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The Golden Era of Simp Dating is Over for Modern Women

Remember the good old days, ladies, when you could trash men and yet still be entitled to them picking you up for dates, paying for the dates for weeks at a time until you decide to get intimate and serious. He keeps paying for these dates, getting absolutely nothing in return much of the time, and then you expect him to propose marriage at some point with an expensive ring.

Yeah, for many women, this Disney fantasy has already dried up, but some women are still getting this treatment as if it’s normal. This, too, is slowly drying up, ladies. 2023 is the year that one sided dating is over, especially with a historic recession looming. The decline of simp dating will rapidly accelerate this year, as the feminist delusion in America and the west has reached insane levels of preposterousness. The ghost of modern woman winters is upon us. Prepare, ladies, as you ain’t seen nothing yet. God speed, lol…


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