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Distinguishing a High Value Man from a Distinguished Gentleman. Why is this Hard to Understand?

Oh my, now this notion of the high value man has been quite the hot topic ever since the late Kevin Samuels popularized this rather old concept. People are still debating what it is, with the luxury channel taking a jab at it recently. Modern women have redefined high value man to pretty much mean any man who is nice to them and do what they want lol. Others are hung up on the word “value,” confusing moral value with monetary value.

As I said in a previous video, when you get your next paycheck from work, would you want to be paid in terms of moral value or monetary value?

[pause, crickets]

I rest my case. So if you expect monetary value, then why do you think a high value man has to be virtuous like a gentleman? We’re going to do a quick deep dive into the important differences between a high value man and a virtuous gentleman.

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The Netflix series “Empress” actually shows good examples of very high value men, what we now call high net worth men, and distinguished gentleman, so I advise you to watch it if you haven’t. I’ll be doing a separate video about that series as I think it has many important lessons for courtship and marriage.

A gentleman is really what modern women have in mind when they keep trying to redefine the high value man. A gentleman opens doors, protects her from threats, picks her up on dates he planned, etc. Can such a man also be high value? Yes. As I said before, not all gentlemen are high value men, and not all high value men are gentlemen.

Also, let’s not forget the high net worth man, who is usually a multimillionaire and beyond. The monetary worth of a man is separate from his moral worth, and we must not confuse the two. Many of the high net worth men who run this world system are actually pretty dark, dangerous people. They are not gentlemen at all. They are true alpha men, and that’s another concept that people misunderstand, as a true alpha person is actually kinda mean and selfish, usually narcissistic.

I’ll cover the truth about alpha and beta men in another video.

The word “value” is therefore different for gentlemen than for high value men. A gentleman with great moral values is distinct from a high value man with incomes and net worth that exceeds $100k. Pause and reflect on that, especially you modern women who use emotional intelligence to process concrete facts in rather peculiar ways lol. A gentleman who makes, say, $200k a year, is more beneficial to society than a narcissistic alpha man who makes the same. But regardless how you personally feel about them, they are both high value men.

Let’s take a look at an insurance product called key man insurance to get a better idea of how the world values men who make a lot of money, who are in the top 5 to 10% of earners.

Key Man Insurance

Besides the concept of a high net worth man, there is an insurance product called key man insurance. Those who work with high end insurance products know what this is. Understanding what this is should help people get clarity on how high value men, and high net worth men, are measured.

From comes this definition:

“Key person insurance is a life insurance policy that a company purchases on the life of an owner, a top executive, or another individual considered critical to the business… How much insurance a company needs will depend on the size and nature of the business, and the key person’s role. It’s worth asking for quotes on $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $750,000, and $1 million policies and comparing the costs of each.”

Once again, do you see any mention of the moral value of a man in any of this, as it relates to his value to his wife or girlfriend lol? Of course not. Is there mention of him being a gentleman in that statement? Imagine a key man insurance salesman trying to calculate the value of such a man based on how he makes his woman feel. That’s not how high value men are measured. Continuing from another website, let’s see how they calculate the premium:

“The simplest and most common method used to determine the value of a key executive or business owner, is the ‘multiples of income’ method. Insurance companies typically base the amount of key person insurance needed on a multiple of five to seven times the employee’s current salary compensation and benefits…For example, using a multiple of five:

$1,000,000 would be the amount of insurance needed for a key person with a salary package totaling $200,000.”

In this scenario, the high value man costs the company $200k a year. This is how companies determine the value of a man. But just an fyi, depending on the industry, the company profits several times over from what they pay you, sometimes 4 or more times value. For instance, for this $200k man, assuming he were in IT, the total value of this cost flowing to the company is at least 4 times that, or $800k. I know number this because I’m an IT executive level consultant. So the value of this man to the company is actually at least $800k, but it’s hard to quantify that for insurance purposes, especially since they can replace him if he dies. Therefore, the use 5 times in the quote earlier.

Some IT roles are 8 times the salary package in terms of value to the company. This is how you value people from a company standpoint. This is where high value man came about decades ago. Key man insurance and high net worth individuals in private client banking are derived from the same high value concept.

So stop the nonsense where people, especially some modern women, keep confusing moral values with monetary value. This world is run on money, not morals, so a high value man means a high monetary value man whose value benefits others financially. A high moral value man, on the other hand, is what we call a gentleman. Men who make over $100k a year are in the top 10% of earners, and thus they are high value despite your feelings for them. The high value man concept is a distinctly concrete, technical attribute, not based on personal feelings of a man’s morality.

It’s always nice that a high value man is a gentleman, and that goes a long way in terms of business success and relationships.

In conclusion, society desires gentlemen who make six figures vs a selfish alpha man who makes the same. But they are both still high value men. Just like high net worth billionaires are still high net worth regardless if you like them or not. Let’s use the word “gentlemen” for men of any income level who exhibits high morality value to society.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until society understands the difference between a high value man and a gentleman, the confusion and debate will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


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