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Girls Behaving Badly 5. France’s Freaky 1st Lady Macron Wants Man Hot Dog Design for Notre Dame Cathedral

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest installment of our Girls Behaving Badly series…

The freaky first lady of France, Brigitte Macro, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, was quoted as wanting to redesign part of the partially burned Notre Dame cathedral to resemble golden man marbles, if you know what I mean by marbles. And many modern women claim that men think about that kind of freaky stuff more than they do.

In a memoir recently written by former culture minister Roselyne Bachelot, called the Hypocrites’ Ball, according to R T dot com, quote:

Just a few days after President Emmanuel Macron’s administration allegedly lambasted her decision to have the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral spire rebuilt as a replica of the old one, Bachelot was out at lunch with the president’s wife when the First Lady showed her “a project topped with a sort of erect phallus with its base surrounded with golden balls,” the book reveals. Unquote.

Keep in mind, this ain’t men talking about desecrating an ancient, well known church with unspeakable man parts. This is one lady talking to another at lunch. In America, this would be over brunch.

The famed church is scheduled to reopen in 2024. Let’s hope the X rated version that the first modern lady of France desired does not appear on top of the church.

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Macron’s wife wanted ‘phallus and golden balls’ for Notre Dame – ex-minister — RT World News

Brigitte Macron backed a ‘phallus with golden balls’ as the new spire for Notre Dame cathedral | Daily Mail Online

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