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Girls Behaving Badly AGAIN,Brothas Got “Demons of Misinformation” lol PLUS Vivica Vs Kanye, Mansion

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest video edition of Girls Behaving Badly…

My, my, my, gentlemen. In this year of 2022, we have seen some very bad, bad girls behaving badly when it comes to their misunderstanding of who and what men are. In a few weeks, God willing, I will put together my list of the Worst of the Girls Behaving Badly in 2022. They took a lot of Ls this year and they don’t care. So 2023 should be even more bad.

The first of 3 in this video is a far left wing liberal Democratic sista with some meat on her bones who stood in the pulpit like a pastor, despite the Apostle Paul saying why he did not permit women to speak in the church like a pastor. But I digress. Her hellbent tongue actually had the nerve to say that those brothas in Georgia who preferred a Black male democratic politician over Stacey Abrams, the feminist far left wing Democratic gubernatorial loser in Georgia, were demon possessed!

Yes, men. She actually called brothas who didn’t vote the way Big Mama wanted possessed with the demon of misinformation lol. Oh my goodness, how many Ls can sistas take this year? The tongue of these modern sistas has reached the point of no return and is quite embarrassing to the entire community. Fortunately not all sistas are like this, but too many are, and even the good ones don’t hardly stand up against these blights on our community except a few. Here’s the loser clip lol:

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[play clip]

There you have it, gentlemen. See how ridiculous that was? Who talks like that? Where they do that at? Women like her are just as bad as those racist Klansmen way back in the day who terrorized brothas trying to vote at the polls. It seems the loud mouth modern sistas took over from their Klan massas with these vitriolic shaming tactics. Of course, I could care less what they say as I vote as I please, and I certainly don’t vote for those who hate men.

Next up is a young, biracial woman who chose to disrespect her deceased white father at his funeral. I’m not kidding. She took to Tik Tok (of course, where else do modern women unleash their venom?) to absolutely go in hard against his racist, cis gendered, misogynist corpse. How many ways can modern women invent to take Ls in 2022? Who does this? Here’s the loser clip. You be the judge:

[play clip]

Oh boy, let’s pray for this demon possessed child. In fact, maybe that previous far left wing sista probably meant to cast out this girl’s demons lol.

Bad girl #3 goes to actress turned man basher Vivica A Fox, who’s dancing on the grave of Kevin Samuels, along with her brood of vipers on that bizarre Fox Soul show, caused many men who once admired her movies to shun her. And did she ever apologize? Of course not. When do they ever apologize? Most divorced men can count on one hand how many times their ex wives apologized lol.

Apparently civil rights leader George Floyd was still fresh on her mind when she heard that Kanye West is running for President of the United States. Kanye even met with Donald Trump about his decision. That combination of supposedly disrespecting George Floyd and meeting with Donald Trump short circuited her real hair and her tongue loaded up some fiery words for Kanye. Here’s loser clip #3:

[play clip]

Well, you heard her venom for yourself. And to that, gentlemen let’s all tell Vivica and the Fox Soul Klan of Queens “F You Queens!” lol. Hey, she started it. Kanye is free to run for office and meet with whoever. Not an apologist for him, but our community is way too emotional in a feminine way about every headline that the mainstream news media puppet masters dangle in our faces. We need to wake up and realize we are being mind controlled by these endless streams of headlines. We can’t control every negative thing that happens, but we each can control how we get educated in the right technical and trade skills to make more money so that we have a better voice in life. Let’s focus on that in a stoic, calm way.

And finally, gentlemen, on a lighter, more productive note. Us men of style and substance are quite familiar with the Aston Martin luxury car brand of British James Bond fame. In recent years, several luxury car brands have been branching out into the home design and interior space, and Aston Martin has chosen a suburb of Tokyo Japan for its first foray into the luxury home real estate market. And boy did they come up with a gem. I’ll leave you with a few photos from that stunning modern mansion as I close out this video. Keep on your mission, men, so that you can buy such a home…

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until modern women stop behaving so badly, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


A ‘Demon Of Disinformation’ Has Possessed Blk Men Says A Sista During Her Sermon | African Diaspora News Channel

This woman went viral on TikTok for disparaging and belittling her “racist, Trump-loving, cis straight white man” father at his funeral.


Aston Martin’s First Ever Ultra-Luxury Home Unveiled (

 YouTube Channel:


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