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Did Netflix’s Cleopatra Falsify History

hottin it up with 2 powerful baby daddies out of wedlock while she was still married to her brothers đź‘€ Mark Antony later cleaned up her mess by marrying her. Oh oh, y’all ain’t ready for that conversation.

The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit

Oh, this isn’t a knock against dads as many studies have already shown most men want to be actively in their children’s lives. Fathers in the West particularly have the court system weaponized against them. This video, posted just days ago, does a great job exposing the propaganda mill that led up to the 1980sContinue reading “The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit”

Medieval Wives Used Deadly Divorce to Delete Husbands Legally

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video… Gentlemen, modern women want you to believe that women in history could not divorce their husbands, but that is not entirely true. Many centuries ago, in medieval Germany, if a wife hated her husband, she could petition for a divorce by fighting her husband in a sortContinue reading “Medieval Wives Used Deadly Divorce to Delete Husbands Legally”

Another Celebrity Marriage Ends in Divorce by Famous Wife

Reality TV celebrity Eva Marcille abruptly ends her 5-year marriage due to some unspecified bad thing that happened. And you know what, the reason doesn’t really matter. They got married in 2018, had 2 kids, then she just ends it all, leaving the impression that it’s his fault. The real question is: did they reallyContinue reading “Another Celebrity Marriage Ends in Divorce by Famous Wife”

Modern Women Travel to Jamaica to do WHAT? Exposing the Stella Sistahood

Is the Stella Sistahood Guilty of Underage Behavior in Jamaica? Are Women Travelers to Jamaica GUILTY of What They Accuse Passport Bros of Doing? SPECIAL REPORT: Exposing the “Stella Got Her Groove Back” Traveling Sistahood Oh boy, y’all better subscribe to our YouTube channel, Tik Tok and Instagram page as we’re about to completely blowContinue reading “Modern Women Travel to Jamaica to do WHAT? Exposing the Stella Sistahood”

Modern Women Have a China Style Social Credit System for Their Men

Before a man dates a modern woman, he is already ranked low in her social credit system, because they don’t trust men right. Let’s say they date a while, get married and have children. From this point on is where men and women often diverge. Men are used to just humming along, working and providingContinue reading “Modern Women Have a China Style Social Credit System for Their Men”

Rapper Xzibit’s Ongoing Child Support Drama Heats Up

In this Girls Behaving Badly story about the rapper, Pimp My Ride TV host and cannabis businessman Xzibit, his estranged wife Krista Joiner was not satisfied with the $6k a month he was ordered to pay her last July, over $2k of that for their 12 year old son, while the rest is temporary spousalContinue reading “Rapper Xzibit’s Ongoing Child Support Drama Heats Up”

SMH Do side chicks raise side chicks who don’t need men?

Moreover, don’t think that some married women don’t have that single chick mentality. There are some step daddies who chose to be the clean up man where the single mom he married still cheat on him. Some leave their kids with him while they go on girl nights out or girl trips as a cover for sneaking off with their side dudes. Married single chicks also breed single chicks in many cases.

Girls Behaving Badly 6. SMH Ex Wife of Billionaire Jeff Bezos Kicks Broke 2nd Husband to the Streets

Well now. It looks like city boys are all the way up again, because the ex wife of mega rich billionaire Jeff Bezos just finalized a divorce from her much less financially endowed husband after less than a dog gone year of marriage. What the heck is going on with these modern, independent boss queensContinue reading “Girls Behaving Badly 6. SMH Ex Wife of Billionaire Jeff Bezos Kicks Broke 2nd Husband to the Streets”

Top 24 Worst of the Baddest Girls Behaving Badly for 2022

Starting our list at #24 is the cruel baby mama of boxing champ Gervonta Davis who just did what a lot of vindictive modern women do: falsely accused the father of the horrendous crime of laying hands on her and their baby, had the po po and paparazzi send helicopters all over his house, the cops automatically believed her without evidence and locked him up, all because he wouldn’t let her use his dog gone truck, according to him. And this must be true because she later took back her malicious false charges. But then he said he was actually with their child while the copters were hovering over his house, if my memory serves me correctly. Are you kidding me? The reason this story did not make the top 10 is because we just got wind of it from the Pink Book Lessons channel literally as we’re in the middle of finalizing this video. And women want us to believe they can do no harm lol. Y’all are out of ya dog gone mind. This is spirit of Jezebel times 10.