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She Expects Men to Contact Her First. Should Successful Guys Obey This?

Recently, rapper Rubi Rose told women that men are supposed to pursue. She never contacts men first unless it’s her man. “Am I childish or that’s how it’s supposed to be” she asks?

I’ll answer. Ladies, this is the modern woman’s trap. You expect equality on one hand, but have all these exceptions on the other hand, wanting men to be traditional. Can’t have it both ways, city girls lol. You want traditional men? You gotta be traditional. Rubi, like a lot of women, is just a modern city girl. If you’re strong and independent, you better text that man.

Besides that, Rubi can get away with this more than most woman cuz she’s young and attractive, and is kinda famous. Her DMs are full right now. But for the rest of you ladies, don’t do this. Don’t act like a guy making $200k a year will flag you down in a Popeye’s chicken parking lot.

This is why so many modern women don’t get the confident successful men they think they deserve 👀 They get pursued by the broke Pookies who eagerly thirst after them, while the top tier men pick among those women who put themselves in position to be chose by them. Women who become wives of successful men move different than women like this who have no clue about how to position themselves for great men.

Part 2 – Follow Up to First Video Above

Got some interesting messages from the Rubi Rose video. Wanted to follow up. It’s natural for men to pursue women. I’m old school. Know all about that. The PROBLEM is when women expect successful men to pursue them when he already has women around him.

For example. I’m a high income, fit, groomed, reasonably attractive gentleman. Do I pursue women? Yes. I have a few attractive women already in my circle. If I exchange numbers with a woman who finds me attractive, do I HAVE to pursue her asap? Not right away. I might be legitimately busy between work/business interests and hanging out with women already in my circle. Or if I just happen to be free within 24 hours, I would hit her up. Why is this so hard to understand? That’s what happens with highly sought after, successful gentlemen that most women seek.

Say I’m at an upscale restaurant bar. Chatting with the bartender about an upcoming trip overseas. An attractive lady nearby hears me. She knows the bartender so she chimes in because she has a trip to the same country.

We both talk directly. Find more common interests. Mutual attraction. Exchange numbers. Notice no one pursued anyone. It was an organic, natural conversation. Being grown folks, we both have people we’re messing with. She notices from my demeanor I’m successful. The guys she’s dealing with earn less than her, are less accomplished, so she wants to prioritize me asap.

For me, I don’t care so much about my women’s income, nor does the new lady’s income and success matter like the success of the men SHE deals with matters to her. My lady friends and I are just casual, no major financial expectation on my side, but the ladies in my circle like the fact I have my financials in order. So, why should I prioritize and pursue the nice lady I just met? If she wants to prioritize me over her less accomplished guys, and since we already exchanged numbers, I’m ok if she contacts first. Or she can wait till I eventually contact her.

Why is this so hard for people? This part will still throw a lot of modern women off because they think they are the only ones deserving of a guy like me and thus there is no other woman just like her…in her mind! They NEVER look at this from the man’s point of view.

As a busy businessman, I’m not that pressed to contact the new lady asap. If she wants to move things more quickly, she can text and say “hey, did you forget about me? Lol.” I’ve had this happen before. It works. Those ladies who refuse to do this will miss out on a successful guy due to their ego. Comment below if you disagree. Like share subscribe.


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