps are useless to gentlemen as they are now only for giving free validation to modern women, and is a great playing field for playaz and thirsty men. So the psychology journal might be correct about the thirsty men, but playaz don’t care about becoming “emotionally” available to women and being better communicators.

Speaking of this bizarre movement by modern women to pressure men into becoming more emotionally intelligent and speaking their feelings to women more, YouTube channels like Taylor the Fiend often remind men that when women say this, they don’t really mean it. In other words, as soon as you take the bait and communicate all your feelings and emotions, modern women will tend to get bored or turned off and seek those bad boy types who are emotionally elusive and hard to read.

Every experienced gentlemen has seen this phenomenon. Society has to realize that women are emotional but men are not. That’s what makes relationships good. The things that women are good at are to complement the man, and vice versa. Men are good at building things and fixing technical stuff, especially when it comes to heavy lifting, and tasks oriented around physical strength. When you observe successful couples, the exchange of emotions and physical strength is balanced and brings them together over the years. Nothing is perfect of course, but when storms come, the couple is resilient.

Let me read a quote from the article, then comment after:

“Younger and middle-aged men are the loneliest they’ve been in generations, and it’s probably going to get worse.

“This is not my typical rosy view of relationships but a reality nonetheless. Over the last 30 years, men have become a larger portion of that growing group of long-term single people. And while you don’t actually need to be in a relationship to be happy, men typically are happier and healthier when partnered.”

Notice, this intro does not speak to the alarming increase in entitled modern woman. They expect men to come at them perfect, with above average income, physically attractive, usually taller than 6 feet. Yet those same women tend to expect men to accept all their flaws, children out of wedlock, etc. So while the author mentions more men being long term single over the last 30 years, the last 15 of those years are men voluntarily going solo because the incentive is no longer there to be that traditional man women want, when all men get in return is feminists who are not being traditional women.

Why is this so hard for Psychology Today and most modern women to understand? They claim they want men to be better at communication, yet they seem to avoid listening to our preferences. Plus a lot of modern women are poor communicators, too, often not asking us what our preferences are. They get frustrated when they don’t get their way with us. This next quote from the article shows the tone deafness of the pro modern womanist crowd:

“Relationship Standards. With so many options, it’s not surprising that women are increasingly selective. I do a live TikTok show (@abetterloveproject) and speak with hundreds of audience members every week; I hear recurring dating themes from women between the ages of 25 and 45: They prefer men who are emotionally available, who are good communicators, and who share their values.” Oh boy, they don’t get men at all…

“Skills Deficits. For men, this means a relationship skills gap that, if not addressed, will likely lead to fewer dating opportunities and longer periods of being single. There’s less patience for poor communication skills today. The problem for men is that emotional connection is the lifeblood of healthy, long-term love and it requires all the skills that families still are not consistently teaching young boys.”

As you just heard, they keep saying they want men who are emotionally available, that they ain’t got time for men with poor communication skills, yet not one time did they mention how poor at listening many modern women are. They want us to accept their nontraditional ways, but want us to be traditional men with emotions and talkative about our feelings. Lol they want men to become like them, women, which is laughable. Every time men try to explain their preferences to women, most modern women deflect, shame, and hurl insults at them. Is that this “communication” skill they want men to have? They complain, and we listen, but no reciprocity? It’s this kind of one sided rhetoric that is making the once venerable psychology journal lose its credibility with men. And it shows why so many men avoid going to these kinds of therapists who cater to women yet criticize men as if all relationship breakdowns are the fault of men while women are blameless and perfect.

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So gentlemen, don’t let chameleon articles like this deter you from your mission. Romance is a two way street, not a platform for them to whine and complain us into submission to them. Until modern women and their chameleon journal Psychology Today understand that more men are going solo by choice and NOT due to loneliness or relationship skills gap, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.

The Rise of Lonely, Single Men | Psychology Today

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How Beautiful Actresses Like Tracee Ellis Ross Stay Single SMH

Tracee Ellis Ross is actually one of my favorite actresses and I’ve liked her body of work, and her body, then and now, quite attractive. But if you’ve watched her interviews regarding her being single over the years, you have to wonder exactly why is she still single, despite the fact that, at times, she has expressed a desire to have a family with children. Yet other times, she keeps saying she is essentially not letting society pressure her into marriage.

Ummm…Why, Tracee, why?

This might be some Hollywood concept of thinking it’s perfectly ok to wait past the prime child bearing age to get married, but are we to believe she did not have plenty of opportunities to get married? Of course she did. We men in this men’s advocate side of social media know good and dog gone well that attractive women, especially those who are highly sought after, just waste their younger years on pursuing what I call the Spirit of Eve.

Why do I keep bringing up Eve? Because there was something about that forbidden tree of bad boys she just had to have, a mystery she couldn’t get out of her system until she explored all the possibilities out there somewhere. Today, the modern daughters of Eve pursue their careers, their education, AND their hot girl summers. After thousands of years of feminine evolution, this is what modern womanhood has come to, these 3 pursuits. And Tracee is not unlike them in that regard. She has had one heck of a career in Hollywood, jumping from the hit show Girlfriends to the hit show Black-ish, plus some other notable acting roles I actually liked.

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But let’s not go down that rabbit hole, just yet. Let’s examine some tiny clips that the Comedy Hype YouTube channel put together in their short video about Tracee revealing why she’s still single, links below to their video.

[play snippet at 1:15+ mark]

At around the 1:15 mark, she mentions that she would love a relationship that makes her life better than it is. But what does this mean? To many, this would sound harmless, but keep in mind she’s not exactly a young spring chicken anymore. At this point, both women and men have to express relationships in terms of what role they play in each other’s lives. In this quote, Tracee only wants HER life to be better from the relationship. Now, perhaps in her mind she meant to say it’s mutual, but the wise gentlemen never misses even the slightest Freudian slip. By her first response being focused on her needs, she is giving off the vibe that the man’s needs will be secondary, which ain’t gonna happen with successful men. When MEN measure relationships, we look at it in its totality, meaning both roles, where we’re the providers and the woman is in the supporting role. How the two work those dynamics out is between them. But to simply put out there that a relationship has to make HER life better is, by inference, selfish right off the bat.

[play snippet at 1:22+ mark]

At the 1:22 mark, Kevin Hart, the comedian who is interviewing her, asks what are her triggers when dating. Her response? When someone tries to “possess” her. “That’s not gonna happen,” she says emphatically with the head shake. Again, this will sound reasonable to some, but to astute gentlemen, naw baby girl, her entire body language plus word choice tells us that she most likely defines “possess” to mean a man in a traditional role who wants her to get on his program. Of course, for most major Hollywood actresses, that stubborn spirit of Jezebel takes over and they don’t like ANY kind of traditional gentleman, even if he is in fact kind and gentle with his leadership.

They want the best of both worlds, where the man is a real man, but gets on board with HER program. Ummm, no, Tracee, no. That’s not how real men work. If you can’t balance your career with being in a traditional role, then you will continue to wait, and wait, and wait, until at 65 or 70, you finally settle for a gentleman who is too old to bother trying to get you on his program because he just wants a companion lol.

She goes on to say that relationships are a negotiation between two people, and they have to work things out, which is actually true. However, her ego, like so many modern women, kicked in as she reminded Kevin that she is a rare breed, that because of her exceptional self, it may take a while to find a match. Oh boy. This kind of thinking is why older women stay single. Who remembers those days when older women were just happy to have a man that breathes? But now, they hold out the same patient hope of women in their 20s. Mature ladies, stop that nonsense. It is not that difficult to get on board with a good man’s program. Just get on board up front, and in time, watch how the man will want to provide for you, to see you happy, because you are doing your part very well. But modern women are too impatient for this process.

Later, Comedy Hype quotes Tracee from a previous interview where she responded to people calling her the poster child for being single, which is actually quite accurate. Her response was the typical one you would expect from a 20 year old woman. She still stubbornly insists she is living life on her own terms. Recall how Pastor TD Jakes, in his Father’s Day Sermon in 2022, mentioned that we are raising women to be men. This is one of those cases right here. Tracee will have to pick her struggle. She can’t, on the one hand, say she is living life on her own terms, but then on the other hand, wants a great relationship. I mean, who is teaching these modern women about relationships with gentlemen? They have no clue. It is a huge turn off for us to hear women say they are doing their own thing on their own terms like men do. Tracee described her stubbornness as “solidifying itself into an unbreakable, unshakeable foundation.” Translation: I’m stubborn for life and men will just have to get on board with my program when we negotiate a relationship.

Oh, how sexy that sounds, Tracee…NOT!

That’s not how men work. This is why a lot of older gentlemen often shy away from stubborn older women because they get set in their ways. Keep your day job, Tracee, cuz you ain’t getting a true gentleman until you unpack all that modern womanhood out of your mind, heart and soul.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Finally Reveals Why She’s Single – CH News:

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They Still MAD! TD Jakes and the Modern Sista Backlash Against His Father’s Day Sermon

Before I speak, here’s the infamous Father’s Day clip from TD Jakes sermon, but this time with better context as the worldly women focused only on the salacious part of his quote without the few seconds beforehand…

As you see, he was pretty balanced when you put it in context. Now, here’s a response from the infamous “blame all men cuz women are perfect” Fox Soul team, but they used only the popular clip without the full context…

As you can see, modern sistas keep regurgitating the same old tired anti brotha trope, where supposedly not one of the tens of millions of black men over 6 decades have stepped up to the plate to be fathers and husbands, and that poor little innocent sistas have had to struggle to take over as the man in their children’s lives. Oh boy, that’s not even statistically possible for a 60 year period. This false, made up notion has been debunked by experts many years ago, but modern black women don’t wanna hear that. But I digress…

It is rather interesting that a truthful and relatively harmless snippet of a sermon by TD Jakes recently has turned into something of a controversial remark that has stirred up the spirit of Jezebel among many modern sistas. Of course, these are the same church sistas who love it when pastors only speak to them of bible verses favorable to their rebellious “I don’t need a man” spirit, such as their misunderstanding of that now infamous Proverbs verse “he that finds a wife finds a good thing.” Never mind the fact that they themselves don’t feel the need to listen to the many verses that tell women to prepare themselves to be brides, or to submit to their husbands, or to be silent in church from a pastoral leadership perspective.

To them, those are the bad verses in the bible that surely was misinterpreted by the scholars hired by King James over 400 years ago. They cherry pick one percent of the bible to satisfy their inflated egos, ignoring the vast majority of the other bible books, especially those where Kings had hundreds of wives with a pecking order of favored women. They ignore the 7 churches in Revelation, which are essentially seven brides of Jesus Christ. There are even Christian feminists who attacked the Apostle Paul for daring to tell young widows to get married again to avoid becoming busy bodies as single moms. Didn’t Revelation say not to add or subtract from the Bible? Yet these church hyenas do just that.

So why am I bringing all of this up? I’m personally no fan some of TD Jakes sermons, though I am a Christian and do like some lesser known, more humble pastors who don’t need the limelight to spread the gospel. When Pastor Jakes got too cozy with the demonic Hollywood crowd, and even giving some of them the choicest VIP parking spots and other accommodations at his church campus here in Dallas, I was highly critical of that. Jesus Christ spoke on that very topic of giving preferential treatment to the famous people of this world. So I am unbiased in my support of this Father’s Day sermon.

In fact, TD Jakes indeed shocked me when he actually dared to go up against his “Woman Thou Art Loosed” institution of matriarchy and challenged sistas masculine insistence on being independent women who don’t need a man. Unlike most of the YouTube videos that played that now infamous quote of TD Jakes going in on the masculinity of modern women, I actually went back to his Father’s Day video that started it all, and found that much of his sermon was actually favorable towards mothers even though it was supposed to be a Father’s Day sermon. And yet, just like when the comedian Monique went out of her way to be nice to sistas before chastising them for wearing bonnets in public, so many sistas ignored the 90% of the sermon that was actually favorable towards them, and jumped on this one quote out of context that their dark spirits hated!

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In a future video, I will probably cover more notable black feminist reactions from man hating platforms such as Fox Soul and others who had something to say about Jakes. In this video, I want to react to exactly what Jakes said, in context. I agreed with the gist of it, with some doctrinal disagreements. He actually did a good, balanced job in discussing how every home needs balance, both father and mother, and that the Word of God started from the Father, who poured his command into the earth to finish His creation. Similarly, God created Adam to pour his seed into the Woman Eve. In other words, the man pours to create life, and the woman receives to nurture and grow life.

Long story short, women can’t pour creation into themselves. Men and women need each other. And that’s why women need to stop saying they are independent because they are working against the spiritual order of creation, as if the earth can say “I don’t need God I’m independent.” Ironically, ladies, Satan was the first one to say he didn’t need God, that he was independent, a free thinker with his own mind. He had a rebellious spirit that hated the authority of God over creation, similar to the attitude a lot of modern women have towards men today. And they wonder where all the real men are. Real men are not attracted to that rebellious, independent, hateful mindset.

They make a blanket, slanderous statement against all the many millions of good brothas from over the course of 60 years, accusing all of us of failing to be fathers and husbands, of abandoning them and their mothers before them, and that the victimized sistas had no choice but to become the man and woman of the house, which is absolutely ridiculous. And they wonder why so many of our children are confused today. They are so delusional that they really think all of the voluntary bedroom fun they had with brothas over the past 6 decades was all the men’s fault and they were harmless, perfect creatures who just happened to get pregnant lol. Dream on, deluded ones. I agree with most of Jakes Father’s Day sermon, though I thought parts of it gave women a pass and kinda sneak dissed men without calling out women who push fathers out of the lives of their kids with the help of the gynocracy based government system.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until modern women stop falsely accusing men of their own mistakes and hateful, “I don’t need a man” western attitudes, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


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