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Solo for the holidays like Christmas and New Years? Here’s how I handled being solo since divorce

Many of us men who are alone do shed tears at times when thinking of children not with us like they used to be. We wonder if they forgot about us once the court decides to make us weekend dads through no fault of our own. Despite what a lot of women think, most of us don’t bottle up our emotions to avoid crying. We just don’t express sad emotions the way women do. I had both my parents in my life during my normal childhood and not one time did my dad, uncles, grandfathers or any male relative or friend tell me I shouldn’t show emotions or cry.

Merry Christmas to All the Dads – Married, Divorced, and Single!

We hope you are enjoying the day if you happen to celebrate it! Hopefully your children appreciate the importance of the father in providing the framework for the holiday celebration. It sometimes escapes society how important we are in providing the perfect physical and spiritual balance to the lives of our children. For all theContinue reading “Merry Christmas to All the Dads – Married, Divorced, and Single!”