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Girls Behaving Badly: Calling Off Work to Get Piped Down, Calling Cops on Little Boys, Emptying Husband’s Accounts, Georgia Sistahood Talking Down to Brothas

“Can I Come to Work Late AFTER I Get Piped in the Bedroom?”

Gentlemen and ladies…Welcome to the Brothapocalypse. In this video…

Oh boy. Modern women have been taking Ls all year long, and I’ve got some short stories of naughty and mean ladies behaving quite badly. You don’t wanna miss these tales from the dark side of modern womanism…

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The first story comes from Florida where a school counselor at a predominantly black school decided to invoke cancel culture on a 10 year old student. Yes you heard me right. She event went further than to cancel him. She called the cops on him and pressed charges. Why? Because while apparently trying to give her a hug while students were returning from lunch, his right hand accidentally held on too tight to the breast meat, as Business Insider and USA Today says:

“(The counselor) turned sideways to give a side hug,” the report states according to USA Today. “(The student) put his left arm around her shoulder and then with his right hand he reached and grabbed her left breast in which she had to grab his wrist and remove his hand.”

“According to USA Today, the police report states the student allegedly “cupped her left breast in a disrespectful way” and that she had to “forcibly remove his hand.”

“There’s no witnesses, (just) her word against his,” his grandmother told USA Today. “He’s only 10.”

Since none of us were there, we can only speculate of course. Was he thirsty for some breast milk? Maybe. Lol just kidding. But the school did suspend the boy for 10 days going on just her word alone. The student disputes her version though. Pressing charges on a 10 year old smells like the MeToo Cancel Culture queens of petty just want to ruin a boy’s life over what seems like a minor matter. We’ve reached a point in society where we need to separate the sexes because now young boys are no longer protected from excessive assault allegations.

Next up is a reaction video on the Phillip Scott YouTube Channel. I won’t go into too many details as you can check it out at the link below. Long story short, he got married to the love of his life, some years later she got bored with him and probably found someone else, and so on. But instead of just doing a clean divorce, she decided to do what most modern women do in a divorce situation: sucker punch the husband by emptying the house, children and bank accounts when he’s at work. This guy had an AMEX card since forever, but now it is ruined. I actually had this part happen, though I was smart enough to protect my bank accounts.

When i was going through my nightmare divorce in 2009, the client project manager my consulting company reported to told me his story (he’s white). With no advanced notice of anything wrong in the marriage, he came home after work one day like he always did. But that one day, the whole 2 story house was empty 😮 No furniture, no food, nothing but a letter on the counter. She wrote that she didn’t want to be married anymore and took everything.

He then checked the bank accounts and she emptied ALL of them. I think she even forged his signature on one of them. He was so furious and beyond depressed as she also took their kids somewhere he didn’t know. He could never face her, and after he got remarried a few years later, he had to have his 2nd wife get the kids for his visitation. His case was uglier than mine, and mine was ugly.

Finally, the naughty sistahood of Georgia politics, combined with the matriarchal MSNBC news media, loves to paint ALL brothas as dumb, low IQ people who need help to protect us from the dangerous boogeyman in the Republican party. These kinds of modern women have absolutely no clue who we are, which is why they have bizarre opinions about black men, and men in general. I will do a separate video on Stacy Abrams and ex Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, both of whom think brothas are imbeciles who need their anti male leadership to survive. The level of negative vitriol from such women has reached critical mass in 2022 to where brothas have no choice but to cut all ties with these far left leaning puppets and forge our own political destiny. Here’s a few clips from an MSNBC video…

Looks like the Georgia sistahood is still being very condescending to the diversity of opinions brothas have. Black men are smart enough to discern disinformation, Miss Mayor. You all are just concerned that brothas are being more vocal about who we are and not letting you and the matriarchal media overshadow our true nature. Let’s see how Nov 8 plays out with your continued condescending ways. Have more respect for brothas. She even said was at stake was women’s right to delete their children, something that men have actually had problems with since we have no say in what happens. Her whole agenda is pro female and anti male, so how does this help black men again?

Tiffany Cross, formerly of MSNBC infamy before losing her job, was also equally condescending to black men. I may do a separate video on her if its worth my time, but to sum up what I think her talking points are about brothas:

The Sistahood of Democratic Worshippers are basically telling brothas to shut up vote their way without question, and brothas get these “benefits” in return:

1. Shut up and pay child support without questioning how we spend it

2. Give up over half your resources to us if we decide to divorce you

3. Our body our choice. You have no say in whether we delete or keep the child

4. Black male emasculation in the liberal media

5. We have no love for men

Ok gentlemen don’t trip over each other as you race to the polls tomorrow to vote for your leftwing oppressors against your right-wing oppressors 🙄

Finally, on a lighter note, this story from Daily Dot talks about a female restaurant server calling her female boss so she can come to work later than usual. Let’s see, did she have daycare issues? Nope. Car problems? Nope. Was she ill? Nah none of that. Her only excuse, and she was blunt, was that she was horny and was about to get laid to satisfy that craving. Lol oh boy. Now you would think she’d get fired for forcing co workers to have to cover for her indecent proposal, but nope. Her boss appreciated her honesty and granted her request. Welcome to the workplace of the 2020s.

Don’t forget to like share and subscribe so we can keep this new channel growing. Until modern women stop behaving badly and taking all these Ls, the apocalypse of good men will continue. Welcome to the Brothapocalypse.


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