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Another Celebrity Marriage Ends in Divorce by Famous Wife

Reality TV celebrity Eva Marcille abruptly ends her 5-year marriage due to some unspecified bad thing that happened. And you know what, the reason doesn’t really matter. They got married in 2018, had 2 kids, then she just ends it all, leaving the impression that it’s his fault.

The real question is: did they really know each other at all? I give her credit for at least agreeing to an equitable split of the marital property, but she still wants child support from him, forcing him to be a weekend dad. And women wonder why men just don’t wanna get married anymore. For any reason, at any time, the man gets reduced to a child support paying weekend dad, regardless if it’s his fault or not. What are your thoughts? Chime in below, and don’t forget to Like the video.

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