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The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit

Oh, this isn’t a knock against dads as many studies have already shown most men want to be actively in their children’s lives. Fathers in the West particularly have the court system weaponized against them. This video, posted just days ago, does a great job exposing the propaganda mill that led up to the 1980sContinue reading “The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit”

Ciara’s Prayer Requires a Skimpy Cheeky Outfit

Hallelujah, Ciara’s Prayer Requires Women to Wear This For those modern women who worship the married singer Ciara, and prayed her prayer so you could get a single mom loving rich husband like Russell Wilson, you have one more sacrifice to do in order for God to bless you: You have to bare your backsideContinue reading “Ciara’s Prayer Requires a Skimpy Cheeky Outfit”

Distinguishing a High Value Man from a Distinguished Gentleman. Why is this Hard to Understand?

The word “value” is therefore different for gentlemen than for high value men. A gentleman with great moral values is distinct from a high value man with incomes and net worth that exceeds $100k. Pause and reflect on that, especially you modern women who use emotional intelligence to process concrete facts in rather peculiar ways lol. A gentleman who makes, say, $200k a year, is more beneficial to society than a narcissistic alpha man who makes the same. But regardless how you personally feel about them, they are both high value men.

Businessman gets married with no prenup, a cautionary warning to naïve men

Her: One of my friend girls, two houses down, introduced me to her lawyer. It won’t be that bad. I only want 70% of the assets and keep our primary house for the kids. You can move into the condo. Child support will only be about $3,000 a month plus alimony. You can afford that.

Online dating vs regular dating in the 2020s. What’s your opinion?

We really do wanna hear from YOU because everyone has an opinion about how dating is going in the crazy 2020s. Let’s chat here, on our new YouTube channel, and our Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok pages. If you have a channel related to this topic, let’s network.

Married with Child One Day, She Disappears the Next

Marriage in the 2020s is like playing Russian roulette with a 6 chamber revolver, with 3 bullets loaded 🙄 Tread carefully gentlemen. This video from MTR YouTube channel highlights the story of a Japanese millionaire in California who was married for 2 years with a woman who had his child. Then suddenly, with no warningContinue reading “Married with Child One Day, She Disappears the Next”

The Will Smith Saga: When Your Own Daughter Wishes Tupac for Your Wife

And the saga is not over. With Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk coming under closer scrutiny now, her past relationship with late legendary rapper Tupac is back in the headlines because Will Smith has admitted on several occasions how he felt inadequate in his marriage because of Jada’s ongoing longing for the hip hop star. Their daughter, Willow Smith, had expressed her longing to see her and her mother happy again by penning a posthumous letter to the “Dear Mama” rapper. Given that he was dead long before she was born, we have to ask, where did she get this thought from?

Yet Another Reason Men Are Done w/Relationships in 2022

This year of 2022 is the year of flipping the script on modern womanism and exposing the dark side of accountability and ego on the part of many women. In this video from the Aba and Preach YouTube channel, a vindictive, egotistical, “queen diva” mother is interfering in the custody of the father in theContinue reading “Yet Another Reason Men Are Done w/Relationships in 2022”

Let’s Bring Good Men Back to the Social Scene

Gentlemen, how’s your break from the social scene and commitments coming along? Have you been improving your fitness and style? Hopefully you’ve been using the free time and savings on achieving your goals. And ladies, are you finally ready to REALLY understand what’s in the minds of these men so that you can happily buildContinue reading “Let’s Bring Good Men Back to the Social Scene”

Younger Girlfriend Upset Her Jobless Older Guy Won’t Buy

There’s this show on ETOnline called 90 Day Fiance where a 51 year old automotive engineering guy met a 34 year old Panamanian woman, who is a teacher, on an international dating site. He flew to her to meet her, blue pills in his luggage, and was hoping to return to Michigan an engaged man.Continue reading “Younger Girlfriend Upset Her Jobless Older Guy Won’t Buy”