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  1. We only love women who genuinely love us back unconditionally
  2. We will not get married until all the family court laws (including divorce and child support laws) are equitable and fair
  3. We reject the 90 day rule and rebuke anyone who support them
  4. We will not pay for dates with those who play games; otherwise, go Dutch or do something that is free
  5. We will not send drinks or bottles to women’s tables unless we are genuinely charitable or they are on the same page romantically
  6. We will not be shamed into paying for another man’s mistakes
  7. We will free lost men from the prison of women’s friend zones
  8. We declare that we men think and act like men, and reject society trying to shame us
  9. We reserve the right to reasonably defend ourselves against violent women intent on doing us serious harm
  10. We refuse to allow women to use our resources to give to their side men
  11. Be sure to follow our YOUTUBE Channel!
  12. We are the leaders of the household if we decide to get married (and that’s a big if)
  13. We believe child support for 18 years should be capped at the national average cost to raise a typical child. And child support should not be retroactive beyond a 12 month period, similar to how certain crimes have a statute of limitations lookback period
  14. We believe that intentional paternity fraud should be a felony punishable by whatever length of time in prison, and that women who commit this serious crime should reimburse men for all the expenses laid out for the child in accordance with #11 above
  15. We men are proud to be visual creatures first, and then consider a woman’s non visual qualities afterwards

Simpatory – Any man who violates this manifesto will be put into Simpatory (the Simp’s version of Purgatory) for 30 days. You must write on a whiteboard every day “I am a recovering simp in need of guidance. Help me enlightened brothers to denounce the ways of a simp.”

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