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Did Netflix’s Cleopatra Falsify History

hottin it up with 2 powerful baby daddies out of wedlock while she was still married to her brothers 👀 Mark Antony later cleaned up her mess by marrying her. Oh oh, y’all ain’t ready for that conversation.

Marques Houston: “I Just Wanna Marry a Young Fine Woman. Don’t Be Hatin’!”

Rich and famous Marques Houston only wants a beautiful feminine young wife with no baggage. What’s so wrong with that?

Naughty 1800s Married Lady Murders Rich Bad Boy Lover With Help of Her Husband

Gentlemen, ever hear modern feminists claim that married women were slaves before the 1960s? Lol well this story will expose their anti male propaganda. Watch the full video to get the full details, link below. But long story short, this low IQ chick in the early 1800s, who loved wealth, was impressed by 2 badContinue reading “Naughty 1800s Married Lady Murders Rich Bad Boy Lover With Help of Her Husband”

Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago?

Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago? Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video… Awww, just when you thought the resurrection of the love affair between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck 2.0 was so sweet and romantic after their special wedding, there is already trouble in paradise, according toContinue reading “Is JLo Making Ben Pay Big for Cheating 20 Years Ago?”

The Last Kevin Samuels ‘Left Over’ Comments Revisited

Let’s Revisit The Last Kevin Samuels ‘Left Over’ Controversy In one of his last videos, the late Kevin Samuels discussed the Chinese notion of a 35 year old, single, unmarried, childless woman being considered left over in that society. He used this as a cross reference for American woman of the same age and circumstances,Continue reading “The Last Kevin Samuels ‘Left Over’ Comments Revisited”

Businessman gets married with no prenup, a cautionary warning to naïve men

Her: One of my friend girls, two houses down, introduced me to her lawyer. It won’t be that bad. I only want 70% of the assets and keep our primary house for the kids. You can move into the condo. Child support will only be about $3,000 a month plus alimony. You can afford that.

Online dating vs regular dating in the 2020s. What’s your opinion?

We really do wanna hear from YOU because everyone has an opinion about how dating is going in the crazy 2020s. Let’s chat here, on our new YouTube channel, and our Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok pages. If you have a channel related to this topic, let’s network.

Have You Been Exploring Relationships and Marriage Beyond Online Dating Apps?

Online dating, and particularly dating apps, are useless for finding true relationships in the 2020s. In the beginning of the online dating era, people were closer to realistic about their chances at finding true love. Of course, you had some exaggerations here and there, but people were really seeking relationships. Fast forward to today, andContinue reading “Have You Been Exploring Relationships and Marriage Beyond Online Dating Apps?”

Ladies, Is Your Boyfriend Blocking Your Husband

There’s a fairly common expression among many modern women, especially “Christian” modern women, who repeat the following expression: “Is Your Boyfriend Blocking Your Future Husband?” The notion behind this expression is that a perfect woman might be dating a bad toxic man, wasting her time to the point where she never meets the “perfect man”Continue reading “Ladies, Is Your Boyfriend Blocking Your Husband”

The Will Smith Saga: When Your Own Daughter Wishes Tupac for Your Wife

And the saga is not over. With Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk coming under closer scrutiny now, her past relationship with late legendary rapper Tupac is back in the headlines because Will Smith has admitted on several occasions how he felt inadequate in his marriage because of Jada’s ongoing longing for the hip hop star. Their daughter, Willow Smith, had expressed her longing to see her and her mother happy again by penning a posthumous letter to the “Dear Mama” rapper. Given that he was dead long before she was born, we have to ask, where did she get this thought from?