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SMH Independent Single Mom in 1947’s Christmas Classic ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ Thinks Men Ain’t *ish

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this special Christmas edition of our show…

As I was flipping though various Christmas specials while the smell of food was swarming through the air, I happened across this 1940s classic, Miracle on 34th Street. Many of you probably watched it at some point, perhaps without paying full attention lol. But for those too young to care, I’ll recap it. Keep in mind, this is in the 1940s, when modern women and their feminist leaders swear up and down that women were in chains, slaves to abusive traditional husbands and could not work in corporations lol. But in this movie, which resonated with the public back then, we find a divorced single mom who is a marketing executive at Macy’s Department Store in New York, yes the same Macy’s still around today.

She has her own office, her own home, her own car…I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D…oh my bad, that song popped in my head lol. This tough lady in the 1940s is known as a shrewd businesswoman. Her male peers respect her. This was before the so called women’s liberation movement of the 1960s. Oh oh, we’re exposing something right here lol. Anyway, the first Macy’s Santa Claus is an alcoholic who is embarrassing the store. So the real Santa Claus, who is dressed as a regular gentleman, walks into the store and was appalled that this drunk imposter is giving him a bad name. Long story short, he comes across the “I don’t need a man” independent career woman, the marketing executive chick, and complains to her that she should fire that Santa and let him take over.

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Like other modern women of the 2020s, she’s a shrewd, calculated businesswoman who has no times for fantasies, fairy tales or games, especially not from men. She questions this Santa Claus candidate, but because she needs a sober Santa asap, she gives him a chance. But he is so genuine and convincing that customers believe in him, including her own daughter, who she wants to raise as an independent strong woman, especially after her “trash” husband abandoned her and the daughter.

Sound familiar lol? Because she’s concerned her daughter will grow up with deceptive fantasies of men that will not be reality when she grows up, she is starting to think this new Santa Clause guy is dangerous and must be delusional. Here’s a clip from the movie…

Oh oh ladies, all you independent queens out there! As you can see, your “I don’t need a man” attitude didn’t start in the 1960s, as we’ve been trying to say on this channel. Women were in business decades before that. It’s just that back then, most women actually preferred to be traditional wives. Why is that so surprising? They had choices back then, but your propagandists don’t want you to know that.

Anyway, spoiler alert: throughout the rest of the movie, the once stern, tough, anti-male female executive would go on to not only believe in Santa Claus, along with her daughter she was trying to raise to be independent, but she sparks a romance with her male costar who was trying to get her to be more warm and not so tough on men. Men haven’t changed. We still want women to chill out and soften their hard edges.

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