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Modern Women Use the ‘I Require’ Mantra Spell to Lure Their Future Husband

Ok, gentlemen. Pay close attention because what you’re about to hear is a form of casting spells for love called the ‘I Require’ Mantra. Ironically, modern women who call themselves good church girls are mixing new age concepts from Hindu and Buddhism and calling it Affirmations and Mantra. This is how they get many ofContinue reading “Modern Women Use the ‘I Require’ Mantra Spell to Lure Their Future Husband”

Gentlemen Don’t Be Weak Husbands Like Jezebel’s King Ahab

The marriage between Jezebel and Ahab was arranged for political convenience, so Ahab had no say in it, and Jezebel didn’t have to do any work to make herself wife material, other than to be born into Gentile royalty. Thus, she brought all her pagan practices like astrology (that so many Christian feminists do today)Continue reading “Gentlemen Don’t Be Weak Husbands Like Jezebel’s King Ahab”

Beware These 3 Foul Feminine Spirits, Gentlemen

Gentlemen, we all know that too many modern women have no clue who we are. They think that we are only physical, and thus they think we’re shallow. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, there are still a few men out there who overly worship the physical attributes of a beautiful woman toContinue reading “Beware These 3 Foul Feminine Spirits, Gentlemen”