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Modern Women Have a China Style Social Credit System for Their Men

Before a man dates a modern woman, he is already ranked low in her social credit system, because they don’t trust men right. Let’s say they date a while, get married and have children. From this point on is where men and women often diverge.

Men are used to just humming along, working and providing for the family. If problems come up, he’s ready to make things right and keep it moving. Generally, most men don’t hold grudges or dwell on problems.

This is not true for modern women. If a problem comes up, she may make you think things are ok, but in her mind, she’s updating your social credit score. Maintain a good score, she might tolerate you. But once you go past that threshold, she’s gonna make secret plans to either replace you or divorce you. If you bore her, that’s one point off. If you don’t help her with chores after working your 10 hour day, that’s another point. You forgot her birthday after workin 80 hours? Another point. You don’t like her new flirty work husband? Didn’t take her on a date the way she wanted? Bought her a gift she thought was cheap?

Then BAM! You come home from work and the house is empty. Divorce papers on the kitchen counter. Thus the apocalypse of good men continues…


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