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SMH! Angry Uber Driver Drops Adulterous Passengers at His Marital Home

A Nosy Uber Queen Driver Condemns 2 Adulterous Passengers to Public Humiliation, then cancels the trip and Drops Them Off at the House he shares with his wife and kids he just said goodbye to 5 minutes earlier!

My, my, my. In a world full of naughty behavior, one sin recently committed by an Uber passenger seems to have triggered the Uber driver to become judge, jury and executioner against her adulterous male customer and his plotting, scheming mistress. Without knowing the full backstory leading to what led to that fateful moment the two secret lovers entered her car, the scandalous conversation between the two backseat passengers so enraged the Uber queen that she immediately turned the car right back around and dropped both of them off in front of the man’s home he shares with his wife and kids.

Let’s check out the details that sparked controversy in the comments section from both sides of this explosive, viral cheating scandal.

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Did this Uber Queen driver project her own personal experiences with cheating onto her customer unfairly? I’ll let the queen of Uber explain, and then let you decide:


Lol now if someone judged her profanity the way she judged the supposedly cheating customer, she’d be out of all of her jobs. But notice she said “karma is a mutha f—a.” For my long time viewers, you should recognize when modern women misuse the word Karma the way she did, this is the spirit of witchcraft. The way she was so passionate about this, resorting to foul language, indicates that either she or some woman close to her, was mistreated by a Chad or Pookie they “fell in love with” back in the day. And now she is projecting her rage onto this couple in her car. Keep in mind we don’t know the facts from the couple’s standpoint, only hearsay through her word. And as expected, in the comments section, women everywhere are calling her a hero, their collective judgment just screaming through.

But my people, this is breach of contract. If this guy wanted to sue her, he may be successful, if it’s worth his time. Such women like this Uber driver need to control their emotions better than this. Just because she’s an independent contractor doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants. A business contract is a contract, regardless if you’re an employee or independent contractor. Some states consider Uber drivers de facto employees according to IRS definitions.

We can’t have people out here becoming morality cops like they have in Iran, where the country right now is being torn apart due to their morality police arresting a young lady due to her not wearing her head attire properly. She allegedly ended up passing away in custody due to a heart attack, which set off a series of events that has led to civil unrest there. Is this what we want? Last time I checked, adultery is not against the law, regardless how reprehensible we may think it is.

To this Uber queen, if your morals mean you can’t drive certain people in your car, then you need another line of work. You should have just dropped him off, then maybe put him on blast anonymously online would have been better, though it still wasn’t your business. I mean, you should have at least pulled him aside and asked him why is he cheating on his wife and let him explain.

Your actions were uncalled for.

Ok I’m done addressing her directly. What if I’m an employee, I hire this driver, get in her backseat and start talking to the boss, telling him that I’m on my way to work, but in actuality, I’m having the uber driver drop me off at the beach? At this point, I’m lying to the boss. Would my deception be grounds for her to drop me back off at my workplace? What if I were a Christian, praying in the backseat on my way to church, but she doesn’t like Christians. Does she have the right to cancel the ride? If she cancels, could I not sue for breach of contract or discrimination?

Going back to this cheating Uber passenger, Is he wrong for leading his mistress to think he will leave his wife for her? Yes. But neither you nor I know this man personally, and what dynamics are at play in his marriage. Modern women are so quick to run with their emotions and hold the jilted wife blameless and villainize the man, but what if she told him she no longer wants to have sex in their marriage, that she just wants to focus on raising the kids? Believe it or not, there are many men suffering in sexless marriages.

What if the husband told the wife about the mistress, and she is ok with it, but the mistress is still impatient? That’s probably why he allegedly told her let’s talk about it later. There are many guys in this situation too. What if the wife had cheated earlier in their marriage, she begged him for forgiveness, and after some counseling, he decided to forgive her, but then years later, regretted it as he couldn’t get the thought of his wife cheating on him out of his mind?

There are so many angles here, and that’s why it’s important for Uber drivers not to become busy bodies and act out of emotional projection, and breach ride sharing contracts based on assumptions. As long as the passengers are not physically or verbally abusive towards the driver, the contract is enforceable.

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