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SMH Do side chicks raise side chicks who don’t need men?

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest installment of our Girls Behaving Badly series…

Do side chicks raise side chicks who don’t need men or take advice from men about what men want?

In this viral Tik Tok video that was reposted on a popular Instagram page, an attractive young sista, who was unintentionally missing an eyelash, goes off in a viral response video criticizing those modern sistas who called her a pick me in her original video simply because she was trying to bring attention to a very real problem in our community: the prevalence of I don’t need a man women and single moms who were raised by moms who were side chicks. Let’s hear her full response, and be warned, it is profanity laden, and then I’ll come back afterwards:

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While her words were profanity laced and very passionate, I think we all know exactly what she’s talking about. But if you read the comments, oh boy did the sistahood go all the way off on this young lady. But many men and a sizable number of women defended her, saying a lot of the women who criticized her are probably the ones she’s talking about. Others said the comments against her are just another example of modern women not being accountable.

Still others said they would like to agree with her but her delivery was bad. Lol shaking my head. Why do so many modern women hate the delivery of a critical, important message addressing a community wide emergency? They said the same dog gone thing about Kevin Samuels. Out of fairness, some of those who didn’t like her delivery said she should have provided some examples. A few responded that she already provided examples in her original video, but nonetheless, it’s always a good communication strategy to either emphasize that the viewer can refer to the original video or at least provide one quick example. However, they’re grown enough to know that the rise of single mama culture is destroying our community and is starting to rise in other groups such as white women in America. So demanding a perfect, polished presentation from everyone is deflection and silly. Here’s why.

Let’s say a house is on fire, and I yell “Get out! The roof, the roof, the roof is one fire! Run mutha f’er run!” Will you get mad because my presentation was harsh lol? Of course not! Ladies, stop being silly, then. For so many decades now, we have gotten so used to have 70-80 percent of our children being born to single moms that we think it’s normal and simply ignore the absolute devastation to the future of so many children.

And no, not all of those are from fathers who abandon their children. Some are, but most are due to women who push men away for one reason or another. Today, it has become trendy to purposely be single moms because modern women in the 2020s say “I don’t need a man! I’m strong and independent.” This is side chick behavior whether you admit it or not.

Moreover, don’t think that some married women don’t have that single chick mentality. There are some step daddies who chose to be the clean up man where the single mom he married still cheat on him. Some leave their kids with him while they go on girl nights out or girl trips as a cover for sneaking off with their side dudes. Married single chicks also breed single chicks in many cases.

Before I wrap up, I’ll let our new boss queen speak some facts about the lifelong problems our community has suffered due to the prevalence of single mother hood, not to say any specific single mom is a bad person, but at the community level, the devastation is real and women need to talk to each other about it, not always in a nice way:

Quote, “Families headed by single mothers are among the poorest households, more than a third lived in poverty, and as such, are extremely vulnerable to homelessness.

Among all homeless families nationwide, about two thirds (60%) were headed by single women with children — representing 21% of the total homeless population; nearly half were African Americans (49%).

There are 300% more single mother led families today compared to 1960. 86% of single parent families are headed by single moms. 22 million children are being raised by single parents. Two thirds of single moms are subject to poverty, receiving free or reduced price meals for their children. This isn’t just a American problem. Unquote.

Do me a favor, please like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until more modern women stop pretending single motherhood is a desired social status, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


The reposted Tik Tok that started it all:

Onsite! (@its_onsite) • Instagram photos and videos

Single Mother Statistics (UPDATED 2022) (

Single Mother Statistics – The Life of a Single Mom

 YouTube Channel:


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