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Medieval Wives Used Deadly Divorce to Delete Husbands Legally

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video… Gentlemen, modern women want you to believe that women in history could not divorce their husbands, but that is not entirely true. Many centuries ago, in medieval Germany, if a wife hated her husband, she could petition for a divorce by fighting her husband in a sortContinue reading “Medieval Wives Used Deadly Divorce to Delete Husbands Legally”

Solo for the holidays like Christmas and New Years? Here’s how I handled being solo since divorce

Many of us men who are alone do shed tears at times when thinking of children not with us like they used to be. We wonder if they forgot about us once the court decides to make us weekend dads through no fault of our own. Despite what a lot of women think, most of us don’t bottle up our emotions to avoid crying. We just don’t express sad emotions the way women do. I had both my parents in my life during my normal childhood and not one time did my dad, uncles, grandfathers or any male relative or friend tell me I shouldn’t show emotions or cry.

Toxic Relationships: Shape Magazine Gives Women Vague Advice

Shape Magazine recently published a dating article titled “7 Signs That You Might Be In a Toxic Relationship.” Already, right off the bat, you can see the glaring problem: Using the vague, poorly defined word “toxic.” This word is so misused by so many modern women that it has become meaningless to men. Toxic isContinue reading “Toxic Relationships: Shape Magazine Gives Women Vague Advice”

Gentleman, Some Grooming Tips to Fight Musty Bodies

Yes, guys, some of us never learned how to properly groom the masculine machine that we are, to transition our bodies from being a roughneck hoodrat to an esteemed, well styled gentleman. You can’t go around high-end executives and high value women stankin’ like day old street basketball sweat and funk dipped in vinegar and stale fish.

Gentlemen, Do These Exercises to Boost Your Performance in the Bedroom

What good is it to be a high income man, attracting the attention of all these beautiful women, if your body is out of shape and can’t please her in the bedroom? In a previous video, I described my diet and exercise routine that focuses on one main meal a day and cardio exercises. InContinue reading “Gentlemen, Do These Exercises to Boost Your Performance in the Bedroom”

Is Your Body Ready for Summer? A Gentleman’s Approach to a Better Physique

Memorial Day weekend kicked off the summer season where gentlemen will venture off to some distant far off land with their wives, girlfriends and side chicks. And what better time than now to try to trim some extra pounds off the belly. It’s not fair that we expect our women to be fit, but we’reContinue reading “Is Your Body Ready for Summer? A Gentleman’s Approach to a Better Physique”

The Last Kevin Samuels ‘Left Over’ Comments Revisited

Let’s Revisit The Last Kevin Samuels ‘Left Over’ Controversy In one of his last videos, the late Kevin Samuels discussed the Chinese notion of a 35 year old, single, unmarried, childless woman being considered left over in that society. He used this as a cross reference for American woman of the same age and circumstances,Continue reading “The Last Kevin Samuels ‘Left Over’ Comments Revisited”

Gentlemen, Beware the Extreme Black Widow Chick

Such women have an intense hatred and disrespect of men, yet their beauty can blind some unsuspecting men into enduring the abuse.

Online dating vs regular dating in the 2020s. What’s your opinion?

We really do wanna hear from YOU because everyone has an opinion about how dating is going in the crazy 2020s. Let’s chat here, on our new YouTube channel, and our Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok pages. If you have a channel related to this topic, let’s network.

Can Married Career Women Be Happy with a House Husband?

Balancing a happy family life with a successful career that is taking off can be quite challenging. As the career wife rises higher and higher up the corporate ladder, can she be truly happy with a husband making less and staying at home more with the children? This is the tale of such as case,Continue reading “Can Married Career Women Be Happy with a House Husband?”