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The Prison Industrial Complex Needs ‘Deadbeat Dads’ to Profit

Oh, this isn’t a knock against dads as many studies have already shown most men want to be actively in their children’s lives. Fathers in the West particularly have the court system weaponized against them. This video, posted just days ago, does a great job exposing the propaganda mill that led up to the 1980s and 90s legislation that absolutely criminalized fathers, stacking the deck in favor of mothers seeking that child support dollar.

The late 1980s CBS News video, showing the so called “Timothy McSeed” character (why didn’t we catch that obvious last name before?) portraying an irresponsible black father creating a bunch of baby mamas, was actually a hit piece against brothas in particular, and also men in general. It was used to expand child support laws against men, just in time for the post Clinton and Biden rise of the 1990s prison industrial complex that further destroyed black families specifically (and now used to destroy other non black families today). Not only does the state governments profit directly from child support, their prison corporation buddies profit from the slave labor of fathers who they easily throw in jail for the slighted infraction against their ridiculous laws.

Do watch the video as they do a great job exposing the ongoing anti-father psyop being done in the West to emasculate and impoverish men. This is the kind of expose that makes you want to go your own way or find women in common sense countries that don’t penalize men for having a penis.


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