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Modern Women Travel to Jamaica to do WHAT? Exposing the Stella Sistahood

Is the Stella Sistahood Guilty of Underage Behavior in Jamaica? Are Women Travelers to Jamaica GUILTY of What They Accuse Passport Bros of Doing? SPECIAL REPORT: Exposing the “Stella Got Her Groove Back” Traveling Sistahood Oh boy, y’all better subscribe to our YouTube channel, Tik Tok and Instagram page as we’re about to completely blowContinue reading “Modern Women Travel to Jamaica to do WHAT? Exposing the Stella Sistahood”

SMH! Why Modern Women Are Intimidated by Passport Men

Gentlemen, let your passports be the freedom from the curse of western modern womanism. Go forth and multiply, populating the earth responsibly, ideally in marriage lol

Do Today’s Nightclubs Benefit Men Anymore?

With median incomes lower than men, clubs are now filled with women who don’t want to buy their own drinks, yet don’t see any men buying them drinks anymore, much less poppin’ bottles. Women have taken men for granted so long that they expect men to buy them drinks at clubs just because they look cute, just for making an appearance. Women feel that since they spend so much money on makeup and clothes, and all that time to get ready to go out, that men should just automatically worship them and buy them whatever they want. They think men should be honored to spend $15 or more for their drink because men are beneath them.

Why, ladies, why?

Online dating vs regular dating in the 2020s. What’s your opinion?

We really do wanna hear from YOU because everyone has an opinion about how dating is going in the crazy 2020s. Let’s chat here, on our new YouTube channel, and our Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok pages. If you have a channel related to this topic, let’s network.

Have You Been Exploring Relationships and Marriage Beyond Online Dating Apps?

Online dating, and particularly dating apps, are useless for finding true relationships in the 2020s. In the beginning of the online dating era, people were closer to realistic about their chances at finding true love. Of course, you had some exaggerations here and there, but people were really seeking relationships. Fast forward to today, andContinue reading “Have You Been Exploring Relationships and Marriage Beyond Online Dating Apps?”

Doja Cat’s Father – Do You REALLY Know the TRUTH?

But going back to the split, here’s something most modern women fail to understand about men: We have to be able to take care of our family. That’s how we’re built. Could it be that, given how tough it was for him to try to break into the American entertainment industry, he felt it best to take his family to South African with him, where he had a better shot at making enough money to take care of his woman and their daughters? Yeah, see, the spirit of Jezebel overlooks these important concepts. Perhaps the mother, who’s graphic art career was doing presumably well, did not simply want to go to Africa. And hey, that’s ok. She is an American born Jewish woman, ya know.

Let’s Bring Good Men Back to the Social Scene

Gentlemen, how’s your break from the social scene and commitments coming along? Have you been improving your fitness and style? Hopefully you’ve been using the free time and savings on achieving your goals. And ladies, are you finally ready to REALLY understand what’s in the minds of these men so that you can happily buildContinue reading “Let’s Bring Good Men Back to the Social Scene”

Does a Man Fly a Woman to His City Just to Shake Hands?

In the YouTube video below, popular rap group City Girls gave dating lifestyle coach Kendra G some dating advice about men who want to meet women out of town. Kendra said she prefers to buy her own plane ticket because she doesn’t know the guy and doesn’t want to be pressured into doing anything sheContinue reading “Does a Man Fly a Woman to His City Just to Shake Hands?”