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Rapper Xzibit’s Ongoing Child Support Drama Heats Up

In this Girls Behaving Badly story about the rapper, Pimp My Ride TV host and cannabis businessman Xzibit, his estranged wife Krista Joiner was not satisfied with the $6k a month he was ordered to pay her last July, over $2k of that for their 12 year old son, while the rest is temporary spousal support. He also had to pay her nearly $6k in arrears. He hasn’t been doing big stuff in music or TV in years. So be it.

But she then asked the judge to make Xzibit pay a whopping $50k so she can hire a professional pocket watcher to find more of his money! The judge gave her that plus $125k in court and legal costs. Keep in mind it was her who filed for divorce. Surprise surprise. But her accountant said he makes much more, and now she wants $14k a month. This is why the apocalypse of good men continues.

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