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Did Netflix’s Cleopatra Falsify History

I watched the new Cleopatra series on Netflix. Impressive work. I’m a big ancient history fan, so I was already gonna watch it. Good job, Jada Pinkett Smith.

However lol. Just like some Egyptologists whitewash Cleopatra to be a lily white European queen—I’m pretty sure after being in Egypt 300 years, other races intermingled, though the white washers wanted her “white” because Greek culture back then was still revered in Rome—so the feminist historians narrating this documentary tried to goddess wash her, painting her as perfect alongside a drunk, depressed, blundering Mark Antony.

Ummm, that’s nonsense. She picked him.

As smart and powerful as she was, Cleopatra basically slept her way to world power, thottin it up with 2 powerful baby daddies out of wedlock while she was still married to her brothers 👀 Mark Antony later cleaned up her mess by marrying her. Oh oh, y’all ain’t ready for that conversation lol.

Gotta give Cleopatra credit for getting in the mix between 3 of the most powerful men in history:  her 2 married baby daddies, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, and her fatal arch enemy Octavian, ruler of western Rome, who became the great Augustus Caesar. Ladies, if you’re going to pick baby daddies, this is how you do it lol. Y’all be loving some broke Pookies.

But fast forward to the big battle that turned Rome into the greatest empire of the ancient world: The Battle of Actium.

The real reason Mark Antony failed? Cleopatra bailed out when she saw he was getting his azzzz whooped by Octavian. It all started because she convinced baby daddy #2, Mark, to declare her son by baby daddy #1, Julius Caesar, the rightful heir to the Roman throne. And Mark’s simp azzz did that lol. Of course, that pissed off Octavian because Octavian already declared himself the heir. Then Mark made things worse by divorcing Octavian’s sisters to have more babies with Cleopatra. 

All that drama made Octavian furious. So he rushed to whoop their azz, and Cleopatra egged Mark on to fight back. Mark had his ships up front while Cleopatra’s ships were behind. If Mark had troubles, Plan B was for Cleopatra to finish off Octavian. Some historians said this plan might have worked, but oh no, Cleopatra was having none of that. She deserted Mark lol.

The Jada team made her seem like she HAD to bail out on Mark to protect her babies, her bag and Egypt, but come on. She knew what the stakes were BEFORE she and Mark made the plan, so she should have stayed the course with courage. Real men don’t quit lol.

Ladies who worship Cleopatra, what are your thoughts? Fellas comment below.


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