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The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit

Oh, this isn’t a knock against dads as many studies have already shown most men want to be actively in their children’s lives. Fathers in the West particularly have the court system weaponized against them. This video, posted just days ago, does a great job exposing the propaganda mill that led up to the 1980sContinue reading “The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit”

Another Celebrity Marriage Ends in Divorce by Famous Wife

Reality TV celebrity Eva Marcille abruptly ends her 5-year marriage due to some unspecified bad thing that happened. And you know what, the reason doesn’t really matter. They got married in 2018, had 2 kids, then she just ends it all, leaving the impression that it’s his fault. The real question is: did they reallyContinue reading “Another Celebrity Marriage Ends in Divorce by Famous Wife”

Rapper Xzibit’s Ongoing Child Support Drama Heats Up

In this Girls Behaving Badly story about the rapper, Pimp My Ride TV host and cannabis businessman Xzibit, his estranged wife Krista Joiner was not satisfied with the $6k a month he was ordered to pay her last July, over $2k of that for their 12 year old son, while the rest is temporary spousalContinue reading “Rapper Xzibit’s Ongoing Child Support Drama Heats Up”

Top 24 Worst of the Baddest Girls Behaving Badly for 2022

Starting our list at #24 is the cruel baby mama of boxing champ Gervonta Davis who just did what a lot of vindictive modern women do: falsely accused the father of the horrendous crime of laying hands on her and their baby, had the po po and paparazzi send helicopters all over his house, the cops automatically believed her without evidence and locked him up, all because he wouldn’t let her use his dog gone truck, according to him. And this must be true because she later took back her malicious false charges. But then he said he was actually with their child while the copters were hovering over his house, if my memory serves me correctly. Are you kidding me? The reason this story did not make the top 10 is because we just got wind of it from the Pink Book Lessons channel literally as we’re in the middle of finalizing this video. And women want us to believe they can do no harm lol. Y’all are out of ya dog gone mind. This is spirit of Jezebel times 10.

Girls Behaving Badly: Calling Off Work to Get Piped Down, Calling Cops on Little Boys, Emptying Husband’s Accounts, Georgia Sistahood Talking Down to Brothas

…this story from Daily Dot talks about a female restaurant server calling her female boss so she can come to work later than usual. Let’s see, did she have daycare issues? Nope. Car problems? Nope. Was she ill? Nah none of that. Her only excuse, and she was blunt, was that she was horny and was about to get laid to satisfy that craving. Lol oh boy. Now you would think she’d get fired for forcing co workers to have to cover for her indecent proposal, but nope. Her boss appreciated her honesty and granted her request. Welcome to the workplace of the 2020s.

How to Avoid Cheaters by Not Being a Lazy Dater On the First Meeting

Ok so now you have the anatomy of the failed dating approach that modern women fall for, because of their Hollywood romance programming. Let’s see if you learned enough from this one to tell where this next lady goes wrong…

Viral Baby Mama Hoax Update: The Ratchet Theater Presents ‘Hoodwives of McDonald’s’

If you have one child with a baby mama who has several children by other baby daddies, should you be obligated to buy food, school clothes and Christmas gifts for all of her other children, even if those other baby daddies are deadbeat dads?

The Roe v Wade Kryptonite

Oh boy, this Roe vs Wade Supreme Court case being overturned has created quite the stir. Now you have the usual Hollywood nut jobs coming out the woodworks, forcing the public to endure their psychobabble about why guns have more rights than women. How on earth you equate an inanimate object to a human beingContinue reading “The Roe v Wade Kryptonite”

About Father’s Day – We Won’t Be Disrespected

In a world that runs on “Man” power, from engineering infrastructure to advancements in technology, you would think modern women would have enough wisdom to at least call a truce on Father’s Day and either be silent or, out of respect, say thank you. But nope. They can’t even do that. Even countries at warContinue reading “About Father’s Day – We Won’t Be Disrespected”

Businessman gets married with no prenup, a cautionary warning to naïve men

Her: One of my friend girls, two houses down, introduced me to her lawyer. It won’t be that bad. I only want 70% of the assets and keep our primary house for the kids. You can move into the condo. Child support will only be about $3,000 a month plus alimony. You can afford that.