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Girls Behaving Badly 4-Glorilla’s Man Juice on Fries,Derrick Jaxn’s Wife & Mistress,Cheating Wife Gets Kitty Bug,Homeless woman used to medicate and relieve men of their wealth

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest installment of our Girls Behaving Badly series…

All women who held up disgraced relationship guru Derrick Jaxn as their king are now candidates for our year end, Top 10 Girls Behaving Badly in 2022 video. Coming up in this video:

Rising female rap star Glorilla craves sticky man juice on her sandwich…Ewww

A cheating wife catches a bug in her kitty kat, then tries to cover up her sneaky deeds by slipping anti bug meds in her husband’s other daily meds

A homeless 38 yr old woman admits to setting up men to get relieved of their wallets

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This year of 2022 has been the most memorable for modern women taking major Ls. From their sick display of pleasure at the passing of our brotha Kevin Samuels, to them viciously attacking the growing movement of men leaving the country to find normal women, these girls have behaved very, very badly. We’re currently working on our list of the top 10 girls behaving badly, and this next case is in the running.

For a few years now, modern sistas have loved them some Derrick Jaxn. This is the guy who bashed men who did not worship women as goddesses and queens lol. Man, women just adored his anti male, pro female approach to empowering women to have the upper hand over their men. He even gave women tips on how to protect themselves from cheating husbands.

But then, someone named Tasha K ran a big old expose on him about a year ago that rocked his little world. Brothas who had been trying to warn sistas that Derrick was playing them were trying hard not to laugh and say “we told you so.” All year long, Derrick went into damage control mode, but a lot of women were done.

Or were they really? By late Spring and early Summer, it seems that a strong contingent of women still believed in the bulky muscular brotha – I’m sure the muscles had something to do with that lol. So it seemed that all was well in the land of Queens with their love guru King, until once again, Tasha K hit em with another one – BOOM! Not only did he keep on cheating, he chose someone whose social media posts suggests she might be a club dancer or OnlyFans entrepreneur lol. His new girl would go on to rub it in his wife’s face in a since removed post.

By now, you know the rest of the story. Both his estranged wife and his main mistress are girls behaving badly, since the wife would go on to cast a bible based spell on everyone badmouthing her marriage. Of course, that was a backfiring mistake as Derrick announced he’s seeking a divorce so he can indulge his love advice with several Instagram models, it seems. Of course, he got caught in a lie about getting a mutual divorce as his wife was still making videos in support of their marriage.

Do yo thang, brotha Derrick, just stay out the dating and relationship advice game, unless you want to create videos telling women how to avoid bad boys like you.

Our next story is that rapidly rising rap star Glorilla. She loves her some ratchet rap lyrics, but during a recent interview, it wasn’t her lyrical skill that got heads turning. Apparently, instead of mayonnaise or mustard on her sandwiches, she prefers that sticky pale colored man juice all over! Ummm…dam, Glorilla. Seriously? She’s also a candidate for our Top 10 Girls Behaving Badly list.

Along the same nasty, disgusting lines is this next story of a cheating wife smashing multiple “friends” off snap chat. Shout out to the Taylor the Fiend channel for this one. Home girl contracts a nasty communicable bug in her kitty cat. Yuck. Nasty azzzzz lol. But instead of confessing her 304 adultery, she tries to slip some meds in with his vitamins her and her husband take daily, so that no symptoms would pop up on him. See how sneaky and devious she is? Bear in mind, her husband has been suspecting she’s a 304, and even caught her with a secret stash of men in her snap chat friends list earlier. But like other serial cheating wives, she gaslit him, saying they’re just friends lol. He foolishly let it go, as long as she stopped talking to them. And did she stop? Of course not! Sadly, they have 3 kids together, and given how she was wildly smashing random dudes off snap chat, you have to wonder if those kids are his.

Finally, a kinda sad tale of a woman in her upper 30s who ends up homeless after a life of trauma led to her making poor life decisions. I truly pray she overcomes her homelessness. Shout out to the Atlanta Street Interviews channel. However, one of those bad life decisions resulted in her doing some illicit activities with men for money. At one point, she decided she needed more money than they were giving her, so she would either rob them by slipping meds in their drinks at their home or hotel, or possibly under threat of lethal means, though she wasn’t too clear about this.

Nonetheless, this is a cautionary tale to men to stop taking random women into your homes and hotel rooms if you don’t know them like that. Yes, I know there’s a trend of men who want to do first dates at home because some women are using men for expensive dinners, but you have to ask yourselves if it’s worth it to get robbed or even deleted by a female stranger.

It’s your call, gentlemen.

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