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Ciara’s Prayer Requires a Skimpy Cheeky Outfit

Hallelujah, Ciara’s Prayer Requires Women to Wear This

For those modern women who worship the married singer Ciara, and prayed her prayer so you could get a single mom loving rich husband like Russell Wilson, you have one more sacrifice to do in order for God to bless you: You have to bare your backside for the public, and even show all the intimate details of your front. Once you get the public to lust after you, then the God of Heaven will shower you with blessings.

Lol yeah that sounds crazy to me too. But you’ll be surprised at how many women are coming to the defense of Ciara as she wore the most controversial, bare-it-all set of strings and lace to a Vanity Fair event recently. Her husband Russell apparently approves, but most gentlemen prefer their women to be tastefully dressed in a way that is not disrespectful,and saves the most intimate details for their bedroom.

So for you women who insist Ciara can show off her body, let’s see how many successful gentlemen you marry in the next 5 years lol.

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