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Girls Behaving Badly 3-Woman Manifests Her Boyfriend,Cheating Wife Mad at Paternity Test Ask,BBWs Avoid Full Pics in Dating Apps

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this latest edition of Girls Behaving Badly…

Oh boy, every week, every day, somewhere in the world, a modern woman is taking Ls in 2022. This time, it’s in the UK where a woman, who is a new age spirituality coach, claims she magically manifested her new boyfriend who is “marriage material.” She says she “crossed paths with her now-boyfriend, Thomas Hunter, 32, who works in recruitment, just hours after performing one of her rituals.”

Gentlemen, I warned you about the spirit of witchcraft, and this statement further shows that many modern women are resorting to spiritual help to lure you into their dating and marriage schemes.

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Let me continue as the article from Chronicle Live is giving us more details about how this spirituality coach used new rituals after her previous relationship ended:

“Now, nearly a year on, the pair are still head-over-heels and even looking to move in together – and Chloe hasn’t needed to do any more relationship rituals because he ticks all her boxes.

“After the end of her last relationship, she began to use different spiritual techniques to manifest her ideal man, which is the concept of using the power of the mind to create something in the physical world.”

Frighteningly, she’s going to spread her manifestation gospel to other modern women out there. I don’t know what’s wrong with her boyfriend, but gentleman, if a woman openly admits she used spiritual cheats to get you, ruuuunnnnn! Lol all this increased use of “manifestation” reminds me of some comments actress and former wife of NBA player Carmelo Anthony, Lala Anthony, which alluded to manifestation when it comes to romance. These women will flip every L into a positive until the casket drops… and even then, their tombstone will flip death into a positive: “I don’t need a God in the afterlife! I’ll manifest my own eternity as queen of heaven”

In other news from girls behaving badly comes this bizarre, almost surreal story of a married modern woman who not only cheated on her husband with a man she said was a long time friend of the family (oh boy women and these dog gone friends), but got big, big mad when her husband insisted on a paternity test. Her response was basically “How could you be so rude to me? Now I can’t eat or sleep. You ruined my life?!” Lol and sadly, the husband is thinking of apologizing to her. Seriously?

I’ll let Taylor the Fiend sum up why men who have wives with these long time male friends should consider paternity tests if they suspect she’s been more than friends with these guys…

[play clip]

Pay attention, guys. Don’t let your so called love blind you to the reality of modern women. There’s nothing wrong with making sure those children are yours.

Finally, a recent post on the The Shade Room on Instagram sparked some interesting dialog in the comments section regarding men asking women to send them pics. You can see our comment in the screenshot. It’s interesting that the original person who posted the comment that Shade Room reposted claims 80% of women lose interest in men when they ask for pics. Women in the comments were all over the place with replies in support of this statement, saying men who ask for pics are creepy or pervs—you know, the usual shaming tactics.

But men clapped back that it ain’t even that serious for most men, that he may just really be into you or just want pics for his phone contact. But what I really think offends most women is that when they create their dating profiles, the use headshots from the chin up lol. Then when you ask for fuller body pics, they get mad and use SIGN language in order to deter you from asking.

I remember the time I still used dating apps shortly after my divorce about 11 or 12 years ago, before “catfishing” was a thing, I didn’t think much of a headshot only profile. Long story short, when we met up, she looked like a huge version of the Michelin Man, where she had multiple BBW rolls all up and down her body. Her rolls had rolls. I didn’t know which one was her waist or stomach curve lol. Needlessly to say, I was not turned on at all. Later, I would see this pattern of headshot only profiles about 30 to 40 % of the time.

Ok I’ll leave it right there, gentlemen. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until modern women stop behaving badly, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


Woman says she manifested her boyfriend – and earns £3,000 a month helping others do the same – Chronicle Live

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Taylor the Fiend: Cheating Wife Loses Her MENTAL When Her Husband Asked For A Paternity Test

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